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You stepped right into your own doom, moron!

You should have known not to click on the shining blue link, but the temptation got the best of you. Your loss. Game over.

Alright, you're revived now. Welcome to what you came here for, my user page. This is MC Otaku. Just in case you're a total square, "MC" stands for "master of ceremonies." It's a term for rapper. I'm a half-decent emcee, hence the name. And "otaku" has two meanings (aside from "fan" in Japanese): anime fan, and B-boy. Both meanings are very cool, and they both apply to me. Enough said.

If you want to hear some dope electronic beats, check out my PureVolume. Yes, I'm making an attempt at anime based on rock music, but it worked for Daft Punk, right? Daft Punk can do anything.

We love Super Mario Wiki!


  • Changing all links to "Koopa" to "Koopa Troopa" or "King Bowser." You can help! Just go to this page and remove all links to the Koopa disambig page you can. I need to log off but I'll get to work on this later. Status: Finished (for now; the battle against ignorant editing never ends)
  • Expanding and creating articles and marking small articles as stubs. Status: Ongoing

Other stuff


OK, not much here...yet...