Underground Switch Star

Underground Switch Star
SM64DS Hazy Maze Cave Star 7.png
Location Hazy Maze Cave
Mission # 7
Game Super Mario 64 DS
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Underground Switch Star is the seventh and final mission of the Hazy Maze Cave, exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS.


From the start of the level, the player needs to take the path on the right and enter the next room. As Wario, the player needs to destroy a Black Brick at the back of the room to uncover the Star Switch. Once the Star Switch is pressed, the Power Star appears in the Star Sphere on the opposite side of the room, on top of the ledge with the pole that leads to the upper area. The player then has to reach the Power Star in time, using either Mario's Wall Kick or Luigi's Backward Somersault/scuttle, in order to collect it.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ちていの スイッチスター
Chitei no Suicchi Sutā
Underground Switch Star

Chinese 地下的开关星星[1]
Dìxià lǐ de Kāiguān Xīngxīng
Underground Switch Star

French Étoile souterraine
Underground Star
German Ein Stern im Untergrund
A Star in the Underground
Italian Interruttore sotterraneo
Underground switch
Korean 동굴의스위치스타
Donggul ui seuwichi seuta
Switch Star of the Cave

Spanish El interruptor bajo tierra
The Underground Switch


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