Wiggler Park
Garden Course
How to unlock 14 Star Coins
Number of holes 9
Par 36
Appears in Mario Golf: World Tour

Wiggler Park is a golf course in Mario Golf: World Tour. It is a nine hole Par 36 course, and is unlocked after collecting seven Star Coins in the Challenges mode. It takes place under clover leaves and it is beneath the grass, in a giant garden like area. Giant versions of characters like Goomba and Koopa Troopa can be seen on this course. Letting the golf ball touch the characters, their animations will be in play, either changing, behavior, or getting out of the way. The music is a cover of the music from the Honeyhive Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. Collecting all the Star Coins for this course's challenges awards the player with a Wiggler costume, and completing Character Costume Challenges here unlocks Paratroopa, Koopa Clown Car, and Boss Sumo Bro costumes.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
1   4 356 yards

326 meters

376 yards

344 meters

393 yards

359 meters

This hole is shaped like Wiggler. Small patches of rough resemble the spots on Wiggler's body. There are a few bunkers and Wiggler can be seen to the left side of the hole.
2   4 373 yards

341 meters

393 yards

359 meters

413 yards

378 meters

Like the previous hole, this one has patches of rough in the middle of the fairway. There are a few bunkers and a giant Goomba can be seen in the background.
3   5 498 yards

455 meters

519 yards

475 meters

540 yards

494 meters

A Mega Spike can be seen to the right of the hole. The overhanging clovers can affect where the ball lands. A creek runs through the right side of the hole. There are some bunkers around the green.
4   4 375 yards

343 meters

395 yards

361 meters

417 yards

381 meters

A creek runs down the left side of the hole. A giant Koopa is standing on an elevated muddy area. Clovers grow in a place where it is better to hit the ball with a low-lofted club than try to hit over them.
5   3 162 yards

148 meters

175 yards

160 meters

190 yards

174 meters

Some Spinies and a bunker guard the green of this basic hole. A Big Spiny Egg can be seen in the background.
6   4 406 yards

371 meters

431 yards

394 meters

456 yards

417 meters

Two Big Piranha Plants can be seen on either side of the fairway. A clover also grows in front of the tee box, sometimes making the tee shot difficult.
7   4 389 yards

356 meters

409 yards

374 meters

439 yards

401 meters

Some bunkers guard the fairway of this hole. Two Mega Monty Moles are near the green, sometimes making the approach shot very challenging.
8   5 518 yards

474 meters

538 yards

492 meters

558 yards

510 meters

A strip of mud splits the hole into two and to the side of the hole some Big Buzzy Beetles can be seen. Some rocks in the mud can make a difficult tee shot. Many bunkers are scattered around the sides of the fairway.
9   3 169 yards

155 meters

179 yards

164 meters

189 yards

173 meters

The closing hole has colorful flowers growing in the background. A Flutter is hovering over the green. A bunker guards the back right side of the green.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハナチャンパーク
Hanachan Pāku
Wiggler Park

Dutch Wiggler-park
Wiggler Park
French Parc de Wiggler
Wiggler's Park
German Wigglers Park
Wiggler's Park
Italian Parco di Torcibruco
Wiggler's Park
Portuguese Parque da Lagartola
Wiggler's Park
Russian Парк егозы
Park yegozy
Wiggler Park

Spanish Parque Floruga
Wiggler Park