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Artwork of Goodybag from Fortune Street
Species Goodybag
First appearance Dragon Quest III (1988, Dragon Quest series)
Itadaki Street DS (2007, Mario-related media)
Latest appearance Fortune Street (2011, Mario-related media)

Goodybag, previously known as Dancing Jewel or Dancing Jewels, is a Support/Guest character in Itadaki Street DS. Once its card is obtained, the player can summon it on the field for additional help.

Goodybags are recurring enemies in the Dragon Quest series since Dragon Quest III. This monster returns in Fortune Street where it appears for a few turns whenever the player chooses a Venture Card, rolls the die, and pays out the owner of any shop it lands on. This particular Goodybag is called "Gumdrops", and Its speech involves alternating between capital letters while repeating some, such as "GooooOOOddyY BAag", a dialect brought from their original games.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おどるほうせき
Odoru Hōseki
Dancing Jewels
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