Tubba Blubba's Heart

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Paper Mario Enemy
Tubba Blubba's Heart
Tubba'sHeart PM.png
Max HP 50
Attack 6, 12 when charged
Defense 0
Location(s) Windy Mill

Moves Body Slam (6), Charge Up (ATK +6); Particle Attack (12)
This is Tubba's Heart. You might say it's the "heart" of Tubba's secret. Ha! OK, that wasn't funny. He has a terrible attack, so hide when he tells you he's about to unleash it. This attack will take away 12 HP! Whoa! Try to beat him before he can do his huge attack again. Trust me, it's dangerous. This is Bow's turn to shine!

“Hey, you! Lady ghost! You look quite tasty. Stick around after the battle. Fighting makes me hungry.”
Tubba Blubba's Heart, Paper Mario

Tubba Blubba's Heart Attack.png

Tubba Blubba's Heart is, as the name implies, the heart of Tubba Blubba removed by Bowser and hidden in the Windy Mill. After having his heart removed Tubba Blubba became invincible, the heart controlling the body as if he is a puppet. However, Mario discovers Tubba Blubba's heart, and the two battle. It is the first half of Chapter 3's boss. It has 50 HP, 0 Defense, and a 6-Damage Attack that doubles when charged.

When Tubba Blubba's Heart HP reaches around 5 HP, he runs away from Mario and escapes the undergrounds of Windy Mill. When he reaches the surface, he sees Tubba Blubba outside and reunites with him. Tubba Blubba eats his Heart and becomes vulnerable with his heart inside his body.

Tubba Blubba's Heart is seen in the parade after the player beats the final boss, chasing his body when three Boos carry Tubba Blubba away.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドガボンのしんぞう
Dogabon no Shinzō
Tubba Blubba's Heart (Dogabon is Tubba Blubba's Japanese name, and 「心臓」 shinzō means "heart".)
French Coeur de Tubba Blubba
German Tubbas Herz Tubba's heart