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It's me.

I'm Pseudo. My pronouns are she/her, and I am extremely normal about the earlier games in the Mario Party franchise and 2000s Mario RPGs as well as various other Nintendo 64 and GameCube games from my childhood. Other games of interest for me include the Kirby, Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon series, but those are largely outside the scope of this wiki.

I'm a longtime member of the Super Mario Bros. X fangame community as well, and I am an administrator on the SMBX forums and Discord server.

I am also extremely normal about the Mario Wiki itself and have been on this site since late 2007. My writing and editing skills have improved a whole lot since then, and I think I've made some pretty good contributions to the wiki starting in the early to mid 2010s (I created a few articles before this, but Block (Super Mario 64) and Pump Mario were my first real babies on the wiki, and I believe a large step up in quality from my previous work). You can read below for details on my contributions, of course. My philosophy in wiki-editing is making articles as informative and intuitive to navigate as possible, which is why I proposed to merge the White Block and Grab Block articles in July 2023 — while I really do understand the wiki policy and precedent arguments against this in the end and respect people's opposition to the idea, I'm strongly inclined to challenge these policies since I think it would make things a lot more intuitive for the end user since these two are functionally the same object. I'm not against splitting articles when it would help, after all.

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