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StandofFish MarioRabbids.png
Level code 1-6
World Banana Lagoon
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Donkey Kong Adventure)
Objective Defeat Midboss
Target 8 turns
Boss Side Eye
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Standof-Fish is the sixth level of the Banana Lagoon in the Donkey Kong Adventure mode of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Its name is a pun on "fish" and "standoffish".


Prior to the start of the level, Side Eye is seen eating Bad Banana slices as Donkey Kong and co. arrive, causing it to challenge the group. This allows some Ziggies to secretly close the door to Side Eye's hideout to steal its Bad Bananas, and it cowers behind a cover block in fear.

The level consists of a boss battle with Side Eye. It features a few elevated platforms, as well as a few Hoppers.

Afterwards, Side Eye is freed from the Megabug's influence, and Donkey Kong and co. acquires the first key necessary to access Rabbid Kong's hideout.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Scontro alla pescicana Dogfish standoff