Red and Blue Goomba

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This article is about the two Goomba characters from Paper Mario who sometimes call themselves the "Goomba Bros.". For information about the group of Goombas that are actually called the Goomba Bros., see here.
Red and Blue Goomba.

“Hey, you! You're Mario, right? We can't let you pass. It's a direct order from the Goomba King!”
Red and Blue Goomba, Paper Mario

Red and Blue Goomba, also called the Notorious Goomba Brothers, are two Goombas who serve the Goomba King, under King Bowser's orders to stop Mario and Goombario from getting to Toad Town in Paper Mario. After Mario gets the Hammer and Goombario joins his team, he can move ahead to Goomba Road. At the end is the Red and Blue Goombas, who Mario must fight. Afterwards, the Goomba Brothers start to cry and retreat in shame, and Mario is allowed passage to the Goomba King's Fortress, where he encounters the Goomba King himself. The Goomba King and the Red and Blue Goombas all attack Mario at once. However, the hero can take out the Red and Blue Goombas in one hit by attacking the nearby Goomnut tree with his Hammer, since they aren't fully recovered and thus have low HP. Alternatively, he could use a Fire Flower.

The Goomba Bros. later send a letter to Goombario, saying that they admire his strength and would like to become friends. Despite this, the game's ending parade clearly depicts the Red and Blue Goombas aiding the Goomba King once again (although the credits parades are believed to be out of continuity, as specifically suggested by the appearance of Tubba Blubba's Heart and Huff N. Puff).

A species of blue Goombas (called Gloombas) can be found in all of the Paper Mario games.

Angry Goomba and Sad Goomba from Super Princess Peach are both red and blue Goombas (respectively); however, they are a species, and are colored as a cartoony way to depict their emotion. (For instance, the Sad Goombas are blue possibly due to the phrase "feeling blue", meaning "feeling sad", and the Angry Goombas are red most likely due to the cartoon gag of a person's face turning red upon getting angry.)

Stats and Tattle information[edit]

Paper Mario Enemy
Red Goomba
Max HP 7(2 in second duel)
Attack 1
Defense 0
Location(s) Goomba Road

Moves Headbonk (1)
This is Red Goomba. He's the older of the two notorious Goomba Bros. The Goomba King ordered him to try to stop you. You can take this guy, no prob. He has just a little more HP than an ordinary Goomba.
Paper Mario Enemy
Blue Goomba
Max HP 6(2 in second duel)
Attack 1
Defense 0
Location(s) Goomba Road

Moves Headbonk (1)
This is Blue Goomba. He's the younger of the two notorious Goomba Bros. As you heard in his little speech, he's one of the Goomba King's men. He doesn't look that healthy. He's weaker than his brother.


  • "Blue, Blue Goomba!!!!! Gaaah! My little brother! You'll pay for that Mario!" - Red Goomba, Paper Mario
  • "R...Red Goomba, my brother...Noooooo! You meanie, Mario!" - Blue Goomba, Paper Mario
  • "I...I can't believe it. He beat our King!" - Red and Blue Goombas, Paper Mario

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリブルー Kuriburū
クリレッド Kurireddo
Spanish Hnos. Goomba Rojo y Azul Red and Blue Goomba Bros.
French Frères Goomba Goomba Brothers
German Roter und Blauer Gumba (Gumba-Brüder) Literal translation
Portuguese Os Goombas Vermelho e Azul The Red and Blue Goombas