Timber's Island

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Timber's Island
Map of Timber's Island
Full map in Diddy Kong Racing DS
First appearance Diddy Kong Racing
Latest appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS
Ruler Timber's parents
Inhabitants Taj
Diddy Kong flying in his plane in the center of Timber's Island in Diddy Kong Racing
Diddy Kong flying his plane in the center area of Timber's Island, facing the Wizpig head, in Diddy Kong Racing

Timber's Island[1][2] is the island where Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS take place; it also serves as the hub area for both games. The island is governed and owned by Timber's parents,[3] and it has a magical protector named Taj.

In Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS, Timber's parents leave for a vacation to Kong Country and leave him temporarily in charge. During Timber's brief rule over the island, Wizpig attempts to conquer it. During the game(s), the racers try to stop Wizpig from taking complete control over the island.

Timber's Island hosts many environments, including a prehistoric valley, a beach, an arctic area, and a medieval village. Each area has a path connecting to the central area of the island. The central area has a head of Wizpig sculpted out of rock. When the player collects all pieces of the Wizpig amulet, the player can go into the opened mouth of the head, where the first race against Wizpig takes place.

In the DS remake, Timber's Island features more trees and bushes, Taj's tent, and a small beach near where the northern waterfall flows down. Nearby is a carved picture of a balloon on the stone wall. A set of sliding fenced slopes is added in the entrance to Snowflake Mountain where a frozen Golden Balloon sits on the top. The starting line has been changed from solid red to checkered red and yellow. The entrance to Dragon Forest has a secret path that leads to the beach where the Trophy Race billboard stands. There is also a cave that leads to the secret door with a carved face of Wizpig on it.


Timber's Island consists of four zones, each hosting four racetracks. Each zone has its own environment and an overseer native to that environment. The overseer is the boss of the zone, and the player can race them once they clear every racetrack in a zone.

  • Dino Domain – a prehistoric area with dinosaurs and a wild volcano course
  • Snowflake Mountain – a snow-covered area with mountains and snowy villages
  • Sherbet Island – an aquatic-themed area based on a smaller island near Timber's Island
  • Dragon Forest – a medieval-themed town and adjacent forest
  • Future Fun Land – an area that is not a part of the island; the player can access the area after a rocketship disguised as a lighthouse blasts off




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