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Stuff about me

Welcome to my user page! My favorite character is Yoshi and the Yoshi (species). I am twelve years old and have Mario Kart Wii in which i've unlocked everything, and Mario Kart DS. I am a huge fan of the Mario series. I have 98 stars on Super Mario Galaxy. I also have Super Mario Galaxy 2, I have 72 stars. (I know, I suck) I love the Paper Mario and Mario Rpg series. I also enjoyed legend of the seven stars. I like the Mario Kart series. And the core Mario games (Like Super Mario World or Super Mario Galaxy).

Top 10 Cutest Nin-10-doh characterz!

My top 10 cutest Nintendo characters (Yeah, I was bored.)



8Link (Not in a gay way, like a widdle bitty puppy way.)


6Baby Mario

5Baby Luigi


3Bowser Junior


NUMBAH WUN! Baby Yoshi

My emulators

Nintendo Entertainment System-Virtual Nes

Super Nintendo-Zsnes

Gameboy,GBC,GBA-Visual Boy


NDS-DeSmuME(I usually use my real Dsi)



Top 10 hardest Mario bosses

NOTE! (I don't have Luigi's Mansion, any of the Super Mario Land series, Super Princess Peach or the weird version of Super Mario Bros 2, aka Doki Doki Panic. Witch is funny because I live in America and the regular one wasn't released in America and I never heard of the pull-stuff-out-of-the-ground one until I watched a ScrewAttack video. And I haven't finished Sunshine )

10-Fawful Express-Bowser's Inside Story Why:You have to defeat it within a certain number of tries, and I'm not good at giant boss controls.

9-Bowser-Super Mario 64 Why:He can break the laws of physics! Wherever he's facing, that's where you throw him. It's confusing I tell you!

8-Cackletta's Soul-Superstar Saga Why:Her attacks are CRAZY hard to dodge!!! And you start with just 1 hit point!

7-Shadow Queen-Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Why: She has three phases, each one with REALLY powerful attacks.

6-Bonetail-Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Why: You fight it after you have don the pit of 100 trials, so you're probably low an hp, fp, and items.

5-Bouldergeist Daredevil Run-Super Mario Galaxy Why: You have just one slab of health, and it's hard to hit the boss too!

4-Elder Princess Shroob-[[|Mario and Luigi:Partners in Time|Partners In Time]] Why: She can regenerate, and her attacks are really hard.

3-Fiery Dino Piranha-Super Mario Galaxy Why: You have to have precise timing, attack at the wrong time and you get hurt!

2-Fire Gobblegut-Super Mario Galaxy 2 Why: You have to be quick to attack the red orbs on it's body. And when it attacks the ground, it leaves behind molten rock!

1-The Chimp-Super Mario Galaxy 2 Why: He will constantly challenge you to minigame-like levels. You have to beat his high score, witch is CRAZY hard! This is the only boss I haven't beaten.

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