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Not to be confused with Goodie Bag.
Artwork of Gumdrops from Fortune Street
Species Goodybag
First appearance Dragon Quest III (1988, Dragon Quest series)
Itadaki Street DS (2007, Super Mario-related media)
Latest appearance Fortune Street (2011, Super Mario-related media)
“OooOOH! GooDy GOODY! GumDrOps is heRE! SHop tiLL you GUMDrop, 'tIS whAT I SAy!”
Gumdrops, Fortune Street

Goodybags, also known as Dancing Jewels, are recurring enemies in the Dragon Quest series since Dragon Quest III. A Goodybag appears as a support character in Itadaki Street DS. Once Chance Card No. 28 is obtained, the player can summon it on the field for help.

A Goodybag named "Gumdrops" returns in Fortune Street, where it appears for a few turns after a player chooses Venture Card #28. During its turn, it rolls the die and pays out the owner of any shop it lands on.

Gumdrops' name is a reference to the recruitable Goodybag from Dragon Quest V. In English translations, its dialogue erratically alternates between letter cases, matching the style in the source material.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おどるほうせき
Odoru Hōseki
Dancing Jewels

German Klunkerbeutel
Gems Bag
Italian Sacco Ghiottone
Glutton Bag
Spanish Saco de joyas
Bag of jewels