Mole to Goal Returns

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Mole to Goal Returns
Mario and Monty Mole in Mole to Goal Returns
“Let Monty Mole onto the lift, and get him to the goal.”
In-game description

Mole to Goal Returns is a Special Challenge from New Super Mario Bros. U. It is a "sequel" and a harder version of the previous challenge, Mole to Goal.


Mole to Goal Returns is set in the Magma River Cruise level from the main game. Here, just like in Mole to Goal, Small Mario must keep the Monty Mole on the Limited Lift until reaching the end of the level. To do so, the player must at all costs avoid defeating it or letting it fall off the Limited Lift. Along the way there are Magmaws, Mini Goombas and Buzzy Beetles to hinder the player from progressing.




  • Gold Medal: Clear!
  • Silver Medal: -
  • Bronze Medal: -

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese わたしを ゴールに連れてって! リターンズ!
Watashi o Gōru ni Tsuretette! Ritānzu!
Take me to the Goal! Returns!

Chinese (simplified) 再次!带我去终点!
Zàicì! Dài wǒ qù Zhōngdiǎn!
Once Again! Take me to the Goal!

Chinese (traditional) 再一次!帶我到終點!
Zàiyícì! Dài wǒ dào Zhōngdiǎn!
Once Again! Take me to the Goal!

Italian Tantatalpa fino in fondo...di nuovo
Monty Mole until the end... again
Korean 나를 골로 데려가 줘! 리턴즈!
Nareul Gollo Deryeoga Jwo! Riteonjeu!
Take Me To The Goal! Returns!

Spanish (NOA) El regreso de Monty
Monty's Return
Spanish (NOE) ¡Tanto monta, Monty tanto!
Pun on the expression tanto monta, monta tanto meaning "to be neck and neck", Monty Mole and the verb montar (to get on a vehicle, in this case a lift)