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The Radio Contest Toad is a pink Toad that appears in Paper Mario. The Toad sponsors radio contests during the events. To participate in his contests, Mario has to go inside the third house in Koopa Village and switch the radio to its third station, the Information Station (a radio station that the Koopa Troopa owner of the radio happens to hate). The Radio Contest Toad will sometimes use this news station to broadcast his contests. He will announce where he will be located and what common item Mario must bring him. Mario will then have five minutes to get that item and meet him at the specified location. If Mario makes it on time, the Radio Contest Toad will reward him with a better item. If he fails in getting the item to him in time, however, the Radio Contest Toad will disgruntledly disappear in a cloud of smoke.

Given Item in Toad Town: Maple Syrup