Nintendo Research & Development 2

Nintendo Research & Development 2 (often abbreviated as Nintendo R&D2) was one of Nintendo's first internal development teams. The division focused on hardware development and porting games.[1] It was headed by Masayuki Uemura, the designer of the NES and SNES.

In 2004, all of the R&D departments were disolved due to a corporate restructuring. Most of the staff were folded into Nintendo EAD or the newly created Nintendo Software Planning & Development group.

Super Mario games developed by Nintendo R&D 2Edit

Home consolesEdit


Game Release date
Donkey Kong 1983
Mario Bros. 1983
Donkey Kong Jr. 1983
Donkey Kong Jr. Math 1983
Golf 1984
NES Open Tournament Golf 1991

Handheld systemsEdit

Game Boy ColorEdit

Game Release date
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe 1999

Game Boy AdvanceEdit

Game Release date
Super Mario Advance 2001


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