Lava Pit (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle)

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Lava Pit
Appearance Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Levels 10
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“If we could smash these blocks we would visit this deadly, industrial hellscape anytime we wanted.”
Beep-0's quote before World 4

The Lava Pit is the fourth and final world in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It is a volcanic area located to the west of Spooky Trails, consisting of many lava pools, mine cart tracks, a mecha-producing factory, and Bowser's Castle.


Mario and co. first land in the Lava Pit while pursuing Bowser Jr. and Spawny and attempting to directly stop the vortex. After exiting a mine, Mario and co. then fight Mecha Jr. and free Spawny, while Yoshi joins shortly thereafter. Venturing into the deeper part of the lava pools, they encounter the physical Megabug, which immediately captures Spawny and creates Bwario, Bwaluigi, and the Lava Queen. After defeating the threesome, Mario and co. then suddenly find that the Megabug had merged with Bowser to form MegaDragonBowser. After defeating MegaDragonBowser, the Megabug is subsequently defeated, thus restoring peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.


Level Preview Description
4-1- If It Rains It Pours Lava IfItRainsItPoursLava MarioRabbids.png A level that introduces Pyroclasts.
4-2- When the Going Gets Tough WhentheGoingGetsTough MarioRabbids.png A level that has a reach area mission.
4-3- ...The Tough Get Going TheToughGetGoing MarioRabbids.png A level that has a reach area mission.
4-4- In Full Gear InFullGear MarioRabbids.png A level that features Lava Valkyries.
4-5- Bowser Jr.'s Lair BowserJrsLair MarioRabbids.png A level where Mecha Jr. is fought.
4-6- Reunited Reunited MarioRabbids.png A level that has an escort Spawny mission.
4-7- Spawny Snatched! SpawnySnatched MarioRabbids.png A level that introduces Bwario and Bwaluigi.
4-8- Castle Guards CastleGuards MarioRabbids.png A level that introduces Lava Queen.
4-BOSS- Bowser's Castle BowsersCastle MarioRabbids.png A level where the MegaDragonBowser is fought.
4-S- Clandestine Cave ClandestineCave MarioRabbids.png A secret level featuring a rematch against Mecha Jr.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Lago di Lava Lava Lake
Russian Лавовое озеро
Lavovoe ozero
Lava Lake