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Mario fighting the Shy Stacks.

The Shy Guy Army[citation needed] is a Shy Guy faction of the Koopa Troop led by General Guy. It appears in Paper Mario. The Army's headquarters and base of operations is the Shy Guy's Toy Box.

In Paper Mario, the Shy Guy Army attacks Toad Town and steals objects. When Mario infiltrates the Toy Box searching for the fourth Star Spirit, Muskular, he returns the stolen objects. Near the Red Station, he encounters a large group of Shy Guys known as the Shy Squad, which is supposedly General Guy's personal subdivision of the army. Shortly after that, other parts of the Shy Guy Army appear to protect General Guy. These include two Stilt Guys and two Shy Stacks. Mario cannot battle General Guy until all of these have been completely removed.

Tattle information and stats[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Escuadra Shy Shy Squad

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