Bubbler the Octopus

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"Bubbler" redirects here. For information about the object from the Super Mario series, see Bubbler (object).
Bubbler the Octopus
Artwork from Diddy Kong Racing DS
Species Octopus
First appearance Diddy Kong Racing (1997)
Latest appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS (2007)
Latest portrayal Kevin Bayliss (1997)[1]
Diddy Kong racing Bulbber in Diddy Kong Racing

Bubbler the Octopus is a large red octopus that appears in Diddy Kong Racing. His eyes are yellow with green irises and black pupils. Bubbler is the boss of Sherbet Island and the third boss overall. His voice sounds garbled and very bubbly, hence his name.

In the game, Bubbler was brainwashed by the evil alien Wizpig into becoming one of his lieutenants, and entrusted with a portion of his amulet. Bubbler only allows a player to race him if they manage to beat all the challenges in Sherbet Island. Bubbler drops aquatic mines to trip his opponent. The racer can fire missiles from a Weapon Balloon to slow him down. When the racer wins against Bubbler, he challenges them to complete the Silver Coin challenges.

After beating the Silver Coin challenges, the player is given the chance to have a rematch against Bubbler. This race is more challenging, as Bubbler now moves faster and drops bubbles that encapsulate the player and prevent him or her from moving. Once again, Bubbler is defeated and this time he breaks free of Wizpig's control permanently. As thanks for freeing him, Bubbler gives his opponent the piece of the Wizpig amulet he was guarding. Oddly, Bubbler is the only character in the game not to appear in the cinematic ending.

Bubbler is also a boss in Diddy Kong Racing DS, where his voice sounds more menacing. Although his appearance is relatively unchanged from the Nintendo 64 version, Bubbler is much harder to beat during the rematch than in the original game. Unlike the original, he appears with all the other bosses in the ending after Wizpig's second defeat.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タコ


  • Bubbler is referenced in the Rare game Perfect Dark Zero, where his name is one of the many that can be randomly attributed to bots in offline multiplayer games.