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Bowser's ancestor
Bowser's ancestor
Species Koopa (ghost)
First appearance Super Mario-kun Volume 4 (1992)
“さんざん敵キャラをやっつけておいて、天国へいけるわけないだろ! (You killed a lot of minions, and now you expect to go to Heaven?)”
Bowser's ancestor, Super Mario-kun

The unnamed Bowser's ancestor is a deceased Koopa king in Super Mario-kun who decides to torture Mario for what he did to the Koopa Troop. He looks just like his descendant Bowser, but with black eyebrows and a pointed black beard. He also wears an ancient royal hat with「王」(king) written on it. These characteristics make him resemble Kūkai's statue of King Shokō-ō, one of Buddha's Ten Kings of Hell.

While fighting Larry Koopa, Mario dies and is taken to Hell, where Bowser's ancestor awaits him to punish him for what he did to his family and their minions. While Morton, Wendy, and the Koopa Troop's ghosts punish Mario, Bowser's ancestor is monitoring the torture; however, Mario's ghost always manages to escape unharmed. When Wendy makes Mario eat a bomb-chocolate, she lights the fuse. Panicked, Mario runs looking for help, while the ghosts runs away in fear. Mario then jumps on Bowser's ancestor, pleading to help him, but then burps an explosion on his face. Having lost his patience, Bowser's ancestor kicks Mario out from the afterlife, enabling him to live again.