Bowser's Castle (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle)

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This article is about the Bowser's Castle level from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. For other uses, see World 8-Bowser's Castle or Bowser's Castle (disambiguation).
Bowser's Castle
BowsersCastle MarioRabbids.png
Level code 4-9
World Lava Pit
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Objective Map 1: Defeat Boss
Target Map 1: 7 turns
Boss MegaDragonBowser
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Bowser's Castle is the ninth level of the Lava Pit in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, as well as the final compulsory level in the game.


At the start of the level, the Megabug takes control of Bowser to form MegaDragonBowser.

The only part of the level features MegaDragonBowser as a boss, as well as a few Lava Valkyries as support. The second phase features some Pyroclasts as stage hazards as well as spawning Lava Bucklers, and the third phase spawns Lava Smashers.

Once MegaDragonBowser is defeated, Spawny is rescued, and the ending and credits play.


Battle maps[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Il castello di Bowser Bowser's Castle
Spanish (NOE) El castillo de Bowser Bowser's Castle