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Princess Alyson Koopastool is a unofficial character. She's the young princess of a second koopa kingdom, the Braz'Tchê Kingdom, in the Braz Notchête Country, a very small country located possibly in the other side of the world (of the Marioverse, of course). Having to admit her parents' ausence and the whole royal stress, Alyson became matured a bit more than her young age, acting older, yet she's still very innocent. She has lot of "alter egos", some more common, others not.[1]

Alyson Koopastool "Official Story/Bio"

Name: Princess Alyson Koopastool Nicknames: Aly, kitten, MADson (when extremely angry) Role: Bowser's niece, Princess of Braz'Tchê Kingdom Favorite Food: Capuccino, fried fish, milk, pineapple juice Favorite Pastime: Drawing, taking care of her beloved ones Favorite Sport: Tennis, kart, ping-pong, fighting (if it counts) Favorite Video Game: Tetris Attack, Yoshi's Story, Super Smash Bros. Favorite School Subject: Doesn't go to school yet, but would like Religion and Art Favorite Koopa Minion: Koopa, Magikoopa, Bob-omb (reminds her of a friend from her kingdom) Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Never did anything wrong to be in the dungeon, but would make drawings on the cell's walls Favorite Color: Would choose between bloody-red and dark purple

Even too young, at the age of between 3 1/2 and 6 years old, Alyson's was always ready for an adventure or challenge, specially when it's for someone she cares about. Sometimes she's seen as the Koopa family's "guardian angel", being pretty protective of her beloved ones. She's always up to help (or at least try to help) her friends in everything, as physically as emotionally. She's the daughter of Bowser's younger brother, the King of Braz'Tchê Kingdom. She looks like an ordinary human kid, but according to herself, she's a "different species" of human know as "kitsinny", humans with superpowers and the ability to transform into, at maximum, two animals. Alyson can turn into a black cat and a panther. Due to her father being a Koopa and her mother a kitsinny, Alyson inherited the powers of both species. She seems to be bilingual, speaking both English and Portuguese. Even being on the dark side, Alyson's not evil; sometimes she can be seen on the frontier of the Mushroom Kingdom playing happily with Toad kids or simply searching for flowers. There are rumors that she has a secret friendship with Toadette. Sometimes she gets visited by her best friend David Boom, who seems to be a different species of Bob-omb and speaks only Portuguese. Alyson is the only one that understand what he says. David has a twin sister known as Dannah Boom, but she's rarely seen.

Alyson never saw her parents, since they were too busy to take care of her. They were always traveling to solve their own business, while she stayed at her castle with the servants. Alyson's parents sent her to live with her uncle Bowser, in the beginning, for unknowm reasons. Bowser at first allowed her to stay only one week, but Kamek convinced him to change his mind by telling him that Alyson could be very useful to them. Bowser wanted Alyson to stay only to manipulate her and use her as a weapon against the Mushroom Kingdom and the Mario Bros. It worked pretty well in the beginning, since it was easy for Bowser to manipulate Alyson by abusing her innocence, but later his plan went terribly wrong when Alyson received tragic news: her kingdom have been destroyed, along with her parents. To Alyson, losing her parents meant losing everything, including a dream: the chance of see them at least once in her life. That was why her parents had sent her to live with Bowser. Bowser and Ludwing managed to confort her. Her hope recovered gradually with the help of the Koopa Family.

Alyson, fully hope-recovered, has managed to be a good and brave girl, though she sometimes gets to be more of an annoyance by giving too much attention.

Alyson Koopastool's Many Egos

Kitty Alyson: It's part of Alyson's powers, sometimes before turning into a cat or panther, she passes by this form, simply gaining black cat ears and a tail. [[2]] Cat Alyson: One of Alyson's ability. She's a small black cat with the same green eyes and a dark purple collar. This form is used often for purposes like spying. Panther Alyson: Like Cat Alyson, this is also one of Alyson's ability. She's a panther with no collar and intimidating sinister green eyes. Giga Alyson: One "self danguerous" ability. It has a lot of resemblanse to Kitty Alyson, Except for looking more siniter, cruel, scary and wild. She has bigger canines, yellow wild cat eyes. She gets damaged after turning back to normal.[[3]] Alyson Kruegerstool: Some kind of a weird parody of the great Freddy Krueger from "A Nightmare on the Elm Street", it's Alyson dresses as Freddy and such evil sinister green eyes. This ego represents Alyson's psychotic side (if she had any).[[4]] "Molly" and "Suzy": Based in the Yin/Yang Tao, "Molly" is Alyson's good self while "Suzy" is exactly Molly's opposite. Even being too different, Molly and Suzy work together to keep the balance.

Sprite Sheets

[5], V.1, a failed YIDS style.

[6], V.2, also a failed YIDS style.

[7], Alyson Kruegerstool, a Freddy Krueger's parody, again a failed YIDS style.

[8], MLSS style.

Random Pics

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[30], "Ill Alyson"

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[32], "ZOMG It's Giga Bowser", (First try)

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