Torch Song for Rabbid Kong

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Torch Song for Rabbid Kong
TorchSongforRabbidKong MarioRabbids.png
Level code 3-5
World Jungle
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Donkey Kong Adventure)
Objective Defeat Boss
Target 6 turns
Boss Mega Rabbid Kong
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Torch Song for Rabbid Kong is the fifth level of the Jungle in the Donkey Kong Adventure mode of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.


Prior to the start of the level, Mega Rabbid Kong is seen preparing for Donkey Kong and co.'s arrival. Afterwards, he taunts DK into performing a Jungle Rush, only for DK's attack to have no effect on him. As Rabbid Peach stares in confusion, she eventually decides to embrace DK, angering Rabbid Kong and causing him to attack the group.

This level consists of a boss battle with Mega Rabbid Kong. It is an arena with four pillars on each corner, each containing TNT Barrels that the characters can use to attack Mega Rabbid Kong or his Megabug Pool. The battlefield itself is littered with a few Tropical Ziggies.

Afterwards, the Megabug Pool explodes, sending Donkey Kong and co. into the Dungeon.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Ballata per Rabbid Kong Ballad for Rabbid Kong