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Hole 18 of the Marion Course

The Marion course is a large, field-forest golf course in Mario Golf and Mario Golf: Advance Tour. It contains not only a course, but a gigantic castle-like Clubhouse. It is the first course in the game, and Joe is the current singles champ, along with him and Putts as the doubles champs. The course's namesake derives from the similarities from Mario and the feminine name Marion, and possibly the real-life golf course Merion.

The Marion Course Practice Center is a grassy area with bumpy hills and lily-pads floating on ponds. The golfing activities in this Practice Center include an approach-shot contes, a backspin/topspin tutorial, and a putting green with putt challenges. Joe can be found there.

In here is where the player will also have to knock out a Klepto, a buzzard with a Koopa Shell in its claws. Once knocked down with one shot, the Koopa will swim to the player and give them a reward.

In Mario Golf: World Tour, Forest Course is based on this course.