Flower 'Bud'

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Flower 'Bud'
FlowerBud MarioRabbids.png
Level code 1-2
World Ancient Gardens
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Objective Map 1: Defeat All
Map 2: Defeat All
Target Map 1: 4 turns
Map 2: 3 turns
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Flower 'Bud' is the second level of Ancient Gardens in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.


Before the first stage, Mario and co. encounter the Sunflower, who goes underground when Beep-0 tries to receive help from him.

The first stage in this level introduces the movement-based dash attack and the team jump to the player. It features three Ziggies, all of them behind full cover.

The next part of the stage features a larger map and four Ziggies, with all except one behind partial cover. There is also an additional peninsula to the north that allows cover to use long-range attacks.

Once the level is cleared, the Sunflower will reward Mario and co. with a treasure chest containing his own figurine.


Battle maps[edit]


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Location Content
Given to the player by the Sunflower after beating the second battle. Icon representing 3D models
On an island near battle 1. After beating the first battle, the player needs to cross the bridge and go in a pipe behind some rocks. The pipe takes the player to a red button, which opens a cannon when pressed. The cannon is located directly before battle 1. The player now needs to hop in to find the model at his or her destination. Icon representing 3D models
Rabbid Peach
This chest is the reward for completing a bonus room. After meeting up with Toad, the player should head through the pipe, then take the Blue Cannon that will blast them to the bonus room. The bonus room is composed of two platforms, connected by a pipe. The chest will appear once every coin has been collected. MRKB Turbine.png

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese なやみのタネ
Nayami no Tane
Seeds of Trouble

Italian Sboccia l'amicizia
Friendship blooms
Korean 꽃봉오리
Flower Bud

Spanish (NOE) Amistad floreciente
Blooming Friendship