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Bowser vs. Koopa

i think it should be noted that there is much controversy in the mario fan community about bowser and king koopa being different ppl. personally i think the differences are quite easy to spot--Valf 10:36, 15 May 2006 (EDT)

Well, Bowser is called Koopa in Japan. Bowser is Koopa and Koopa is Bowser. In the Mario cartoons, Koopa looks strange because he was modeled after Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2. Additionally, most of Koopa's forces in the cartoons are from Super Mario Bros. 2. Wart's features were made more reptilian to create Koopa. Additionally, the King Koopa version of Bowser appeared on official U.S. merchandise of Mario under the name Bowser.--Son of Suns 14:35, 15 May 2006 (EDT)
I would argue that Koopa is his last name, even in Japan (similar to what was done with Peach / Toadstool in SM64). After all, why else would he say "the royal Koopa line" in Sunshine if Koopas aren't the name of the species in the Japanese version? That might be nitpicking since the voice acting is catered more towards the English audience than the Japanese one, but since things are generally spoken universal I think it's sufficient proof. LinkTheLefty 19:14, 30 June 2010 (UTC)

What's the difference between Bowser and King Koopa? They're the same people.
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In New Super Mario Bros. world 8 map screen, a couple of spiked shell skeletons can be seen. Could these be shells from Bowser's race? Or some spiked Koopa shell like the Koopatrols, or the blue winged ones in the Mario Kart series?
- Yoshi Mastar

Some sort of spiked Koopa, although it cannot be confirmed that they are members of Bowser's race. -- Son of Suns

I read in a manual (I forget what game) that Bowser is a mutated Koopa Troopa User:Maxlover2

I'm guessing it would be from the NES or SNES era, because lately the manuals have just been about how he is the evil King of the Koopas and he kidnaps Peach and Mario slaps him upside the head and all that. In other words, the recent manuals tend to tell us only what we already know, not new info, so if you're going to search I'd start around those two systems. Stumpers! 09:43, 1 December 2007 (EST)

They're Bowser Shells, people. -----pseudodinoforclasspresident!

they're really spiny's shell.-King Wart

also, theres only ONE BOWSER,pseudodinoforclasspresident!. User:King Wart
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We should add a small section on the controversy surrounding his death. What do you think about?HK

Which death? The one prior to Luigi's Mansion or the one featured in New Super Mario Bros.? --Son of Suns 15:41, 19 July 2006 (EDT)

Umm... The one with controversy.Death in Paper Mario. Confirmation in Mansion. And unexplained revival in Sunshine. HK

I'm thinking that the "death" of Bowser in Mansion is the deactivation of a realistic Robowser, not the death of Bowser possessed by the weird-laugh Boo-guy ruler.---P S

You could...but I wouldn't know what to write. Bowser does appear at the parade sequence at the end of Paper Mario, indicating that he is still alive. However, he does die (by Mario's hands) in between Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion. Bowser then was somehow revived and released from his portrait prison (along with King Boo). Bowser Jr. may have revived his father as he has shown this ability later in New Super Mario Bros. I would find it more interesting to have a History section, explaining the in-universe biography of Bowser with each game being an episode in his history. From conquering the Mushroom Kingdom to the Mushroom World to Dinosaur Land to Peach's Castle to stealing the Star Rod to his death to his unexplained revival and attack on Isle Delfino to his more recent adventures. --Son of Suns 15:48, 19 July 2006 (EDT)

That's a good idea. But I haven't played Snes mario games, and would be unable to provide info on these for such a project. HK

Hey, why does Bowser keep changing size from game to game? One game he's small the next he's huge..... HK

Super Mushrooms...or the chunks of meat seen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. --Son of Suns 10:09, 21 July 2006 (EDT)

Or the potion in Mario party 5, maybe. User:Maxlover2

Okay, cool. HK

Could youwrite up until N64 on the history? I just haven't played all the nes snes games. I've played some. But not all. HK

I also can't write about Partners in time.HK

Alright, y'know what I think. Bowser is not dead. okay? The "Bowser" in Luigi's Mansion was a robotic suit. And Bowser's "death" in New Super Mario Bros. was not really a death because he was brought back from the dead. But maybe Bowser really didn't die because he's fallen into lava like 1000000 times before and didn't become Dry Bowser, and him dying like that was just a gimmick added by Nintendo to make the game cooler. User:Lemmy Koopa Fan

wait, why isnt this with the other death question?? Super Luigi!!

I think that King Boo might be the spirit of Bowser in that, when Koopa die they split in to two forms: Boo and Dry Bones. User:BowserInTheSun


The second image on this article does not look too good. Would anyone mind if I removed it? Thanks. MC Otaku 01:53, 31 May 2006 (EDT)

Heh, please do, Otaku. It would be nice if you found something to replace it with first, though, like finding an image of Bowser in his kart. DarkInsanity (talk)
How does this work? MC Otaku 19:24, 2 June 2006 (EDT)
Edit: Wait, somebody already got that. Never mind.

I think that to this day,king boo is in Bowser's corps,and bowser jr. never REALLY revived bowser,OR,it could be that King Boo is the REAL king of koopas.- kingkoopa

this is not the place for that kind of speculation. Goomb-omb

sorry 'bout that. kingkoopa

I think we should add 1 Pic of Bowser from each game to show how he has evolved over the Games
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jawsisra (talk).

An area of the Super Mario 64 segment needs to be cleaned up. An image that doesn't work and the sentence under it. Beside the last paragraph in the segment. Actually if we scroll through the Bowser page there are quite a few spots with a sentence and a link to broken images.GigaMetalLuigi

I have that unpleasant foreboding that this might have to do something with the deletion of unused images and that nasty bug... - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 11:22, 21 December 2009 (EST)
Might be. I counted up around 25-30 blank linked images, ouch. I thought a couple of them were odd such as all of the SSBB Bowser move screens missing and the such. However from my point of view it says I can't edit the article or anything which doesn't seem to help.GigaMetalLuigi


Didn't Nintendo origanally say Koopa/Bowser died in paper Mario, but no one believed them, so they gave King Boo that Koopa/Bowser suit to prove it? And then they changed thier minds? HK

I don't know if Nintendo officially stated Bowser died, but I don't think they would kill of their biggest villain. In Luigi's Mansion, Madame Clairvoya states Bowser has been "soundly defeated". Many consider this to mean Bowser died, but this could mean the Bowser was just beat up so much he couldn't fight for a while. Thus the suit at the end could be Bowser's corpse or a robotic (or magical) suit. But, Bowser did die in the New Super Mario Bros. and became an undead monster. However, he was just revived to his normal self. That means if Bowser died before Luigi's Mansion, he could have been simply revived. --Son of Suns 12:30, 28 June 2006 (EDT)

Yes, I havent beat sunshine, but maybe something there says he was revived by JR before that, too? HK

No. There is no mention of resurection in the entire game. It's just implied if you believe Bowser died before Luigi's Mansion. Like I said, Bowser could be in hiding, so weak after the battle in Paper Mario that he had to take a break and send both King Boo and his son to do his dirty work for him. Also, Luigi's Mansion cannot be the last game chronologically. This is because Professor E. Gadd invents the Poltergust 3000 in this game, but invents the Super Poltergust 3001 in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and the Poltergust 4000 in Mario Kart DS. If Luigi's Mansion was last chronologically, then the Poltergust Luigi uses would have to have a higher model number than previous Poltergust models. --Son of Suns 15:05, 28 June 2006 (EDT)

Hmmm... I have no idea what to think now! I also wonder if Paper mario takes place in some alternate paper world, and that none of its events have any bearing on the real life, and Clairavoya was reffering to Mario 64...... HK

How do you know Clairvoya was referring to Super Mario 64? Also, Paper Mario probably exists in the same realm as the other games; the Paper Mario series just have certain stylistic choices, like all Mario games. --Son of Suns 19:41, 28 June 2006 (EDT)
Actually, I am only making theories. I'm just thinking! Making sense of this whole timeline....HK

Guys... it's just a game. Anything the developers want can happen. --DarkInsanity (talk)

I know. But I find it fun to try to make sense of the nonsensical Marioverse. =) --Son of Suns 09:23, 29 June 2006 (EDT)
That was well put Son Of Suns. Very well put. HK

On second examination, it seems Bowser did die before Luigi's Mansion. In the game, Madame Clairvoya says: "Bowser? how can this be? I see the Hideous form of BOWSER?! I don't believe it, yet I see it. Could King Boo have found some way to revive Bowser?" This mean Bowser died in between Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion. Also, this means that King Boo is most likely using Bowser's corpse as a weapon during the final fight with Luigi. However, Bowser was truly revived somewhere in between Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine. --Son of Suns 15:58, 29 June 2006 (EDT)

Seems Nintendo has a lot more plot holes than people thought. I only ever noticed the twins/mario is older hole before. I've started examining the series more closely, and I've started to question the plotline. HK From Wikipedia: Due to the fact that, in the game, Madame Clairvoya claims that Bowser has been 'soundly defeated' by Mario, many believe that Luigi's Mansion is set after all the other Mario games, even those yet to be released; whether or not this is true has not been confirmed. However, even death cannot stop the Koopa King. In New Super Mario Bros., Bowser dies (falls in lava and loses his skin in the process) and becomes an undead monster, only to be revived later in the game. If Bowser really did die before Luigi's Mansion, he may have been revived after the game, but many people deny this and say that after King Boo is defeated, Bowser will gain control over his body again. Either way, this means Luigi's Mansion is not necesarilly the last game chronologically, as Bowser can just be revived over and over again. There is a possibility that King Boo had possesed a still living Bowser.

Another reason for people believing that Luigi's Mansion is set after other Mario games is that King Boo says, "perhaps it is merely because I remember how much trouble you've caused me in the past...", when this is the first game King Boo has appeared in order of release. However, King Boo may have been referring to all the trouble Mario and Luigi have caused to his species; some also choose to believe that this is proof that King Boo and Big Boo are the same being. Luigi was also King Boo's captive in Super Mario 64 DS (which may be the events of the Nintendo 64 game as they 'really' happened). HK

Actually, the Star Guardian things from Paper Mario appeared in Mario Party 5 and Goomboss, the Goomba King who also was from Paper Mario, appeared in Super Mario 64 DS. Therefore, Paper Mario IS in the same continuity. The Mario twin/being older thing is easy. The first child who comes out of the mother's stomache is older, as having both of them come at the same thing would hurt a lot. I should know, my aunt has twins and my parents and she told me that when they were born. In this case though, it is that Mario came out of the stork first. I believe Bowser must have been revived because in New SUper Mario Bros., after you defeat Bowser's skeleton, Junior drags the motionless skeleton and throws it in a magical boiling pot, which Bowser jumps out of, alive and well. Klaus Kratchet

That's a huge stretch, and also stupid. Both the Sonic the Hedgehog games and comics have, say, introduced Shadow, but that doesn't mean they're in the same continuity. There's no reason the RPGs can't exist in their own little microcontinuity that features characters who also show up in the 'main' timeline. ~ Joshi 01:36, 5 March 2010 (EST)

There you go, then. The Koopa's have a way of bringing back Bowser. However, let's note that King Boo was referred to as Big Boo in Super Mario 64 DS. Granted, I'm a hardliner for it being an adventure completely separate from the original or not occuring at all. We don't know what King Boo's true duty's are as king. Perhaps he controls all Boo activity? I really don't think that if Nintendo wanted to rewrite King Boo into the storyline they would have called the character Big Boo. My theory is this: there are still a few annoying little titles between Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion (these being Dr. Mario 64 and Mario Kart: Super Circuit). If we assume that the spin-offs do not necessarily happen in the order they are released, we could easily place Super Circuit after Luigi's Mansion. This would give Bowser time to revive his castle, too (see Rainbow Road in that version). So, Bowser died from his fall, was used by King Boo. After King Boo escaped, Jr. or some other Koopa (Kammy?) came and revived Bowser in time for the Super Circuit races. Boom! That's my theory. It needed a boom at the end, I'm sorry... Stumpers!

I have a theroy of what might have happened. Bowser is killed in Paper Mario, right? So Bowser's lifeless body is used in Luigi's Mansion (Or so I have heard.) Is it at all possible that Bowser didn't die in Paper Mario and that King Boo uses a robot? I mean, isn't there some rustic sound when The head of Bowser falls off, revealing King Boo inside? I am just saying that possibly he didn't die. The writters may have made a mistake because his head seems to just twist off. (THE HORROR!)
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Last2dream (talk).

It is also possible that Madame Clairvoya had seen Bowser death in New Super Mario Bros., but not his revival, putting Luigi's Mansion after New Super Mario Bros. - Senor Luigi (talk)

I think King Boo is,to this day,in Bowser's corps,and bowser jr. never COMPLETELY revived Bowser,OR,King Boo might be the REAL king of koopas.-kingkoopa

but, if king boo is the real king koopa, HE has 8 koopalings? werd...User:king wart

Here's my theory. In New Super Mario Bros. Bowser turns into the undead monster, Dry Bowser, which is eventually resurrected by Bowser Jr. for the Final Boss Battle. My theory is that Luigi's Mansion takes place during New Super Mario Bros., and the setting of New Super Mario Bros. is the Mario painting (before transformed by King Boo), ala Super Mario 64. This also explains the absence of Princess Peach and the "true" Bowser. Madame Clairvoya had seen Bowser's fateful demise in New Super Mario Bros.. King Boo, fearing that Luigi could conquer him, King Boo went into the painting and somehow acquired the flesh of Bowser, though not the skeleton, and used the flesh to create the Bowser suit. After defeating King Boo/Bowser, and taking Mario out of his painting, the surroundings came with him, though do to their size, were not seen (the unseen castle holding Princess Peach, guarded by Bowser and Bowser Jr. came as well). You could now play as Luigi in New Super Mario Bros. because he no longer had to worry about Mario or his Mansion. P. Trainer

well, I think that might have ended this question.Super Luigi!

Then again, maybe a koopaling grew up and replaced bowser???? If my new theory is true, then bowser could have died.--Super Luigi!

Leave the theories for the forum, please. Nintendo hasn't given us enough solid facts to work with to come up with an irrefutable answer to this question, and speculation is not the Wiki's focus. I like postulating these ideas as much as anyone, but there's a time and a place for everything, and this is not the place, I'm afraid. - Walkazo 00:40, 29 July 2009 (EDT)

why isnt THIS the place to wright ideas and theorys??Super Luigi!!'s been about 3 months and no answser Super Luigi!

Yeah, no answer because you've got 4 WARNINGS!! -User:PWND guy

In the german release of Luigi's Mansion , she said that Bowser REALLY died and that Mario beat him. -World of Freak SMB Question Block.gif

Quotes from DIC shows

Are the Koopa quotes from the DIC shows really necessary? Koopa basically wasn't Bowser but rather a reincarnation of Wart designed by a video game-confused animation studio. (Yes, I am fully aware that Mario referred to this character as "Bowser Koopa" on many occasions and there are further contradictions to this statement, but I'm only observing here.) Besides, the DIC shows are only valuable to the most devout Mario aficionado for the most part; many casual fans such as myself may be baffled. But I digress, the quotes are valuable and much work has been put into that particular area of the article, so could these quotes be perhaps moved instead? MC Otaku 16:04, 30 June 2006 (EDT)

I think the quotes take up too much room. Perhaps a Bowser (quotes) page could be created and linked to the Bowser page. Additionally, the quotes could be categorized, such as game quotes and non-game quotes. --Son of Suns 11:40, 30 June 2006 (EDT)
I have an idea, what about a Quotes page, with notable quotes and a Super Show section? MC Otaku05:06, 4 July 2006 (EDT)
That's fine. Whatever you want to do. --Son of Suns 01:24, 5 July 2006 (EDT)

Bowser's Wife

Does anyone ever wonder why we haven't seen Bowser's wife? --PeteyPiranhaLover 18:06, 2 August 2006 (EDT)

Since when does Bowser have a wife? --Son of Suns
Here we go again, PeteyPiranha. This would be more suited for a message board thread, not a Wiki. Wayoshi 18:13, 2 August 2006 (EDT)

You're dancing Petey... Right on that line...HK

And I still have no idea what you're talking about, HK. Anyway, Nintendo Power once said that Bowser's wife was Clawdia Koopa, but we've never seen her in a game, so it's likely that that was just a joke. Still, it does make you wonder where those eight kids came from.

Should we make an article about Clawdia? Probably not, but I wanted to know what you thought. Waluigi Freak 99 13:22, 3 September 2006 (EDT)

No. It's probably a joke from NP. Wayoshi ( T·C·@ ) 14:57, 3 September 2006 (EDT)
Yeah, I thought so. It made me wonder, though. Bowser thought that he could fool Bowser Jr. into thinking Peach was his mom in Mario Sunshine, so we know that Bowser Jr. has never met Clawdia. So she probably doesn't exist.

Waluigi Freak 99 15:28, 4 September 2006 (EDT)

Lita, Bowser's assistant, from the Super Mario movie could be the Koopalings mother. Although the movies canoness comes into question, she's the only candidate.
- Yoshi Mastar
The movie, the comics, the TV shows, and the video games all exist in their own canons. All ignore the precedent and facts set by the others. It's like the multiple universes and canons of the Mobile Suit Gundam series. -- Son of Suns

Or the Sonic games and comics, movie, shows, etc.HK-47 w4z h3R3 at 17:21, 5 September 2006 (EDT)

The only way bowser could have a wife is if he had a divorce before super paper mario an if he didnt have a wife he could have adopted vruet1(talk · edits)

Well, we should make an article if she was mentioned, but state that she may not even exist. Plumber 20:25, 3 September 2007 (EDT)

As long as Nintendo don't say "Clawdia Koopa doesn't exist, it was just a joke", I think we should at least mention her. But I don't think we should make any Clawdia page before she appears in a game.--LordVoldemort 11:22, 23 April 2008 (EDT)

Look again. - Walkazo

It's also possible that Bowser's wife was unamed and died when Bowser Jr. was still too little to remember her. - Senor Luigi (talk)

maybe Birdo layed eggs for Bowser, whith Ludwig,Iggy,Larry,Morton,Wendy,Roy,Lemmy,and Bowser jr. inside of the eggs.-kingkoopa

Serious Changes

This article could be featured, after all, it has a great bio, but it seriously needs work.

A lot of the parts of the article are about his stats in RPGs, which should be grouped into one section. All of the information from sports games belongs in one section. A "Physical Description and Traits" section is needed. A "Personality" section is needed. A "Powers and Abilities" section is needed. The part about him in Luigi's Mansion needs information about the controversy of his death. Also, an art gallery could be used, but it isn't needed.Waluigi Freak 99 18:45, 28 January 2007 (EST)

Right on the ball, WF. 3dhammer.gif 3D, bingo! 3dhammer.gif

There also needs to be a Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels section in his bio. Plumber Γ Waluigidance.gif

I made some minor grammar edits, in the Appearance section, but I noticed the part about him resembling a Spiny seems akward, is grammatically incorrect, and might possibly be unnecessary. Is it all right if I take a crack at reworking the section a bit to remove that part, or should I just fix the akwardness and grammar errors? Dinosaur bob 16:19, 14 May 2007 (EDT)

Go ahead. -- Sir Grodus

Done. I also spruced up the Powers and Abilities section as well. As this is my first non-grammatical edit here, constructive criticism is welcome! Dinosaur bob 20:25, 14 May 2007 (EDT)

Mario Strikers Charged

Should we add Bowser's offical art from Mario Strikers Charged to the gallary section?--YOSHIANDLINK1 08:04, 26 May 2007 (EDT)

Of course!! I have it! And it's the first time Bowser appears with an "outfit" like that!--Princess Alyson Koopastool 23:07, 30 November 2007 (EDT)

Brawl pics

Just to say, are five images really needed for the Super Smash Bros section? It seems a bit like over exposure. -- Sir Grodus


And when, dare I ask, did Bowser actually kiss Mario? -Dodoman

Super Mario RPG, during the wedding ceremony between Peach and Booster in Marrymore. However, this is just one possibility. The bearded Booster may end up kissing Mario (which is much scarier, as Booster kisses with his mouth wide open) or Peach may kiss Mario (considerably less scary). In fact, Booster and Bowser may kiss each other! --Son of Suns 21:25, 3 June 2006 (EDT) - Retrieved from Category talk: Characters who have kissed Mario. NSMBW Mario and Yoshi Jumping Artwork.pngXzelionETC

You forgot to mention, Booster kissing Mario, Booster kissing Bowser, and Bowser kissing Mario are all accidents. They did not do it on purpose (THANK GOODNESS). My Bloody Valentine

Speaking of kisses, I thought is was hilarious in Mario Tennis Power Tour when Bowser wanted Peach to kiss him and instead he almost gets kissed by Birdo! -Mandy-Chan

BowserLover, please take THOSE kinds of talks on the Forum, thank you. My Bloody Valentine

Bowser last name?

At one point in Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time (More specificaly, before the Koopa Cruiser get gunned down.), a generic Koopa mention that Baby Bowser is a great "Koopa Koopa", could that mean that Bowser last name is "Koopa"? Or it's just some random utterance and shouldnt be mentioned on this page? Glowsquid

He is already named "King Bowser Koopa" in the article, look at the very fist section. Though I don't know if there is any source for that name, or if it is just merging his Japanese and English names. - Cobold (talk · contribs) 07:14, 12 November 2007 (EST)
Ah, OK.


I'm pretty sure Bowser is called "Koopa" a few times in the original manual for Super Mario World. -- Sir Grodus 15:13, 12 November 2007 (EST)
In Japan, Bowser is simply called "Koopa", not "Bowser". But that doesn't make him "Bowser Koopa". - Cobold (talk · contribs) 15:15, 12 November 2007 (EST)
In Japan, Bowser's first name has never been revealed anyway, its always just been King Koopa. -- Sir Grodus 15:48, 12 November 2007 (EST)

Also, many of his kids' names end with "Koopa". -User:Bagels25

^ Only in the English versions of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, might I add. LinkTheLefty 00:23, 4 May 2011 (EDT)

Way too much

All right, I'm the person who deleted a lot of stuff, which is now back. I should've brought it up for discussion first, so here we go. First of all, some the topics are useless, repetitive, overly long, and have been stated before. The quote section is way, way too long and serves no purpose either. Almost every single picture in the gallery is already in the article and one isn't even Bowser; its king boo. The alter-ego stuff is even more ridiculous because it serves no purpose and is also way too long. A lot of the sections are oddly grouped and don't follow a good order. Why in the world do we need a section showing how Bowser feels about other characters when it's perfectly illustrated in the personality section and some of the game information? I mean Bowser' relationship towards toad, give me a break; there is none. Having Bowser's different forms in Mario Party 2 should be summed up in a paragraph and not individually described; it's the same guy after all. His powers and abilities list is way too long and should only have the most common ones; otherwise it will go on forever. A catch card topic is just thrown in the mix and is already stated in the Super Paper Mario section. I understand I deleted a lot of stuff without discussion, but all of it was good in my opinion due to my thoughts previously stated. So, just give me your thoughts. I won't delete anything until we have an agreement.-Darknessofheart

I actually do agree with a lot of what you're saying, a lot of this article could be gotten rid of, or at the very least, integrated or something. -- Sir Grodus 22:36, 14 December 2007 (EST)

The alternate costume thing and the relationship with Toad are very pertinent to the Super Show!, so I'd leave those definately. Really, the point of the Wiki is to go overboard and hit up every last bit of information we have, and information often is repeated over a variety of pages (Super Paper Mario's story is on all of the heroes and villains' pages, for example). So, really, organize, condense, sure, but outright delete? Definately not. Stumpers! 01:38, 15 December 2007 (EST)

We could make a separate article for his alternate forms (not articles for all his forms, but maybe one page with a list of his forms).Knife (talk) 14:01, 15 December 2007 (EST)

I'm going to address your arguements one by one. Just to let you know, not all of this is positive or negative. It also contains some helpful hints for your continued Wiki-ing (which I hope occurs, because there's a lot of fluff on the Wiki that could be turned into better articles): "First of all, some the topics are useless, repetitive, overly long, and have been stated before." Here's a fake example from me to you, "Mario then threw Bowser into a bomb and defeated him. Bowser was defeated." Would it make sense to delete both sentenses? You'd delete the second one only, because you need the information about the defeat at least once. You don't need it twice, though. How about this, "Mario then threw Bowser into a bomb and defeated him. Bowser's plan was foiled." Would if make sense to delete both sentenses? No. Both summerize the action in the game. How about this one, which in my ficticious examples would be after the last one, "When Mario defeated Bowser with the bomb, Bowser says, 'I always enjoy a challenge! Thank you, Mario!' meaning that he did not view the conflict with Mario as an evil plot at all." So, assuming that none of this is speculation, would you delete it? Nope. Even though it repeats information, that repitition is necesary in order to show readers that the article is now going to expand on a particular event previously discussed.
"The quote section is way, way too long and serves no purpose either. Almost every single picture in the gallery is already in the article and one isn't even Bowser; its king boo." Then separate it into a quotes page and leave a section in the article that just says: {{main|Bowser Quotes}} Expand, don't delete. You can easily fix the gallery thing yourself, but I would leave those picutures there for completion. That's my view, but it's a minority one on the Wiki, so do as you'd like with the Gallery. Oh, and the image of King Boo, make sure that's on the King Boo page before you delete it. Like I said, you should feel free to move information, not delete it.
"The alter-ego stuff is even more ridiculous because it serves no purpose and is also way too long." The purpose is to show Bowser's forms taken in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, which is part of the canon. If it is official and relates to Bowser, it should be mentioned in the article. Granted, what the article does miss out on is how Bowser's adherence to a particular theme effect his schemes in those particular episodes, or for that matter what those schemes were in the first place. You see, a lot of users on the Wiki believe that the movies and cartoon shows don't have a right to be listed on the timeline, even if they opporate within it (like the Super Show, but not like the live-action movie). I don't know why this is. I'm trying to see if I can get that changed as we speak.
"A lot of the sections are oddly grouped and don't follow a good order." If you're talking about how we've separated the spin-offs from the main games and the other media content from the games, yeah, I totally agree with you. Oh, and the personality sections and all that. After the biography things get so messy. We need organization, STAT! Good call. But don't flat out delete them. Remember, organize, move to another page, and only then can you replace the information from the article with a link to your new one.
"Why in the world do we need a section showing how Bowser feels about other characters when it's perfectly illustrated in the personality section and some of the game information?" What we're doing is drawing conclusions, and it's perfectly acceptable as we're a Wiki based off of a ficticious subject. If you want to limit the amount of summary we can do, there's going to be a lot of issues. Sure, if you want to get every quote and every action from every game and plop them in the appropirate section in the biography we could get rid of relationships section, because they'd be illustrated then completely. But as it stands, no. Plus, without that section a casual reader (even more then you--I'm talking the visit, don't edit kind) read through ALL of the biography and possibly risk spoilers, and even then might not walk away with an idea of the relationship. But if you leave the section, they will. There's a lot that can be said about relationships that can't be summed up as, "Bowser loves Peach" It's more complex: he doesn't know how to express it. That's something that a casual reader wouldn't necesarily know. By the way, is that in the article? I should pop that in. Oh, and Toad has a relationship with Bowser in the Super Show!" Remember, it's just as deserving of coverage as the video games.
"Having Bowser's different forms in Mario Party 2 should be summed up in a paragraph and not individually described; it's the same guy after all. His powers and abilities list is way too long and should only have the most common ones; otherwise it will go on forever." Well, if you can do it, go for it with the identities. As for the powers and abilities, why should we remove information? If there's a lot of information, the article will be long. How about we make a sortable chart for his powers, though? Those are usually more useful than extensive bulleted lists.
"A catch card topic is just thrown in the mix and is already stated in the Super Paper Mario section." Well, why don't you take the catch card template up to the Super Paper Mario section and then delete the section on the Catch Card... as long as you don't take out any info in the process? The same could be done with all of those random stats for the sports game that you see on a bunch of articles.
"I understand I deleted a lot of stuff without discussion, but all of it was good in my opinion due to my thoughts previously stated. So, just give me your thoughts. I won't delete anything until we have an agreement." Thanks for clarifying. I originally thought you were just a spammer... albiet a well organized one! :D Anyway, I hope we can get this worked out, and for the record, I hear you. The article is too hefty after the biography section. It just goes on and on and on... ugh. But, trim the bush, don't cut it down, right? Stumpers! 15:48, 15 December 2007 (EST)


Can we add ax to here?--RapidRocker Brawl FC:4296-2708-0195 12:09, 24 December 2007 (EST)

The Ax is a separate (If related) item from Bowser. If we merge Ax with Bowser, we might just as well merge Koopa Clown Car aswell and merge Mushroom with Mario.


I does not understand you therory.--RapidRocker Brawl FC:4296-2708-0195 12:15, 24 December 2007 (EST)

The AX is a separate item from Bowser. Yes, Bowser used it on numerous occasion, but the Ax is a distinct item and is worthy of it's own article. If we merge Ax with Bowser, we might just aswell merge Mushroom with Mario, since Mario often use Mushrooms on his adventure.


Yeah Yeah N00b.--RapidRocker Brawl FC:4296-2708-0195 12:20, 24 December 2007 (EST)



This section is rather dubious. I don't ever recall Bowser harming Peach, and the whole thing seems biased and/or twisted. Aren't we supposed to be citing sources these days? Without proof these sorta claims are bound to make people question the validity of information on the Wiki, undermining all our efforts (this isn't the first time I've run into these sort of problems but it is the most worrysome as the Bowser article is viewed so much). - Walkazo

Super Princess Peach comes to mind. WK


Who removed all of Bowser's quotes??
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Misterian (talk).

Darknessofheart deleted them, along with bucketloads of other stuff. I think we should put them back on or at least make an actual Bowser (quotes) page, 'cuz right now it just gets redirected to Bowser. I was in the midst of fixing up the formatting to do that when the computer froze and I lost all my progress... - Walkazo

Galaxy Citations

Certain areas in the galaxy portion of the article have been tagged with citations. I have no problem with that, but here's the fact. I got all that information from the game guide. It states mostly everything in that section including Bowser wanting to control the luma and using a reactor to cause the cosmos to collapse upon themselves. I have no clue how to properly cite that since it's not stated on a website. I'm pretty rusty with citations if they don't come from a website.-Darknessofheart

For school we say: [Author, page #, date], but here it might be different; I'm not sure myself. - Walkazo

Kappa Citation

For some reason, the citation that Bowser is based on kappa doesn't work correctly. Could someone fix it? --Grandy02 09:49, 20 April 2008 (EDT)

I thought I could, but all the citations in this article are still messed up. Does anyone know what the problem is? YELLOWYOSHI398
It was the <nowiki> tag in the first citation. It wasn't closed, so wiki markup was blocked. Somewhat related: are strategy guides sources of canon now? Bowser doesn't seem very much like a Kappa to me. But "Kuppa" sort of looks like "kappa." I think they made that up >_> - 2257(Talk) BbQbf6g.png 01:44, 6 August 2008 (EDT)
Canon/Non-Canon doesn't matter where real world history is involved. For example, Nintendo can't claim that Conker was never in Diddy Kong Racing, although they can say that it was a non-canon appearance (for the record, they haven't, but you get what I'm saying). In this case, the Nintendo Tokyo Development Studio which created SMG supplied Prima with official developer information so that they could create a history section of the guide if I am correct. Prima is an official source now, but you should still take what they say with a grain of salt. Information they have about the development of a title is very different from something like claiming that Peach was Daisy's cousin and Toad is Toadette's brother, which they also did. Completely un-backed by any Nintendo title, and get this: they even made a mistake right after saying that Daisy was Peach's cousin: they said that BOTH Mario AND Luigi saved Princess Daisy from Tatanga when it was really just Mario. So, you want to take Prima with a grain of salt: if you find something that is questionable, check around the section and see if they've written anything that contradicts what you know. However, as it stands the Wiki has decided to post information such as the cousins relation as long as we mention that it came from Prima. It's like a note to say that, "If you don't believe Prima, don't believe this." Stumpers! 12:13, 6 August 2008 (EDT)

The reference to kappa is now mentioned in the section about Bowser's appearance, much more noticeable than in the Trivia section. I think it should be mentioned in text that it comes from a Prima guide (because of obvious reasons). As far as I know, Nintendo itself didn't state that Bowser is bassed on kappa so far (while Miyamoto really stated that his Japanese name Koopa/Kuppa comes from the Korean dish kuppa). See also this discussion in the TMK forums. As long as Nintendo doesn't say itself that Bowser is based on kappa, a mention of Prima is needed in my opinion. --Grandy02 17:44, 2 January 2009 (EST)


Um... Could someone please explain to me why having less information is logical...? BLOC PARTIER.

It's not. The recent hack-jobs that have been done on this article are seriously offensive. Yes, the article's very long and some parts were a bit windy, but chopping out the offending information was a far cry from streamlining the text, which is what should have been done. - Walkazo
That's what I thought. I am removing that fake template that someone added. >_> BLOC PARTIER.
I'm pretty good at shortening things; is there a section you'd like me to look at? I'm sorry I'm not up to date with what's happening with the article. Stumpers! 01:35, 21 July 2008 (EDT)
We were just complaining about a huge amount of downsizing done on the article a couple months back, don't sweat it. - Walkazo

My personal opinion is that paragraphs 4-7 should be deleted on the Seven Grand Stars section, but that is just my opinion. WK


In Luigi's Mansion, it's said that Bowser died. Here is a theory about this: -Events of Super Mario Sunshine happens -Events of New Super Mario Bros. happens (in this episode, Bowser die, but is back to life) -Events of Luigi's Mansion. The fortune telling ghost don't know that Bowser is back to life. This could explain everything.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Koopalmier (talk).

Not to shoot down your thesis, but we have no place for speculation on the Wiki. If you can find more evidence to support your theory, we could add that in. Knife (talk) 19:06, 27 October 2008 (EDT)

I personally think that Madame Clairvoya was referring to another where Mario defeated Bowser and she did not think that Bowser would come back. Image:SPP Beta - Lemmy Animation.gif User:Lemmy Koopa Fan SPP Beta - Lemmy Animation.gif

Possibly (Bowser dies a lot; NSMB has a lovely in-game example, and many other titles, such as the original SMB, seem to deal him violent ends as well)... But we still can't put any of it down in the article. - Walkazo 20:33, 26 April 2009 (EDT)

this should be with the second theory of bowser's death also! Super Luigi!!

I think Bowser is killed more times than his in-game depiction in NSMB. Remember that the Koopalings all died in Super Mario World (it's in their post-castle narration), yet they all eventually came back as if nothing happened. Bowser has access to arcane black magic, so he can be revived as long as he has followers or kin (like Bowser Jr.). I'd say Bowser died in the original SMB and SMB3, at the very least. Clairvoya may not have seen past one of those instances. LinkTheLefty 19:36, 30 June 2010 (UTC)

Psychopath Thought

Umm in the super Mario RPG section how do we have a Psycho Path thought on Bowser if you fight him only once and don't have mallow?--Luigibros2 14:38, 26 November 2008 (EST)

It shows up in the game's coding -World of Freak SMB Question Block.gif 19:53, 27 december 2010 (CET)

SMRPG Bowser

It states that in the Japanese version, Bowser's victory pose looked like he was using his middle finger, but I zoomed in on the victory sprites and it really just looks like he's facepalming. Leirin 20:44, 28 November 2008 (EST)

It's not the finger, but his stance itself that supposedly gets across a similar message. LinkTheLefty 19:37, 30 June 2010 (UTC)

Not THAT evil

Alright, this article really needs to be re-edited. Because Bowser isn't anywhere near as evil, as whoever edited it, is trying to claim he is. Yes, he's attacked the Mushroom Kingdom plenty of times, and is pretty well feared. But come on, not ALL of this is true. Child abuse, blackmail, harassment, killing his own minions? I can't recall him doing ANY of those. Granted, the part about identity theft in Super Mario Sunshine is true, but still. And he's yelled at his minions, and called them idiots plenty of times, but has never actually killed any of them.

Perhaps it may have occurred to you that Bowser only SEEMS as evil as he is, because he never had any actual parents. He was raised by Magikoopas, who basically did whatever he ordered them to. So, he basically only knows how to get things from order, and then from force. He really doesn't know any better.

Although, he's only shown any love, or concern, or emotion of any sort, for Peach, this still proves that he probably has at least SOME good in him.

Whoever edited this article, takes the Mario series, namely Bowser's personality, WAY too seriously.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by MarioFan (talk).

I second that! If Bowser really is as evil as he appears in this article, you have to refer to Mario as a mass murderer because of all that Goomba-stomping he has comitted.

When a baddy dissolves in a colourful smoke cloud it doesn't neccessairily mean he dies.

Edofenrir 17:34, 6 August 2009 (EDT)

UR so right! However, Bowser is "Evil", techincally speaking, everyones evil. Evil just reffers to an enemy, Jane Goodall's evil! And she does many good things, but I'm sure they're are many people who think her as an enemy! Da Panthah


One section says that Bowser's a combination of Spinies, Koopas, and Hammer Bros.I don't see any of Hammer Bro features on Bowser.Ninja.pngNinja YoshiNinja.png

He throws hammers like a Hammer Bro. But he also breathes fire like a dragon, has lightning powers like a Thundercloud, grows large like a Clubba, and ground-pounds like a Yoshi, human or a number of any other species. That section might be speaking conceptually (and is thus based on the original Super Mario Bros. enemies only), but it's still speculation and should be removed. Bowser's species has never been revealed, and seeing as he has kids, he can't be a hybrid of some sort (hybrids can't breed successfully). It's just another hole in the fabric of the Marioverse... - Walkazo 22:02, 9 April 2009 (EDT)

The name Bowser Koopa implies that Bowser is indeed a Koopa. - Senor Luigi

Of course. There's no doubt that he's a Koopa of some sort, but the unanswered question is, what kind? - Walkazo 18:11, 22 April 2009 (EDT)
I think his species is a mix of every kind of Koopa, with some Dragon DNA somewhere in there. Dpiconani448.gifMaster LucarioDpiconani448.gif The Aura is with me...

^Although hybrids can't breed on earth, they may be able to in the Mushroom World. -Senor Luigi

since when did bowser have lightning powers? Super Luigi!

Bowser's Wife???

Does anyone here think that Bowser really does have a wife? For example, perhaps Clawdia Koopa wasn't a joke. I came up with this this theory because Bowser can't have kids if he doesn't have a wife. SPP Beta - Lemmy Animation.gif User:Lemmy Koopa Fan SPP Beta - Lemmy Animation.gif

They could always be adopted. Anyway, for now Clawdia's only included on the Wiki as an implied character because she was only mentioned and never shown; the nature of the whole Nintendo Power UK article suggests it was a joke, so that possibility must be included as well. Until we hear anything more about Bowser's wife, that's the most we can do. - Walkazo 20:45, 26 April 2009 (EDT)

Oh, right. I never thought about it that way. But there's still no solid proof... SPP Beta - Lemmy Animation.gif User:Lemmy Koopa Fan SPP Beta - Lemmy Animation.gif

Bowser's name

hi. I've seen 2 names for bowser,and I want to know wich one is japanese. The 1st is King Koopa, and the 2nd is Fire Drago.( I foud the 2nd name on a japanese toy box with bowser in it.)Super Luigi!

I know Bower's Japaneses name is King Koopa,but I never heard of Fire Drago.Mario hammer smw.PNG Dark Lakitu 789 Lakitu with flag.png


I think that section needs a major rewrite (maybe most likely I'll do that myself). There's much opinionated stuff in there, many speculations that cannot be verified by sources and in general, the section just goes on repeating how evil Bowser is. I mean, he IS evil, but I don't need to hear that three times in one paragrapgh. If I would go ahead and put facts about what evil deeds Mario has done (Mario has committed murder too, f.e.) on the Mario article, they would be removed instantly. Therefore I see no reason to keep such information on this article. It just doesn't describe the character properly, is exaggerated in many parts, and lets the wiki appear less professional. - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 10:43, 6 October 2009 (EDT)

Go for it.--Knife (talk) 14:41, 6 October 2009 (EDT)

I will, but before I do that, I'll make a rough draft. Bowser has appeared in quite a lot of games, and writing that section from scratch without preparation would be a little foolish. I also need to sort out my personal theories first. They shouldn't be on the article either (of what use is it to replace opinions with opinions? ;3). - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 16:54, 6 October 2009 (EDT)

Merge "Bowser X" with "Bowser"

This content was moved here from Talk:Bowser X

Ummm, yeah, this needs to be merged with bowser. Didn't we have an agrement that all Boss X articles sould be merged with their respective articles??? Luigifreak (talk)

But wait, is there even such thing as Bowser X? I've never seen him in Challenge Node! Fawfulfury65

Well we have Mario and Fire Mario seprate and we are trying to be the ultimate Mario encyclopedia. PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

Luigifreak is right: We have all the other X Bosses merged with their normal versions, so this shan't be an exception either. The article itself needs a rewrite as well (too many yous). If noone has objections, I will do the merge within the next hours. - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 11:19, 13 October 2009 (EDT)

Sorry it was my first artical just thought I'd put it here so it be here you know.Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

Moved content ends here.

What confirms the "Bowser Koopa" name?

I haven't heard anything official that would make his full name Bowser Koopa - the absolute official level, the unaltered Japanese games, has his name simply Koopa. He originally only has one name. Similarly, the Koopalings were only known by their first names. Now, other than maybe one or two odd things in the line of licensed American merchandise (I'm pretty sure Mario called him "you bowser Koopa" in one cartoon, and the "Ignorance is Bliss" song [and BTW, Mario songs are known to have errors, even the ones in Japan so don't take it seriously] calls him "King Bowser Koopa"), there's nothing in the localized games to suggest that his full name is Bowser Koopa.

Oh, sure, the Koopalings have full names in the English games. Their last name is all Koopa. However, look at the Super Mario World ending screen. Notice all of the Koopalings circling Bowser, and what do you see? That's right, all we see is "Bowser" - an empty void afterwards where a last name would be. Simply put, Koopa is not his name in English releases. Bowser replaced it.

So unless we can find any official sources current to the games, I say we change his full name to King Bowser. Even if the Koopalings have (or had) last names, that's drawing conclusions and ultimately just a reference to his Japanese name. LinkTheLefty 16:24, 21 October 2009 (EDT)

The manual for Super Mario Bros. Deluxe uses "the King of the Koopas", "King Koopa" and "Bowser, King of the Koopas" when talking about the guy: add those together (a perfectly reasonable and valid act of logic) and you get "King Bowser Koopa". I would also like to point out that the games aren't the be-all and end-all of Mario information: if other Nintendo-licensed sources have used "King Bowser Koopa", that's enough for us to go by. Granted, "Ignorance is Bliss" isn't what most people consider "canon", but if Nintendo approved it, so must we. - Walkazo 22:23, 23 October 2009 (EDT)
That may be so, but "King Koopa" was only used once in the manual and was either a translation oversight or the localizer assuming that King Koopa = King of the Koopas, but I digress. No official game source ever said Bowser Koopa. The closest was the third party (really "fourth party") song, but like I said, take Mario songs with a grain of salt. There's an album officially licensed direct from NoJ of Mario tunes that summarize the early titles, and it was chock full of factual errors. Off the top of my head, I don't recall what they are, but I think they refer to Peach as Daisy multiple times being one of them. So does that make Peach and Daisy the same character? Is her full name Daisy "Peach" Toadstool? Same deal. Just because something was passed once doesn't mean it holds true today, especially when you're talking about the localization business. LinkTheLefty 17:48, 26 October 2009 (EDT)
Like it or not, what I gave you is solid proof. Yes, printed instruction manuals can have translation oversights, but so can the games themselves ("All your base are belong to us ", anyone?). Taking random Mario songs (or paraphernalia, or whatever) with a grain of salt is a wise decision, but the instruction booklet packaged with the game cartridge is about as official as you can get, and around here, we try to put some faith in Nintendo and trust they've got this sort of thing right. (And by the way, "King Koopa", "Bowser" and "King of the Koopas" were all used twice in the manual, sometimes within the same statement.) It's not the same deal as the princesses, since Peach and Daisy have been shown to be different people, whereas it hasn't been said that Bowser's last name isn't Koopa, and thus, it would be more speculative for us to question or deny those sources. - Walkazo 23:49, 27 October 2009 (EDT)
The only thing I've officially ever heard in the same statement is "Bowser, King of the Koopas." I've emailed Nintendo of America, and they don't even know themselves, so... I don't think this is going anywhere until they can make a statement once and for all. LinkTheLefty 10:12, 9 November 2009 (EST)
I just want to cite one source that's slightly more reliable than "Ignorance is Bliss"; Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas, in which Mario refers to Bowser as "Bowser Koopa." NMRodo 00:54, 15 November 2009 (EST)
Awesome point, Nimrodo.KoopaMan.png Gumball of the Stars (talk) 17:26, 22 December 2011 (EST)
That was a dead, two-year-old conversation that had been somewhat resolved. Please don't revive old topics just to state something unnecessary. Bop1996 (Talk)


Whenever there is a better quality and/or larger image of the Bowser art from NSMBW, I think it should be the main pic.

We should use the most recent art.

Yoshisprite.png YoshiDaisy Daisysprite.png fan1

Don't worry: it's already Super Mario Wiki policy to use the most recent art (provided it's a typical representation of the character, and not them riding a kart or dressed in sports gear, or something like that). Once we get better NSMBWii artwork, it'll certainly become the main pic. - Walkazo 22:02, 13 November 2009 (EST)
  • The NSMB Wii artwork isn't big enough to be the main image. Someone should consider uploading a larger version of that image before it becomes the main attraction. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 15:49, 15 November 2009 (EST)
Agreed; I'll revert it back to the former picture until that said art surfaces in a better format. --M. C. - "Mario Gals" Fan! User Page | Talk Page 17:38, 15 November 2009 (EST)

Bowser and Peach?

Anyone think it strange and ironic that Bowser tries to kill Peach in the game Super Princess Peach?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jack Z (talk).

Heh, several times. I think it is just Nintendo's sense of logic. To be honest: The plot isn't very creative. They just swapped Peach's and Mario's roles, and since Bowser usually tries to kill Mario, he now tries to kill Peach. They (unfortunately) didn't put much thought into it. - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 03:44, 22 November 2009 (EST)
Thanks to New Super Mario Bros., all the times Bowser appeared to be soundly defeated can be chalked up to revival via black magic. Therefore, this too can be explained as Bowser simply trying to get rid of the one enemy standing up against him, then planning to revival her defenseless. LinkTheLefty 19:43, 30 June 2010 (UTC)

Well,maybe he tried to kill Peach because Peach was trying to kill him.I mean, if someone who had just defeated an army with just a parasol as a weapon, what would you do?And shouldnt this kinda thing be on the forum?--Smileymiley5001 11:47, 25 February 2011 (EST)

Yes, it should be on the forum. - Walkazo 11:50, 25 February 2011 (EST)

Bowser Defense

I was reading the article when Im read about Bowser being "Cruel". I'd like to point out something, Bowsers side is just as cruel as Mario's, no, scratch that LESS vruel than Mario's. Mario's team has killed,tortured, burned, ect. While Bowser's team has barely killed anyone exept the Mario bros! (excluding Super Mario RPG and Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story) And that's only if you make a mistake, JUST THE F*CKING PLAYER! I'm not going to argue with "Evil", technically, everyone's "Evil". Evil is just a term you use to reffer to your enemies. Call yourself "Evil" if you help stray dogs and try to make their lives better like the asap! You're telling the truth!
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Panther2598 (talk).

4DJONG (talk) No swearing, thank you, well when you think about it everybody in the Mario series is "Evil" and Bowser has made his castle in a way that some of his troops get killed without Mario touching them.

Article Decrease

I managed to decrease of the size from 124,739 bytes to 121,603 bytes by re-writing, removing, and cleaning up different sections. I can feasibly decrease it further, but I want to avoid entering sections discussing areas I'm not familiar with (such as the sports games). Feel free to offer any opinions or advice on what else to work on. Redstar 22:09, 25 November 2009 (EST)

Bowser & Dry Bowser

When I played through "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games", I noticed something interesting: At the end of the credits, there is a picture of all the bosses. But only one boss is missing: Dry Bowser! This may be a hint that Bowser and Dry Bowser actually are the same person. That may also describe why Dry Bowser runs to the direction where Bowser and Dr. Eggman are standing, and then he is not there. He may just have turned himself into his living counterpart for the final battle after he got defeated.Ludwig van Koopa

Thinking of Nintendo I have doubts that this means anything. And yes: Bowser and Dry Bowser are the same person, just under different circumstances, much like Mario and Baby Mario. The confusion about both of them being in the same game... well... it's Nintendo. - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 18:34, 4 December 2009 (EST)

Bowser X Stats

Well, I wanted to find his stats so I used the calculator and watched the video... And I ended up with the Unit of 7131 HP, can anyone find it's other stats? The video is here:
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Roboomba (talk).

I did the same thing and got 7130.Can anyone get a better quality video of the fight in which it is easier to see?--Smileymiley5001 11:51, 25 February 2011 (EST)


I used to have this old "How to Draw Nintendo Heroes and Villains" book and I remember that on the Bowser page, it said "Kerog". Where did Bowser get this name? I didn't see it anywhere in the article... Fawfulfury65

I'm pretty sure the book itself is where the name comes from; it was probably just a mistake and I have no idea how or why it happened. It's one of the great mysteries of life... - Walkazo 22:30, 29 December 2009 (EST)
It's not the first name mystery in the Mario series. Neosquid is another good example of strange misnamings without any apparent cause. - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 22:39, 29 December 2009 (EST)
@FF65: It sounds me like a Korean dish...Someone Agree?
@Edofenrir: I think that is a Pun of Neo and "Squid" is a reference to the sword.--Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 16:52, 31 December 2009 (EST)

can bowser his family or any other koopas speak clearly?

--Raushad 19:09, 12 January 2010 (EST)in games they make strange sounds but in dialog boxes they have words but in the yoshi's dialog boxes has nothing but yoshi yoshi and the kong's dialog boxes have ooke(ape words) so can koopas talk clearly?

In Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser and Bowser Jr. are both seen speaking clear english. Hello, I'm Time Turner.


I was asking my self:Is King Koopa from the film Bowser himself?When Koopa was talking to Bowser(daisy's father) when he was devolved he said:I'm not such a bad guy after all.You wanted to be everywhere and now you are.After that,he said somthing like this I think:You can crush that stupid mushroom kingdom if you want. And Bowser was trying to take over the mushroom kingdom in the mario games.So,is Daisy's father the "Bowser" from the mario series? PM Dry Bones Holding Bone Sprite.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

Neither of them are the same as characters from the games, the film is only losely based on the games. Koopa from the film is based on the games' Koopa/Bowser, King Bowser is based on the Mushroom King. Koopa says he can crush his kingdom because he doesn't care what happens to it, not because King Bowser wants to crush it. As for Bowser's name, he's probably named that for the same reason the cabs are called Wigglers; it's just another reference to something from the games.--vellidragon 10:13, 25 February 2010 (EST)
Just jumping in here a bit late, but I wanted to confirm this and expand a little. We just had an interview with Parker Bennett, one of the scriptwriters for the movie and he explains that the "Koopa" character in the film is the same villain as in the games, and is given the name Koopa because it's a better "bad guy" name. They didn't use "Bowser" because it brought to their mind the "‘50s Sha Na Na guy", AKA: Jon "Bowzer" Bauman. However, the good king is only referred to as Bowser in related material and the film's novelization. They didn't write that and have no idea where it came from. We'll look into it. Redstar 08:53, 20 September 2010 (UTC)


I wonder...wouldnt his full name be "King Bowser Koopa Sr."? since his son is Bowser Jr.? ~by Kaialone

By logic, yes. But we have to wait for him to be actually called that way in an official game. Until this happens, Bowser's name will remain as it is. - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 18:16, 6 April 2010 (EDT)

Will Bowser still be like a bouncey ball after SMG2?

I was just wondering...Did Bowser survive galaxy 2?Shadow Master 02:06, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, you see him tiny in the credits.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)


In Super Mario Galaxy 2 the Lumas called Bowser "monster". So should we add that in the Nicknames and Aliases section of the article?Y0SHI3gg 23:18, 5 August 2010 (UTC)

I think we should. It wasn't like they were simply calling him "a monster" as an insult or whatever: it seemed more like that was the name they chose to call him. - Walkazo 01:24, 6 August 2010 (UTC)

Clone Theory

Seeing as how no official explanation of how Bowser acquired his children has come to light and with no female Koopa in the picture, does anyone else think it's possible that the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. are Bowser's attempts at cloning himself with Bowser Jr. being the only successful attempt? It would explain why Bowser prefers Bowser Jr. among the rest of his children and why they look so much alike as opposed to the Koopalings who look almost nothing like Bowser. Bowser probably sees the Koopalings as his 7 failed clones and Bowser Jr. as his 1 success. Any thoughts?
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Well, you have a theory, but still, Nintendo never mentioned anything about Bowser trying to clone himself. As far as they say, they are his children, so that's what we make public. Until official sources announce stuff like that, we'll keep the official info. Castle Toad (talk)
Although I've hardly every watched the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, I have a DVD of a few episodes and for the description on The Great Gladiator Gig says, "Kootie Pie and Big Mouth are convinced that they are much too beautiful to be adopted!". So if it says they are adopted in the show, it might be worth mentioning. Fawfulfury65
But the Koopalings aren't even supposed to be in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show - only in the The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. That gladiator episode has nothing to do with adoption anyway - that blurb sounds more like it's for the TAoSMB3 episode, Dadzilla. However, in the episode, Kootie Pie and Big Mouth are convinced they are adopted, but then change their minds and go back to Koopa (or something like that - I haven't actually seen the episode). Long story short, to my knowledge the shows themselves never claim they are adopted. - Walkazo 00:55, 24 September 2010 (UTC)

"Kuppa" directly translates to "Bowser" ??

Using the Live Search Translator, I saw that Bowser's Japanese name, クッパ, directly translates to "Bowser". Is there some complicated thing in translation that makes so that the English spelling of "Koopa" is "Bowser", or do I have the world's most epic translator ? Koopalmier 00:28, 26 October 2010 (UTC)

The translator's been programmed to recognize that as being the Japanese equivalent of "Bowser", and not just kana that would be romanized as "Kuppa". Google translate recognizes it too. The translation programs are based on user input, so obviously a Mario fan using the services decided to make the translation of クッパ a bit more specific for the benefit of other users; odds are, other Mario names have been given this treatment too. - Walkazo 23:42, 26 October 2010 (UTC)


Oh man! My favorite character is not a featured article...*faints* MP8 DryBones.pngHappy Halloween! Bone Goomba.png

Please, only put things related to to the improvement of the article here. Not your favourite character or anything like that. FakeIco MCD.png MrConcreteDonkey

So what? The page is not worthy of being a featured article, so it is not, get over it. Emperor Yoshi (talk)

wheres Dark spin?

THE dark spin article got deleted completely, and theres no trace of the article on this article.can someone add a section about Dark Spin?
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Dark Spin is basically the same as his shockwave attack, which is mentioned in the article. A Link to the Present 16:43, 13 June 2011 (EDT)

Mario Bros. Battle

According to the official Engrish website for Super Mario Advance, Bowser appears in the multiplayer mode for Mario Bros., despite not originally making an appearance until Super Mario Bros.. I have not found a trace of Mario Bros. Battle on this website, but I do not have a Game Link Cable to check out the info for myself, and the info needs to be added to the article. A friend told me they think he appears around Phase 25. Here is a screenshot in case you don't believe me: kuppa02.jpg . A Link to the Present 11:33, 13 June 2011 (EDT)

Maybe he only appeared in the Mario Bros. for SM Advance, not the original. By the way, how'd you misspell "English"? The "L" key is far away from the "R" key - was "Engrish" intended? Ashley pose SMM.png Mario JC

I know he only appeared in the SMA version of the game, like i said, he originally appeared in Super Mario Bros. Also, "Engrish" is a term used for when Japanese is poorly translated into English, referring to Google Translate's translation of the official Japanese website. But no matter, it is a game Bowser appeared in and should be mentioned in the article. Someone who has the game and can get to that part should do it. A Link to the Present 06:01, 14 July 2011 (EDT)


Ok, you can look this up on Youtube or Facebook... Type in YourFavoriteMartian, there is this dude name Ray Johnson, he has 2 youtube channels, one being called YourFavoriteMartian... This channel is for songs he creates and music videos that go with it. He has one video called 'Club Lillian' the features Bowser at the beginning, intresting enough, he is the first villain mentioned in the song, under the name of 'Koopa'. I was wondering if we could put this under the trivia section in the article or something, other then that, I recommend this channel and these videos to everyone, there great!--Blue Koop Star 20:21, 23 June 2011 (EDT)

No. We don't put fan-made content like that on our articles, including the Trivia sections. - Walkazo 20:48, 23 June 2011 (EDT)

Bowser Shell in SPM

I found a picture of Bowser's Shell from Super Paper Mario and I was wondering when do you see? It is just Bowser's Shell, and Bowser isn't wearing it. [1] That is the link to see.NSMBU Fuzzy Artwork.pngYoshiGo99Yoshi Egg Tilted Artwork.png

I haven't played Super Paper Mario in a while but he might attack like that when you fight him or it could be a beta element Goomba's Shoe15 (talk)
It might be a beta element because none of his attacks are like that when you battle him. NSMBU Fuzzy Artwork.pngYoshiGo99Yoshi Egg Tilted Artwork.png

Unneeded Comma

I noticed that there's an unneeded comma in this article. "repeatedly, kidnapped" should be "repeatedly kidnapped". I think.--LuigiIsAwesome 16:08, 5 October 2011 (EDT)

Stuff like that you can just edit. It's bigger things like rewriting sections that you should post here first. But I'm not going to lie to you, most of the time nobody does anything about it. A Link to the Present 18:24, 10 November 2011 (EST)

Split Bowser X from Bowser

Settledproposal.svg This talk page proposal has already been settled. Please do not edit any of the sections in the proposal. If you wish to discuss the article, do so in a new header below the proposal.

Don't Split 2-12

Can I please ask why these two are together? They have different names, X has stronger HP, and different stats. My point being they're different people, so again I ask; why are they together? This might be a little short, but it's because the fact that they're different entities is a simple reason that I really don't need to elaborate.

Proposer: SpongeBlobby (talk)
Deadline: January 3, 2012, 23:59 GMT


  1. SpongeBlobby (talk) Well it's MY proposal.
  2. Toad85 (talk) Believe it or not, I'm for this. It's a different character.

Don't Split

  1. Bop1996 (talk) All the other X form bosses are merged because all differ slightly and are more of a powered-up form than a different boss.
  2. ThePremiumYoshi (talk) - I think it's just fine to keep Bowser X in the Bowser's article. There's not many differences, not even cosmetic. Per Bop1996.
  3. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) - The X form of the bosses are just basically slightly harder bosses. Other than that, they are basically the same. Especially Bowser X, as it is the same color as regular Bowser.
  4. Tails777 (talk) Per all
  5. M&SG (talk) - There really isn't a reason to split the two. Bowser X is basically the same as Bowser, but only harder.
  6. New Super Yoshi (talk) Bowser X is most likely Bowser himself. Per All.
  7. RandomYoshi (talk) - Per ThePremiumYoshi and New Super Yoshi.
  8. Luigirules33 (talk) - Per all.
  9. Spidey665 (talk) - Per M&SG and Baby Mario Bloops.
  10. B.wilson (talk) – Per all.
  11. Lord Grammaticus (talk) - Per all, especially BMB.
  12. Lakituthequick (talk) Per all


The deadline was wrong and you forgot to list your TPP on the proposals page. Please be more careful about setting up a proposal next time. - Walkazo 12:23, 21 December 2011 (EST)

@M&SG and New Super Yoshi:Then how come you battle Bowser X INSIDE BOWSER?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!KoopaMan.png Gumball of the Stars (talk) 17:14, 22 December 2011 (EST)

To answer your question, Bowser X is Bowser, but sort of not. It is mostly a merge duplicate by the Challenge Node to test the bros' strength. Basically, it's the real Bowser copied to be inside his body to face the Mario Bros. Hard to explain, but they are basically the same. The same goes for the other X bosses as well. Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Paper Mario Image

The image for Bowser in the Paper Mario Bestiary and on this page are different. One of them should be changed to match with the other. Furthermore, the one on this page seems to be box art, which should be changed if the case. If it is a sprite, it doesn't seem to be from a battle, which should be added. Thank you for any help in the matter. Jdrawer 17:43, 3 February 2012 (EST)

Character Infobox Image Change

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support 9-0

Ever since Fortune Street was released, I was wondering why we haven't changed the artwork to use for the character infobox. I'm basically proposing that at this point, we use Bowser's artwork from Fortune Street.

Proposer: M&SG (talk)
Deadline: April 10, 2012 23:59 GMT

Use Fortune Street artwork

  1. M&SG (talk) - Per my proposal.
  2. Tails777 (talk) Per M&SG.
  3. YoshiGo99 (talk)
  4. Pichi-Hime6 (talk)
  5. YoshiKong (talk) It's more exiting artwork!
  6. Lakituthequick (talk) Per M&SG.
  7. Super Famicom 64 (talk) – As that game was released many weeks ago, we should update the artwork.
  8. Commander Code-8 (talk) All the other major charcetrs have the same thing happening
  9. Toad85 (talk) I don't really see the point of changing it, but it just looks better anyway.

Stay with New Super Mario Bros. Wii artwork


Well, It's the newest game :/. We should change the artwork to the newest game every time a new game comes out, right?

--Msowg thegals.pngGirls rule, for pink is a manly color! Pichi-Hime6!Zeldaart.jpgMeleeSamus.jpgSMG Rosalina final concept.jpg(talk · edits) 16:59, 27 March 2012 (EDT)

Agreed! --YoshiKong (talk)
But what if a reuses an artwork, like Mario Party 9 reused Bowser's artwork from Super Mario Galaxy.New Super Yoshi (talk)

Then we keep it.--Yoshi MP4.pngYoshidude99 12:00, 29 March 2012 (EDT)