Elevator Tour in the Volcano

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Elevator Tour in the Volcano (N64) / Inside the Volcano (DS)
Lethal Lava Land Star 6
Location Lethal Lava Land
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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Elevator Tour in the Volcano is the sixth mission of Lethal Lava Land in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, though the mission was renamed Inside the Volcano in the latter. The name "Inside the Volcano" also appears in the Super Mario 64 Player's Guide.[1] In Super Mario 64, this is the course's final mission. It involves using a set of lifts and poles to reach the top of the volcano.


The player starts on the main course and has to cross platforms to get to the volcano in the center of the course. Once there, they have to jump inside and are brought to the lowest section of the volcano.

From the point the player starts in the volcano, they have to turn around and jump across the platforms behind them to reach a lift. Stepping onto the lift causes it to move along its set rail. Once the lift reaches the end of the rail, it falls into the magma below, so the player has to jump to the next lift to avoid falling into the magma. At the end of this lift's rail is a pole the player has to climb. At the top of the pole is a fire bar in the N64 version, though it is absent in the DS remake. Passing the fire bar and going up the next pole leads to a set of small platforms that lead to the Power Star at the top.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かざんの リフトツアー
Kazan no Rifuto Tsuā
Volcanic Lift Tour

Chinese 火山里的电梯之旅[2]
Huǒshān lǐ de Diàntī zhī Lǚ
Elevator Journey in the Volcano

German Gewinne im Vulkan an Höhe! (SM64)
Im Inneren des Vulkans (SM64DS)
Win Height in the Volcano!
Inside the Volcano
Italian Dentro il Vulcano
Inside the Volcano
Korean 화산의리프트투어
Hwasan ui Ripeuteu tueo
Lift Tour of the Volcano

Spanish Escalada en el volcán
Climbing in the Volcano


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