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Issue XLVIII March 19th, 2011 About

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Director's Notes

Hello, 'Shroomers. This would be the second issue that I have directed the paper so far. This issue is pretty good, but there are some problems I would like to address in my notes. I also have some updates on some of the projects that are being worked on by the Core Staff.

The first problem I need to address is for the writers: to further explain, it is about who you need to send your sections to. I found this to be an issue when I look at my Forum Inbox this morning and found that I had sections that 2257 had not received. This is a problem because 2257 is the one who checks through every section and makes sure that they have proper grammar, coding, and are overall presentable. When some sections are sent to me, and not to him, they end up getting lost in my inbox and I end up having to hunt them down, which slows down the process of releasing the new issue. I then have to check the sections that he was not able to check, which slows down the process even further. I did not address this before (even though it happened when we were receiving sections for the February issue) because it was very minimal. However, I had about five sections I had to search for in my inbox when I saw that 2257 did not get them. So please, writers, be sure to send all of your sections to 2257 on (or before) the day that it is due so that checking through them and posting them up is not a hassle.

The second problem is that a section or two that were received contained jokes that are not acceptable. Please use your common sense as to what is acceptable on this paper. I will not stand to see this paper contain vile and disturbing jokes or statements. To further the seriousness of this matter: any writer that sends in a section with such content will be immediately terminated from their position. No exceptions will be made for anybody.

Now that I have addressed the problems, I will go ahead and make an announcement about the status of the Section of the Month: it is coming very soon. I believe that the Core Staff has everything sorted out regarding the process of selection and what the qualifications for the honor are. That said, this project will start up during the May 2011 issue. In Issue L, the Section of the Month for the previous issue at that point (April 2011, which just happens to be the next issue coming out) will be announced. So be sure to make next month's sections some of the best that you have ever made and be sure to turn them in on time, writers. Only one can be the first, so it will be tough competition!

Throughout the next month, I will go out and try to get some new additions to our affiliates. As I stated last month, the Core Staff created a list of organizations and websites that we can affiliate with. We were busy with what I will talk about in the next paragraph, so I was not able to find the time to go out and negotiate with our potential affiliates. I will be able to do so after this issue and will make an announcement next month on what will have been achieved at that point.

I will address 'Shroom Awards II, but would first like to make a general announcement on behalf of the Awards Committee: the Awards process has started! Earlier this month, the Awards Committee started forming, and discussion about the ceremonies later this year has begun. Meetings have also begun, so be sure to attend meetings every Friday to help shape the ceremonies! The Core Staff drew up a list of awards for 'Shroom Awards II, which will be presented to the Awards staff soon. Ten awards were created in hopes of expanding this year's ceremony from the five awards last year. I will do my best to push for a ten-award 'Shroom Awards II, and will do my best to work with the Awards Committee and Core 'Shroom Staff to make this possible.

Planning for Issue L will also begin immediately. I hope to be able to plan as many fun events, contests, and projects as possible. One thing mentioned earlier is the launch of the Section of the Month process. Another project that will definitely be included is the Feedback Survey I love talking about so much. If anybody has ideas, please feel free to send them in to me! I'll post them up for the rest of the staff to consider. I want Issue L to be the best and funnest issue in all of 'Shroom-history, and I will be happy to see it happen.

An update on the applications: we have gone through most applications and have either accepted or denied them. There are only one or two left with unsure status, which we will definitely come to a decision on soon. I would like to see more users join the team, so I will recommend all readers that are interested in picking up a section to write to go on over to the sign up page to see if there are any positions you would like to write. If you are interested, follow the steps for joining listed on that page.

As you all can see, the background color changed from blue mushrooms to green mushrooms this month. Some may know why this change has occurred, while some others may not. For those who do not know, every three months we will usually change backgrounds to fit the seasons. Now, there are some exceptions to this (like when there is a Special Issue; we will use a silver background as opposed to the normal seasonal background), but the changes are overall consistently every three months. Our seasonal background colors are blue for winter, green for spring, red for summer, and orange for autumn. It is not too big and overly noticeable of a change, but the staff feels that it gives a nice, small, and simple change every few months.

Overall, I am again pleased with the work and effort put in by our writers and Core Staff: the March issue was certainly not a disappointment. I look forward to praising my writers and staff again, along with making my other announcements, next month when the issue comes out on April 16th, 2011. Again, writers, be sure to submit your best sections on (or before) the release date announced in the next {{Shroomwarning}} sent out! You very well could receive the first Section of the Month honor!

Until next month,

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Fake News


Greetings, and welcome to the March issue of the Fake News.

I don’t know if there’s anything significant to say about this month, although I will likely end up writing a long rant regardless. There will be no Fake Games in this issue, but I was promised it will return in the next. An issue has popped up, requiring this month’s cooking guide to be canceled. No Ask ’3K this month either, due to a shortage of questions. Rage!

Wait, I just remembered that there is something to talk about. Starting this month I will engage in a little experiment. For the time being there will be a new section in the Fake News called “Fake Report”. It will deal with newspaper articles, reporting about fictional events in the Mushroom World. This will be a freelance section, meaning you don’t need to sign up for it. If you want to participate, write a nice report and send it to me on our Forums. If it meets the requirements it will be featured in the next issue of the ’Shroom (with your name on it). Your report can be about anything, but it must meet three basic points: Your report should be…

  • …related to the Mario series somehow
  • …adequately written and in report style
  • …tasteful and interesting.

And that’s all there is to it. If you ever thought about writing something for the ’Shroom, but were intimidated by having to sign up for a long‐term position, this is your chance. Just drop me a PM.

This is an experimental section. Depending on reader interest, reception, and quality, it might or might not become a future staple of the Fake News. You can help improve the newspaper‐feel of the ’Shroom by participating.

Thank you very much.

Fake Report

Written by: Edofenrir (talk)

A terrible tragedy occurred at afternoon on the 10th March at Sirena Beach on Isle Delfino. The famous four star establishment and tourist attraction, Hotel Delfino, suffered one of the largest fires in eleven years. The fire was apparently started around noon by a yet to be determined arsonist. An improvised rescue team consisting of a Pianta janitor (32), some guy waiting in front of the restroom (35) , and a Noki daring his girlfriend to say “Pizza” ten times fast (19) was quickly formed and managed to get almost everyone in the lobby out of the building before the fire got worse. One infuriated woman (24) refused to be rescued, screaming “This is the ladies room, get outta here you creeps!” and throwing burning toilet paper rolls. After a few hours, the flames activated the hotel’s security system and it promptly secured the stairs. Unfortunately, all the security system secured was a fiery demise for everyone in the second and third floors, as the large shutters blocked the main escape routes. Fire fighters were finally able to reach the building near evening, when the flames had already engulfed the building. When confronted with the fact of their late arrival, the fire chief (34) said: “I am very sorry for the delay, but the Warp Pipe in Delfino Plaza only lets us come here at sunset. Now please let us do our job.” The fire fighters then solved the fire problem like every Pianta solves a problem: Picking it up and throwing it away.

The Hotel Manager, struggling to deal with this terrible turn of events.

We at the ’Shroom interviewed a few of the guests to learn how they experienced these unfortunate events. Most people saw the fire as a minor inconvenience, but were ultimately glad that no plumbers suddenly came jumping through paintings while they were preparing to take a bath. One custodial worker asked why there couldn’t have been any people with water sprayers around, which earned him some weird looks. Then there was an eye‐witness that claimed to have seen and heard the possible perpetrator in this crime. The witness’s report states that, around the time the fire started, two individuals could be heard arguing loudly over famous Mushroom Kingdom hero Mario. Their exchange was summarized as one saying “That one scene in Sunshine where Mario is worried for FLUDD is AN ACTUAL EMOTION!!!”, and the other one responding with “No! No way!! Stop telling lies, I might set this hotel on fire!!!”. When further questioned about this incident, the witness said “Well, one of them sorta had two legs.”. Fifty‐three possible suspects that matched that description were arrested on the spot and will face trials before Isle Delfino’s infallible judicial system.

We also asked the Hotel Manager (52) for a statement concerning the incident. The dignified Pianta said: “This was a tragic episode in the grand story of our formidable hotel, but we need to look forward and make the best of it. And the way I see it, the best way to do that is to turn this into an inflated event. From now on we will give out fun fire merchandise! Shirts that read ‘I stayed at Hotel Delfino and was not burned to a crisp!’ This is a great business opportunity! Come! Come visit Hotel Delfino, where certain doom may await you in case of an emergency, but we will make sure to make your last hours count!”

Fake TV

Written by: MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

FakeTV 001.png

A brand‐new drama will soon be coming to the screens of the Mushroom Kingdom. This new show is currently known as Toad’s Turnpike and is set to debut this spring on MushTV1.

The show is concerning many events that happen on this busy motorway; convicted criminals and Waluigi regularly take refuge on this road, and soon begin bugging the citizens that lived in a housing estate beside the turnpike. And so, crime has gone up in the area.

In the pilot episode, a convict beats up a young Toad in the dead of the night, and then blackmails him into giving him money. The police get involved soon, but cannot possibly stop all the traffic on the turnpike. Meanwhile, Waluigi invites Wario over for dinner, when he suddenly is stopped by the police for speeding. While Waluigi crosses the turnpike, in hope of finding Wario, he narrowly avoids being run over. However, this causes a massive car crash, and Waluigi tries to save people from the wreck. The police soon find out more about the convict, enough to chase him down. But the car crash holds them up, just as he strikes again.

In short, a lot of action happens in this 30‐minute show. Quite too much to be like real life, but we all like excitement in our life, right?


Oh well, see you next month.

Fake Sports

Written by: Ralphfan (talk)

The awards ceremony. Waluigi’s nose was too hard to draw.

The Mushroom Ping‐Pong tournament was held last week. A thrilling tournament’s first matches saw the heavily favored DK and Yoshi fall. The final four players were Waluigi, Mario, Wario and some guy named Gunther. Gunther defeated Wario, and Waluigi came from behind to defeat Wario. Mario then obliterated Wario to win third place. In the best‐of‐seven championship match, Gunther won two of the first three sets and led 9‐2 in the fourth set, but Waluigi came back to win the fourth set and tie the match, shouting, “WALUIGI TIME!” all the while and using his crotch chop to celebrate after each point. He then took the first two points of the fifth set, but Gunther then began bouncing shots off of Waluigi’s enormous nose. Using this weakness, Gunther continuously hit the poor mucus‐covered ball off of the table so that it would hit Waluigi’s nostrils again and again. He won the fifth set 11‐3 and the sixth 11‐4 to win the championship. I then interviewed him following the victory.

Ralph: First of all, congratulations. There’s a question many people have been asking and we’re just dying to know the answer. Who are you?
Gunther: Screw you, I’m Gunther!

That’s all for this month. See you next month with more of Gunther’s adventures!


Written by: Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Time for the next interview of the year! Yawn… I’m just annoyed thinking that I have to reveal my name. If you don’t know it by now, look at the stupid header above and read below that says “by <noinclude>{{User|INSERT NAME}}</noinclude>”! Well, before I get into a rant, lets deal with our guest. Its a fiery figure that has burned Mario in the Paper Mario series quite often. Give it up for the Fire Bubble!

BMB: Welcome.

Fire Bubble: Should I sit down.

BMB: Hmmm… I really don’t care about damage, Edo is the one that pays for any catastrophes, so go ahead.

*Burns chair*

Fire Bubble: Whoops, sorry, I guess that is why I float.

BMB: Yeah… well, lets get this thing going before my director finds out. So why do you hate Mario?

Fire Bubble: Isn’t it obvious? I don’t hate him, I just dislike all living things because I’m stuck haunting the Mushroom Kingdom! Bowser is not my boss!

BMB: Well, it seems you have a lot to flare about.

Fire Bubble: Yes, and only Podoboos follow Bowser’s orders.

BMB: But… according to some users, you are a Podoboo.

Fire Bubble: WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! If I ever see that guy, I’ll burn him until he is nothing but nothing! I’m NOT a Podoboo!!!

BMB: Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll straighten it out soon.

Fire Bubble: It’s like calling a Spiny and a Buzzy Beetle the same! Ugh, now my day is ruined.

BMB: Sorry that I mentioned it. Maybe I should end this early then.

Fire Bubble: No no, don’t. I’ll deal with it later.

BMB: Ahem, alright then, let’s get back to business. So you have evil eyes all the time, why is that, besides the obvious reason?

Fire Bubble: Don’t ask me, ask whoever designed me! I’m actually a easygoing guy. Just [ask] the Embers, they know how kind I am.

BMB: Are you the kind of nice person that bakes stuff!?!

Fire Bubble: Actually, yes I am!

BMB: Oh, I’ll have to talk to you afterwards about this other section I do in the Fake News. But before we get sidetracked, what was your life before [you became] a Fire Bubble?

Fire Bubble: Believe it or not, I used to be a Toad.

BMB: No!

Fire Bubble: Yes!

BMB: Wow, I feel for you, stuck doing stuff for the Princess and the plumbers, and then dealing with the evil Koopa King. Explains a lot.

Fire Bubble: Free labor is what all the Toads don’t realize until poof, we turn into ghosts.

BMB: Well, I’m getting tired, and my Edo‐senses are going off, so I think we should wrap this up.

Fire Bubble: Good idea, I don’t really have much left to say either.

BMB: Alright then, so this is BMB signing off—



*Everyone screams and runs away*

BMB: See you next time!

Edo: BMB!

BMB: Gulp

Fake Characters

Written by: DyegoHalliwell IceMario12 (talk)

Hola everyone Here, in the worst month ever (school), it’s DyegoHalliwell with Fake Characters *the crowd cheers* of March! *the crowd is silent* This is my 6th month here, which makes it a half year. Anyway, here are my characters. I hope you like them, and comment on them in the topic that will be created on the forums =)

Hyper Sadguy

Hyper Sadguy.

From the next (stupidly funny) Mario Party, the best character ever, with the worst attitude ever, Hyper Sadguy! He was a common Shy Guy 5 years ago, when the world looked smart, but boring. Coincidentally, this same month, he was attacked by a random monkey, who left his face so horrible that he had to purchase a mask. But everything started to go wrong. There were too many Shy Guys being born, leaving the Mask Shop almost empty. The only thing left was a sad mask which was never purchased, because anyone who wears it will be cursed with sadness and a full live of misery— I mean, a life full of misery. He had to cover his face with that, and later, his life become what I mentioned before; everyone laughed at him in slow motion, because they were all fat (thanks to KFC: All you can eat). Years later, a giant factory full of mutant water supernaturally made him drown, and upgraded him—

Manager: He was demoted… Me: Why do you always have to create problems for me, go straight to hell! (grabs gun and shoots the manager)

―I mean, demoted him to Hyper. Now he serves as “the village idiot” in a Secret stage of the game.



Klaffenger is an enemy imported from the DKC series games. He’s demented, as he’s always hanging on a chain made of plasticine that seems like a real rope. As you may have noticed, he’s addicted (to what? I don’t know. Ask T.J. Toad) and has become something like a chameleon Kremling. He has been cursed with the power of Shapeshifting, which activates in the less expected moments. Ex: When he tries to fly, the power activates and he becomes a man in flames, which automatically kills him… So yes, he’s dead now. And in the future, we will remember him as a demented person whose dream was to be killed by the mafia, during a marathon of some boring DC movie, during a full moon.

Written by: MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

FakeChar 001.png

A recent pop star has been sweeping across the Mushroom Kingdom. Some love him, while some hate him. He goes by the name of Justin Birdo. He is especially hated on the internet, where some people even doubt he is a man.

I’m told not to be biased here, so I’ll remove all bias from this paragraph:

Ok done.

His best selling (and most disliked) song is entitled “Gravy”, and is addressing his favorite… uh… whatever gravy is. He is apparently loved among many girls. He was born in Subcon, which really calls into question whether he actually exists, as subcon is the dream world. He looks like a teenage girl with a Birdo head.

Justin Birdo is able to bend time with his singing, which, sadly for him, does absolutely nothing.

Well, that’s all I have to say on the matter. Nintendo has banned him from appearing in any games, so we are lucky… for now. Thank you for reading this.

Fake Music

Written by: DyegoHalliwell IceMario12 (talk)

Hi everyone, this is DyegoHalliwell, bringin' back this section to life!. This month I’ll show you a randomly chosen Top 10 of the newest and oldest songs. Brought to you by The Wegeee Company.

1. Brick Block – Peachanna Ft. Jay‐Toad

  • Explanation: Brick Block is a song that is about a past affair between Peach and a random Toad. They say they were doing a parody of Umbrella, but we know that’s not true at all. In this song, Peach tells Jay to go away, but he can break his head on a brick block of her own every day.

2. I Don’t Have to Stomp – Whomp Lavigne

    • This song is about a selfish Whomp, who thinks everyone follows him, and he ‘doesn’t have to stomp’ to do anything, or get followers. Note: T.J. Toad and his mafia are forcing me to say this: this is an unofficial parody of “I don’t have to try”, Rights reserved by the guy who’s about to kill me.

3. Gives You Quizz – The All‐Chuck Quizmo Rejects

    • A hilarious song about how much Chuck Quizmo likes when people get his quizzes wrong.

4. How Old Is Now? – The Toadsworths

    • A sad song about the oldness of Toadsworth, who never gets a girl to like him, and that the way it happens leads him to work with the Mafia.

5. My Saddy Ending – Bowser and the Koopaling Band

    • A simple and repetitive song about how many times Mario has beaten Bowser and his sons. It implies that Bowser enjoys this.

6. Dizzy – Daisykira Ft. Items Rascal

    • A latino song that basically says that Daisy is loca loca loca for Luigi. For copyright‐related reasons, she changed the chorus saying to say “And I’m dizzy but you like it, Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy”.

7. 4 1‐UPs – Mariodonna ft. ’Shroom Timberlake

    • This song is about Mario dying in all of his adventures, and how he badly needs 1‐UPs. Also, in some way it could be taken as 4 1‐Ups to Save the World

8. She Goomba – Roshakira

    • This song is about Rosalina telling us how many times Mario has stomped the she‐Goomba. She finally sets herself free and asks him out.

9. Love the Way you Jump – Luigiminem ft Peachanna

    • A simple song about Luigi and Peach loving how Mario jumps. Also it tells us how Mario bullies his enemies, and that the places he visits end burned up.

10. Whoever, Whatever – Birdo and the Yoshi Experience

    • The only song that dares to talk about Birdo and Yoshi’s appearant romance. It states that no matter where, who or what they are, they will be together.

I hope you all like it. Due to budget cuts, the Mafia has told me to pay them like this This was the Music of Tomorrow, Today! See you next month, with T.J. Halliwell’s review of the songs! Rights reserved to TJ‐Toad’s mafia, 2011–12.

Fake Ads

Written by: Gamefreak75 (talk)

Eating this candy was a stupid idea…

Hello faithful customers.

Tired of all those morons stealing your coins? Need something to give you a jolt of energy in the morning? Then I’ve got the product just for you.

*pulls out a bag*

It’s some Cashzap Candy! Why do I carry a bag of candy around with me? Well, you see…

<_< >_>

I’m not comfortable answering that question. Anyways, back to the product. These small, but powerful candies electrify your body and allow you to cast thunderbolts on those who oppose you. They give your tongue a tingling sensation of lemon. You’ll be quite a shocker when you eat these treats.

These will give you quick jolt of energy in the morning, no matter how hard your night was, be it busy stompin’ Goombas, playing dodgeball, or just being lazy as usual.

Power outage? No problem. Eat one of these and become your own battery.

Someone stole you money? Fry them to a fritter after you eat this. Get your money back and THEIR money as well. That is… if you didn’t fry it…

It is recommended you do not come into physical contact with anyone for 24 hours after ingesting a Cashzap Candy. It is also recommended that you are not near any outlets or electrical devices either.

Side effects of Cashzap Candy are quite shocking; too shocking to go into detail about, frankly.

Each piece is worth 35 coins. Hurry up and get it.

Fake Shop

by Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Come one, come all! Welcome to my shop review, where I review shops from all across the land! This month, I am reviewing The Koopa Shell Emporium! Seemingly, it is a new store set up by a family of shell‐collecting Koopas. It is a local store in Petalburg. Here is what their brochure has to say about the store:

Welcome to The Koopa Shell Emporium, a newly opened family operated business. From brand‐new shells, to carefully preserved older shells, our store has much to offer to other Koopa Shell collectors. We invite you to come in today to check out what’s in stock! You could very well find the shell you’ve been waiting to find for years. Come today!

So, they seem to be selling shells old and new alike, all in good quality… But that’s only what they say. First, here’s a chart of their items. Here’s what they sell at their store, a picture of the product, what the prices are, as well as a description being included.

Item Item Name Cost Description
Artwork of a Green Shell, from Mario Kart Wii.
Green Shell
50 coins
A generic green shell.
Artwork of a Red Shell, from Mario Kart Wii.
Red Shell
60 coins
A red shell. Can home in on enemies if thrown at them. Is said to have magical powers that prevent people from jumping off of ledges.
A Blue Shell.
Blue Shell
100 coins
A shell that is generally used by humans to do things that only Koopas can naturally do.
Artwork of a Spiny Shell, from Mario Kart Wii.
Blue Spiny Shell
200 coins
Can home in on people that always come out as winners…
Yellow Shell.png
Yellow Shell
200 coins
An old collectible.
Black Shell
100 coins
Spiny Shell
Spiny Shell
70 coins
It’s spiky.

In a product review survey, 98% of customers have said that they are pleased with the items that they have purchased. 99% of customers survey were at least happy with the store’s service and attitude towards customers. 92% of customers have said that they plan on returning to the store in the future to make more purchases.

Seemingly, this store has become very popular among its shoppers and has a good record so far. So why don’t you come down to The Koopa Shell Emporium today and try out their products?

Fun Stuff

Director Notes

by Gamefreak75 (talk)

Nothing much to say here, to be honest. I encourage you to sign up for Fun Stuff. If you want to, that is.

Mystery Images

by Tucayo (talk)

pinchley.png cortez.png denpu.png buzzybeetle.png popple.png



Written by: Mario Fan 123 (talk)

MC Ballyhoo and Big Top

Hey there! It’s‐a me again! This month, we are celebrating Carnival here in Brazil, so why not have some fancy Mario Party 8 trivia? Let’s begin.

Did you know…

  • That Mario Party 8 is the first Mario Party game without Koopa Kid (known as Mini‐Bowser in PAL regions)?
  • That MC Ballyhoo breaks the fourth wall during the Star Battle Arena when he says “But wait! We have YOU!”?
  • That Mario Party 8 sold 314,000 units in the United States in three days, making it the best‐selling home console game in the country that month?
  • That the microgame Paint Misbehavin’ is a pun on the song Ain’t Misbehavin’?
  • That when any character puts on the Bowser suit after using a Bowser Candy, it has eyes that look very similar to Bowser Jr.’s?

See ya all next month! Easter… That reminds me of a puzzle.


by Fawfulfury65 (talk) Welcome to this month’s quiz, featuring questions from several different games!

  1. Which move can Ms. Mowz use in Paper Mario: The Thousand‐Year Door to steal items or badges from enemies?
  2. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, what is the second galaxy that Mario can find a Dash Pepper in?
  3. What is the name of Donkey Kong’s Super Strike in Mario Smash Football?
  4. Who is the boss of level 3‐8 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island?
  5. How many coins must the player pay in the Mushroom Shop of Mario Party to purchase the board map, Bowser’s Magma Mountain?
  6. Who is the boss of the Lemon Kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat?
  7. What is the name of the bird in Donkey Kong Country 3 that always flies parallel to the Kongs?
  8. The attack, Arrow Rain, is used by what enemy in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars?
  9. What is the name of the Mario Party 3 minigame that involves the player pounding on drums to copy the beat of the Shy Guys?
  10. What is the name of the third boss in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and where is it found?

Guess Who

by Reversinator (talk)

Hellooooooo readers of The ’Shroom! This is Reversinator, presenting Guess Who for the second time! Just wanted to say I’m glad to be a part of the Shroom and I’m glad to be writing this section. So, let me ask all of you a question: can you guess who these people are?

Number one:

  • I am from a sub‐series
  • I’m a huge fan of games
  • I’m friends with a guy that occasionally cons me, though I don’t get mad
  • My name gives my age
  • I’m almost never seen without my P2.

Number two:

  • I am from an RPG
  • I live in a foreign country
  • I own an area where people can go to another location
  • I’ve seen Mario and Luigi in person
  • I have a trusty green dog

Find the Difference

by Count Bonsula (talk)

Original: [1]




Hiding Koopa

By General bob-omb (talk)
Wait… I don’t remember that in the game.



Mind Bogglers

by Papero (talk)

A postman's job is never done.



Music & Artwork

Director’s Notes

Hello and welcome to the Music & Artwork section of the ’Shroom! I don’t have too much to say this month, except that I would like to welcome SimeaMorgana (talk), who is now writing for Music Factoid, to the team. Good luck!

A few writers have also been fired over this month. Hatena Kid (talk), JF (talk), and Paper Pikachu (talk) have all lost their positions, leaving Soundtrack of the Month, Character Artwork of the Month, and Box‐Art of the Month open. Make sure you contact me as soon as possible if you want a job so we can see if you can write.

Well, that seems to be about it. Read on!

Screenshot of the Month (Fawfulfury65)


Hello everyone and welcome to this month’s Screenshot of the Month! I chose a screenshot from Super Mario 64 for this month, just because this one caught my eye and seemed very nice. It features Mario in an awesome jumping pose in the very center of the picture as he travels through Jolly Roger Bay. Not only is the image pretty big, but it’s also very high quality and bright it brings back some good memories. Well, that’s all for this month. Make sure you tune into the Screenshot of the Month next month for more great screenshots.

Music Factoid (SimeaMorgana)

It’s‐a me, Simea Morgana

I’m glad I got this job and I will show you my moves! my very first article.

We’re going back to the origin of all Mario games, the ’80s! To a time when video game music wasn’t performed by live orchestras, but MIDI files with 2 or 3 channels! But because of their simplicity, they became famous, they were memorized, they became the classic music pieces in video game history! The most famous are those from Super Mario Bros.!

Various remixes of these themes appeared in the following years. Despite their simplicity, they create the atmosphere they set out to create: The beginning of a great adventure, traveling through the underground, swimming in deep seas, a hectic rush, power. At the beginning of the game’s development, a prototype simply showing Mario jumping in a black area was created. Koji Kondo, the composer of the game’s music, was shown this demo. Koji Kondo created a fitting theme. As the game progressed, he realized that it didn’t fit and increased the speed. The music music only consists of three channels: Bass, Drum and the melody channel. Thus when a sound is played that doesn’t belong to the music, it uses the melody channel and the main melody will be turned off for a second.

Overall, this is expertly rendered music from a master composer! Hope you’ve enjoyed this article!

A small ‘extra’ I wanted to include:


Sprite of the Month (FunkyK38)

For this month’s Sprite of the Month, it’s a familiar green villain: Fawful from Superstar Saga! This little sprite is from Fawful’s early days, back when he was working for Cackletta and running his shop, before he got his own starring role in Bowser’s Inside Story.

Random Image of the Month (Ralphfan)

Bouncy Maze.PNG

This picture is a scene from the Bouncy Maze in Yoshi’s Island DS. The maze is an unlockable minigame in which Yoshi must move through the Bouncies as fast as possible. A Hard Mode, which includes a narrow path, can be unlocked by collecting all eight Baby Coins in World 3.

Pipe Plaza

Director's Notes (Marioguy1 (talk))

Hey guys! Welcome to a wonderful month of March! It's time to tell you about a special project I've been working on for a while now. =)

If you're a member of the Pipe Plaza, you will have seen this background before, but if you aren't, I'm proud to say that the Pipe Plaza has a completely new format! It is coming into use this issue and will (hopefully) be used for all later issues. =)

Aside from that, we still have spots open for anyone who wants to join this glorifyingly awesome project! Oh yes, I just remembered, I also created a page about the Pipe Plaza for anyone who wants to know something about the past, present or future of the section. It can be found here!

Now, go on and read the amazing section!

PipeProjects Seeking Contributors (Yoshiwaker (talk))

The newest PipeProject this month is the "Fix up DKC/DKL series levels". Members of this PipeProject will expand more on Donkey Kong Country/Land levels. This PipeProject will also upload and add more pictures to the levels. It also will put pictures from different ports of the games.

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38 (talk))

Tip of the Month: When uploading an image, use a name that's easy for everyone to use. For example, if you're doing one of Luigi from Superstar Saga, use something like "Luigi SS 1" It should be relevant to your image and the game it's from.

Forum Update (Ralphfan (talk))

Hello again, Wikians and Forumites! (Oh, cool, I made up a new word.) This section is a bit shorter this month since our lovely forum staff created a name change log to do my job for me make things less complicated for the users now that people have the ability to change their own names on the forum. (To do this, go to Profile --> Account Related Settings.) Anyway, on to the news!


  • Multiple users have changed their minds about leaving the forums forever and have decided to be reasonable and use the site on moderation!

Mafia Games

  • Villain's Witch Hunt was canceled due to inactivity.
  • The Mafia won my Mafia All-Star Game.
  • The Mafia won QuizmoManiac's M&L:SS Mafia even though I died. Great job, guys, and thanks to Lily x for empowering Gamefreak!
  • Gamefreak75, the Lizard, and the Papers, won Mijzelffan's Rock, Paper, Scissors Mafia.
  • I can't really understand who won Shyguy's game.
  • Shyguy27, the Smoke Monster, won Stooben's Lost Mafia.
  • The Mafia won Becquerel's Amazing Mafia.
  • NSM's BiS Mafia has begun.
  • Villain's Random Mafia is about to begin.

Mario Calendar (WigglerWhoopin'Warrior135 (talk))

Upcoming Games (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Welcome, readers, to another issue of Upcoming Games! Paper Yoshi is here to cover some fresh news from San Francisco, the announcement all (at least the majority of) Mario fans were waiting for: a Super Mario game for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS!

Pics for next Mario 3DS game
Screenshots shown at GDP 2011
Not much was revealed by Nintendo of Japan's president, Satoru Iwata, aside from a few details. Super Mario (temporary title) is a 3-D platformer featuring elements from sidescrolling Mario series' platformers. ? Blocks, Brick Blocks and Small Mario, classic elements from the Super Mario Bros. series, appear in a screenshot of the game. Other screenshots show three levels: one has rotating multi-colored blocks, another has "elevator blocks" and the last one is similar to common early levels, such as World 1-1 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

More will be revealed at this year's E3, according to Iwata, including the feature referenced by a tail coming off the letter "O" in the logo, which resembles Raccoon Mario's tail.

I apologize for this very short section, but that really is all we know about Super Mario for the 3DS. On the next issue, we'll check the other Mario 3DS games: Mario Kart and Paper Mario.

NIWA News (RAP (talk))

Morning, afternoon, and evening Super Mario Wikians! This is RAP (talk) with the NIWA News. Activity surrounding the organization is pretty decent, but there are no new pieces of news with the exception of these very two:

  • Star Fox Wiki is about to celebrate it's first birthday at the 23 of Feburary. The wiki is currently in stage 3 regarding the merger with Arwingpedia; it currently has 144 articles, and 950 files.
  • And some sad news; Joshua Paul LeJeune, also known as Axiomist has died in Friday - March 19, 2011. He has been known for helping all aspects of NIWA from the start to going forward, being the founder of Wikirby, a former staff member at ZeldaWiki, and helping Metroid Wiki. Such news has been reported on ZeldaInformer, and Bulbapedia. We will miss you dude.

Apologies for the short section, but that's all I have right now. Until next month, I'll see you later.

Featured (Marioguy1 (talk))

Welcome to Featured! I’m typing this in a rush so I won’t take a long time to tell you that only one nomination came through this month. I won’t slow down when I tell you that the nomination was to unfeature Kirby and I won’t reduce my speed while telling you that it failed!

So that’s all for my section, and for this month's Pipe Plaza, goodbye until next month! Has anyone realized that my sections are getting shorter every month?Marioguy1 (Talk | Contribs) Has anyone realized that my sections are getting shorter every month?

Review Corner

by Ralphfan (talk)

Hey, 'Shroomers! This month, I will be reviewing a wildly popular game that was so popular, it had a similar game come out on the Wii not long after: New Super Mario Bros.! This Nintendo DS game was released in May 2006.


Yes, another Mario game where Peach gets kidnapped. It was slightly interesting this time. I don't recall her castle ever being struck by lightning. The fact that the game doesn't really have a plot and just uses the same "Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser" story shows just how great the game is. People don't even complain about a plot they've used in virtually every game.


The 3D effects are great. Unfortunately, they're so precise that even touching an enemy in the slightest way will cause damage or death, something people like me that suck at video games hate. On the bright side of things, all eight levels are exciting and introduce lots of new enemies, such as Moneybags and Snailicorns. These levels include lots of hidden secrets (but unfortunately, no keys and keyholes for the SMW lovers). The game also introduces Dry Bowser because Mario defeats Bowser in World 1 and Bowser falls into a pit of lava. The lava burns off Bowser's skin, creating Dry Bowser (he's bad to the bone!). The game also features some levels in which you have to go up instead of across the screen. Overall, it's an exciting game to play.


Nintendo did a bang-up job here, and they did even better with the graphics when they moved it to the big screen, er...I guess the Wii would be played on a TV so it would technically be the "bigger screen" in this case.


The good clearly outshines the bad in this game. You've got some great new enemies, new bosses and hidden secrets as well as outstanding graphics. Though this game has a tough learning curve and the same old plot, it's a blast to play. I give it a 9/10.

Entertainment Section

by SKmarioman (talk)

Hello! And welcome to this month's edition of the Entertainment Section. I am your new writer, SKmarioman, and if you have any suggestions that you want me to write about, please PM me on the forums.

This month, I'm going to talk about the Mario parody by Yoshi 1-Up at Newgrounds, SMB: Game Over!

The title is not to be confused by another live-action Mario parody called Mario: Game Over which can be found on YouTube. On Newgrounds, SMB: Game Over is rated E, meaning that it is suitable for everyone.

The story of SMB: Game Over starts off in a land similar to World 1 of the Super Mario All-Stars remake of Super Mario Bros.. Mario is happily walking along when he spots a ? Block and hits it. Mario is surprised to see some sort of green thing come out of it. But when he hits it again it turns out it's just Luigi. The two brothers are staring at each other when ... huh? Where did Luigi go? And why is this Lakitu right in my face? Mario is wondering what just happened when a 1-up Mushroom bops him in the head. Mario looks up to see Luigi running off in the distance, only to be defeated by one of Lakitu's Spinies.

Mario starts the level over when Luigi falls from the sky somehow and destroys the ground, making Mario fall to the sea. Mario is swimming around trying to find a way out when a Blooper starts following him, which Mario doesn't seem to notice. When he finally finds a Pipe to get out, he sees some sort of cloud underwater wink at him. Mario doesn't care and walks on, but when the Blooper sees the cloud, it gets scared and swims away.

OMG Luigi!

Meanwhile Luigi is about to finish the level when he starts fooling around with a Warp Pipe. Bad move. Mario pulls him in and beats him up until he's knocked out. Mario jumps onto the flagpole, but the flag doesn't go down. Mario looks up when Luigi lides down and puts his bottom in his face. Luigi! Mario instantly punches him and Luigi goes flying to the top of the flagpole. Mario finishes the level and the fireworks go off, one of which hits Luigi and makes him fall into the Warp Pipe that leads to the next level.

The next scene is the shortest one of all of them. Luigi goes into the underground and spots a banana by a Warp Pipe. He concentrates on it when it suddenly turns into a spring. Confused, Luigi jumps onto the spring and goes into another pipe into a Bonus Zone. He notices that a picture of him making the V-sign is in the background. "Just what I needed!".

Almost immediately Mario went into the same level Luigi just did. Mario is taking a look around when he suddenly hits an invisible block. The coin that came out somehow hit another invisible block that contained a vine.

Struggling to reach the vine, Mario picks up a banana (which almost instantly turned into a spring) and used it to jump up to the vine. But, the spring wouldn't spring (hey, are springs even suppoesed to do that?). Two Koopa Troopas saw that Mario needed help, so one of them took off their shell (after walking off sceen because Beach Koopas aren't in SMB1, isn't it obvious?) and tossed it into the spring, making it activate. (at last!) But then it turns out the vine didn't even sprout high enough. Then the vine shot up into the sky. "Mamma MiYAAAHHH!"

Soon enough Mario was in Coin Heaven, but, well obvoiusly since the vine was absolutely plummeting into the sky, Mario went flying to who-knows-where.

When Mario landed, he was on the winking cloud that he had seen when he was in the underwater. Scared, he jumped off that cloud and onto the Coin Heaven cloud to go through coin heaven.

Well, I think we'd like to call it just 'Heaven' because there were certainly no coins.

A while later Mario saw the Bros. V-sign image that's in every bonus zone. But... why was Luigi on it? Mario was so digusted that he didn't even realise that he just fell to the ground. He also didn't realise that the winking cloud had just come to do something to that Luigi sign, but, well, don't ask me what happend, I don't know.

The next scene was my favourite one. SLAM! Okay, so Mario fell into the ground when he heard Luigi again. "Yay! Bravo Luigi!" "Huh?" "Wah!" Heh heh, Mario is so sneaky like that, he somehow ended up in Luigi's face in pretty much a second.

Luigi had saved Princess Peach (still in the cage Bowser had put her in) in just that time Mario had been in Coin Heaven. I guess Luigi is sneaky like that too. Well, the Princess sort of had her own ideas too (I think). She pretty much knocked the door of the cage down, squashing Luigi.

Trivia: reference to Super Mario Bros.. Mario is too small for Peach without a Mushroom, so he runs off and gets himself a Super Mushroom. Should have thought about that earlier, shouldn't he.

Leaving Luigi behind, Mario and the Princess run off to her castle. Bowser then comes out of nowhere and kidnaps Luigi! :O

Bowser locks Luigi in the cage and sets of for Bowser's Castle. But he somehow walks into a gap in the bridge, where that winking cloud is there again! :O :O

The cloud somehow locks Bowser in the cage with Luigi, and just when things couldn't possibly get worse, they get worse. Three MORE clouds come to join in with the fun, leaving Bowser and Luigi out of luck for sure.

Mario and Peach are back at the castle, and the Princess gives Mario a kiss and goes inside. Mario stays outside for some reason, and it starts raining. I don't really get this next part, but for some reason Mario just runs into a Warp Pipe, and those all-too familiar words appear on the screen.

Game Over.

Or at least it was for Bowser and Luigi. Heh Heh.

*credits roll* *croud claps and cheers*

So as for my recommendation, check out SMB: Game Over. It's bound to have you laughing for hours!

That's all for this month. Stay tuned for next month's edition of the Entertainment Section!


by New Super Mario (talk)

Hello readers, today we will be interviewing Baby Mario Bloops!
NSM: When did you join the wiki?
BMB: I joined on May 23 of 2009, sometime in the evening.
NSM: Do you have, or had any special rankings in the wiki?
BMB:If only (lol). No I don't, but I'm fine with that; they choose only the best.
NSM: Do you have any positions in The 'Shroom?
BMB:Yes I do, I do the Cooking Guide and Interview in the Fake News section.
NSM: Name some of your hobbies.
BMB:I do Drawing, storywriting (obivously), singing, acting, instrumental music, Marching Band, Student Council, Science Club, and reading.
NSM: Can you play an instrument?
BMB:Yes I can. I play the Flute and Piccolo, which I excel at greatly.
NSM: What do you think The 'Shroom should improve on?
BMB:The format seems to be lacking. I often find it quiet boring to read it like an old article on the MarioWiki; it should really differ from the constant format we see everyday on the MarioWiki!
NSM: What's your favorite food?
BMB:My favorite food would have to be Pizza. Sounds causal, but that's the only thing that I can each whole into my skinning body.
NSM: Thoughts on Mario Sports Mix?
BMB:Sports Mix actually is balanced pretty well, though I feel like the Volleyball takes forever in tournament. The wireless connection with friends is definitely a plus, and there is so much to do in the game that it takes more than a day or two to finish. I love it.
NSM: Thoughts on Paper Mario 3DS?
BMB:DS games don't really have that good of graphics, though I'm a huge fan to the Paper Mario series. Some stuff like the battling seems really different, but hey, I'm really good at catching on.
NSM: Thoughts on Mario Kart 3DS?
BMB:I just hope that the tracks are really fun, and doesn't get boring as Mario Kart DS did. No offense against the DS one, but I felt that it was too simple.
NSM: Thoughts on the 3DS?
BMB:Nintendo seems to hand out a new DS system every year, and yet I feel like they could have waited just a tiny bit longer for the 3DS to earn more money on the other ones. But, besides that, the effects look amazing, and I can't wait to get mine this spring.
NSM: What would be your favorite Mario game?
BMB:Oh gosh, that feels like the question that gets me everytime. Right now I would have to say Donkey Kong Country Returns, because the gameplay and the style was just perfect throughout it, and it challenged you to where they don't make you feel like it was for easier players. Though I still want to punch that pig in the face when it wants me to use Super Guide.
NSM: What would be your least favorite Mario game?
BMB:Least favorite? Hmm...any of the Doctor Mario games. Don't get me wrong, but it is just a waste of a game if you ask me.
NSM: Are you on Chat?
BMB:I spend so much time on it since the anniversary last year, and now you can find me easily on #mwchat.
NSM: Are you on Userpedia?
BMB:Userpedia is something I check, though I mostly just edit my story content. Hey, when you've been working hard on a story, you can't really edit much else there.
NSM: Anything else you want to say to the readers before we end the interview?
BMB:....hmm...shoutouts to Gamefreak75, Fawfulfury65, FunkyK38, Ralphfan, and Castle Toad for keeping me sane for the last few months.

Should Have Been

by MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

Hey, MrConcreteDonkey here to give you an awkward feeling the Should Have Been section for this month.

I received no PMs again…

The North American Boxart for Mario Kart DS.
This month’s target game.

…anyway, enough of my petty sorrow, let’s move onto this month’s game: Mario Kart DS.

What should have been in this game?

Artwork of R.O.B. from Mario Kart DS
It was nice to see R.O.B. return.

The game was good in my opinion, but the graphics weren’t that great (among other problems) and I didn’t enjoy it as much as many of the other games in the series. There were things I liked and things I disliked about it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of immoral criticism suggestions for improvement.

Toad looks fine in the Mushmellow. Now imagine Bowser in there.

Firstly, I’d have liked to have seen more playable characters in this game. While I’m glad that R.O.B. was brought back into the video game world, I can’t help but think there could have been more characters playable. One may argue that the Nintendo DS would not be able to handle so many characters, but Mario Hoops 3‐on‐3 did this, so I don’t see much reason why this game can’t. I mean, at least one more character would be fine.

Logo of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
The Wi‐Fi Connection logo. I don’t have a better picture to put here, okay?

I would also like to say that I disliked the way every character had access to every kart. While I thought it was amazing when I was younger, now, it seems to take uniqueness away from the characters in the game. Also, it can look stupid in some situations (I mean, come on, imagine Bowser or Wario in one of Toad’s karts). The constant animations of the characters on the character select screen kind of annoy me – why can’t they stay still? It’s a distraction when choosing your character. The characters should have stayed still and been limited to the same karts as other players of their weights.

I thought it was a good idea to have Wi‐Fi connection in the game, but it didn’t appear to work out very well. I can understand that there would be difficulties in having eight players at a time, so I’m not going to talk about that. However, it was hard to find friend codes, so I think the friend code for your opponent should have been displayed when you were playing with someone you didn’t know, so you could play against them again. Another annoyance is that many people come into the room and immediately leave, and then do the same again. It’s really annoying, and loads of people do it. Back when I used to play Mario Kart DS online, I couldn’t enter a room without finding at least one person doing it.

I chose Waluigi in his Zipper.

Going on recently, I found online mode to be pretty laggy – my opponent didn’t appear to be using any hacks and was leaping around in front of me all over the place (my fault for choosing Waluigi). I also found that two players disconnected; one by choice, the other by losing, which can occasionally trigger a glitch. Also, turning off the connection counts as a win, which is quite unfair. Plus, only half of the courses are playable in Wi‐Fi mode. All of these problems should have been fixed, if possible.

Luigi's Mansion
The closest tree on the right looks pretty 2D.

Back off Wi‐Fi, I’d now like to talk about some of the graphics. Things such as trees in Luigi’s Mansion, among many other things, look completely two‐dimensional, and other things are three‐dimensional, so the two don’t particularly blend. I believe that everything should have been 3D – I mean, it’s only to be expected. Nintendo doesn’t want us to see behind the backgrounds, but I find I continuously do it accidentally.

Now onto a fairly controversial topic – snaking. Snaking is when a player gets many consecutive mini‐turbo boosts, going in a wavy snake‐like pattern. Some people love it and find it an extremely useful tactic, while others believe that it is cheating. I believe they should have made this tactic harder to use, so only the greatest players could make use of it, or taken a page from Mario Kart Wii's book and not had it at all, as it is unfair on less skilled players.

I loved the return of some of the retro tracks; it was great fun to revisit my old favorites. However, I felt that quite a few of them were missing something, and some of them, let’s face it, weren’t the best choices to return. Therefore, I believe that the retro course selection should have been swapped around as follows:

Dino Dino Jungle was an awesome track.

Dino Dino Jungle was arguably one of the best tracks in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It had a bit of everything – a wooden boardwalk, a cave with colorful rocks, and mostly, a jungle with giant dinosaurs! On the other hand, Baby Park’s music gets annoying, it’s really small, and the only detailed part of the track is the background, which is really bad for this game.

That volcano is gonna blow!

Peach Circuit is a little bit bland, to be honest. Lakeside Park has a volcano that erupts on the second lap! If I remember correctly, no other circuit has implemented something in the background that happens, let alone after a certain lap, let alone affecting the circuit itself. Beautiful park, dangerous scenery. :O

Petey Piranha from Mario Super Sluggers
Petey would have been a good character for this game.

Choco Island 2 is kind of boring too, and there already is a chocolate‐based retro course in this game. The Vanilla Lake courses were my favorites in Super Mario Kart, and I find the design of Vanilla Lake 2 very interesting.

However, when it came to bringing back battle courses, I think Pipe Plaza and Block Fort were great courses to pick.

Characters who could have been playable

  • Shy Guy – I know he/she was playable in Download Play or whatever‐you‐call‐it, but I think Shy Guy could have easily been a playable character in the regular game.
  • Birdo – It would have been nice to see Birdo playable, despite all the hate she gets.
  • Toadette – Who doesn’t like Toadette? She was created for the Mario Kart series, so she would have been a sensible choice.
  • Petey Piranha – Petey was one of the very few characters that wasn’t playable in Mario Kart Wii despite having been in the series previously. If he was in Mario Kart DS, he probably would have been in Mario Kart Wii, and I really like him. I’m sure other people do too.

Beta elements

Wario beta kart for Mario Kart DSPre-release kart for Yoshi in Mario Kart DS
Wario and Yoshi’s unused karts.

For some reason, Professor E. Gadd was going to be playable at one point. His name appeared on a file, found by hacking, and there is a folder called “oyama”, his Japanese name. His emblem also appeared on the Poltergust 4000. He was replaced by Dry Bones in the final version of the game. Yoshi and Wario both had different karts at one point; Yoshi had a pink Egg 1, like a Birdo Egg, while Wario had a completely different kart, which can be seen to the left.

There were a lot of course changes. Pictures can be seen in a gallery underneath. The file named “old_mario_gc” was, as the title suggests, the old Mario Circuit from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. “luigi_course” has a similar route to Waluigi Pinball, along with shared objects, but is incomplete, while “dokan_course” and “test1_course” were very strange, confusing courses, possibly used for testing.

“donkey_course”, despite the strange name (which really would fit if it had MrConcrete before it :⁠D), was the beta version of Waluigi Pinball. It has a similar route to DK Pass (which explains the “donkey” name). The grass is checkered and the road is brown. “nokonoko_course” could have hinted at a new Koopa Troopa Beach‐like course. “test_circle” was just a circle, and a debugging stage. “mini_block_course” was going to be Block City from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Wario Stadium (or “wario_course”) had no fireballs and darker textures, while the slot machine in Waluigi Pinball was part of the course.

The menu resembled that of Double Dash!! at some point. Also, there were two unused items: the Bowser Shell and the Chain Chomp. I think they both would have worked the same way as they did in Double Dash!!.

Finally, here is the promised gallery:

Well, that’s all for this month’s gargantuan section. PM arachnidsGrip on the MarioWiki Forum if you have a disagreement/suggestion and I’ll put it in… if I ever get any.

Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

Hello, Brawlers, it’s time for BRAWL TACTICS! As you all know, March is Pokemon Month! So this month, I will be doing Pikachu!

Pikachu is a light character with strong attacks. It is quite fast, has a fairly high jump, but due to its light size, it gets knocked off the stage easily.

Pikachu’s Standard Special is Thunder Jolt. I recommend using this move when your enemies have taken a lot of damage. Pikachu’s moves all have high launch power and using this move when your enemies are ready to fly is a good choice. Thunder Jolt is not an actual Pokemon move.

Pikachu’s Side Special is Skull Bash. Like Luigi’s Green Missile, Pikachu will charge up and go flying to the side. Use this move to knock enemies off the stage when they’re close to the edge. Be careful that you don’t send Pikachu flying off the stage, because this move has a lot of power and it will go flying.

Pikachu’s Down Special is Thunder. This is a Super‐Effective move because it has a LOT of power, both in strength and launch power. Use this move when your enemies are close in to you, or when they are directly above you. Make sure there’s nothing over Pikachu’s head to block the attack, because if there’s another level of stage or something like that, the attack will be deflected and it won’t hit.

Pikachu’s Up Special is Quick Attack. Nothing like rushing to pull yourself back onto the stage quickly. Pikachu can cover a lot of ground in this move, so don’t be shy about using it. It can also use it on the stage. Surge upwards and hit your opponents after you pull off the move to do a lot of damage they aren’t expecting.

Pikachu’s Final Smash is Volt Tackle. In my opinion, this is the MOST ANNOYING Final Smash in the game. It’s super hard to control, and it’s mega powerful. You can try to control Pikachu, by pressing your buttons, but it usually won’t listen. It will hone in on the target, and one hit is usually all it takes.

Hope this has helped ease your Pikachu pains, Brawlers! Good luck with Pikachu!

Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner

by Coincollector (talk)

Welcome, Mario Karters, to Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner. Your friend Coincollector is here again to give you the Mario Kart tip of the month.

Artwork of a Green Shell, from Mario Kart Wii.
I never thought that Nintendo could find an imaginative yet dangerous use for roadkill like this…

Throughout the history of Mario Kart, a wide variety of items have contributed to the uniqueness of the series and helped to shape what it is today. One of those items is the Green Shell.

The green shell is one of the classic staples of not only in the Mario Kart games, but in all Mario games in existence. It is a power‐up that when released, travels foreward in a straight line. If the shell hits a wall or any other surface, it will bounce off. It will travel around the track, bouncing off the walls. Eventually it will disappear after bouncing several times, or hitting any object or victim in its way.

You can gain a green shell if you’re in first or fourth place (in rare – and at the same time, untimely – occasions you may get one in fifth place as well).

OK, I’ve explained the basic behavior of the green shell. However, simply allowing the shell to travel in a straight line and hit a random target (which may be an object, an opponent, or even you) is not exactly practical, so I have these tips to make this item (a bit) more useful.

One of the best uses of the green shell is as a defensive weapon. It can be thrown backward to block effectively any incoming hazard (like the red shell) or to hit an opponent coming from behind.

I have another tip. Though it’s more advanced, it works very well sometimes. The green shell can successfully hit the opponent if they are located right in front of you, but what happens if the opponent is turning? Try to anticipate the move of your opponent when they swerve and throw the shell just before that moment. This can be harder to do, but surprising for your opponent if the move was done correctly. To do this it helps to understand drifting well.

Artwork of Koopa Troopa, from Mario Kart Wii.
Three green shells to use at the same time… or should I say four counting Koopa’s shell?

In some Mario Kart games, you can also gain a triple pack of green shells. Just try to be imaginative about how to use this rare arsenal for either defensive or offensive purposes.

Green shells in battle are actually much less useful. Your opponents move everywhere, so it’s harder to aim at someone. The best way to use it is for defense, but don’t rely so much on this method since your opponents can attack you from any direction, not just behind.

I’ve got some other interesting things to note about the green shell. In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, triple green (or red) shells are Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa’s special item (Petey Piranha and King Boo can get triple shells too). They obtain these items piled on their hands. Try to be careful while holding these shells as you can lose them if you are hit by another item in the road, leaving you with only a single shell to use.

In some games, the speed of a green shell also depends on the vehicles’ current speed when the shell is being thrown. That’s notable in Double Dash too, as the shell goes slower when shot backwards. Just try not to shoot that shell when going in reverse or you’ll see what I’m talking about!

That’s all for Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner this month. Heat up the engines for the special issue that comes next month and always remember, look both ways before crossing the street or else you won’t know who hit you with that green shell. See ya!

Fading Into Obscurity

by Marioguy1 (talk)

Lava Piranha is aaanaggrryyy that he was forgotten
Hey guys! I just returned from Florida where I had a beautiful 15 days in nice warm sun; anyone from northern Europe/Asia, the northern states of the U.S. or pretty much anywhere in Canada will understand what I’m saying. But for those of you who weren’t lucky enough to experience the beautiful warm weather of the Bahamas (went there too), I’ve (hopefully) come up with an alternative for you. I chose the Piranha Plant boss from the first game of a very successful series (it is one of the titles announced for the 3DS). Anyone who knows their piranha plants will have guessed it, I chose Lava Piranha!

Lava Piranha appears in Paper Mario where it is the final boss fought on Lavalava Island. Bowser orders him to guard the lovely Star Spirit, Misstar and when Mario comes to get the heavenly spirit, Lava Piranha attacks him! Lava Piranha fights with two Lava Buds in a two-part battle. The first part is a normal battle, then during the second part, his Lava Buds get fiery and he sticks out his tongue (which obviously makes him harder to defeat). Anyways, when Mario beats him, the Volcano Erupts and he runs off with Misstar – but that’s a story for another time, for now I will sign off by saying, Lava Piranha has faded into obscurity.

Character Reviews

by Marioguy1 (talk)

Welcome back! I was going to review a Pokémon character this month but I gave up on it (BTW, Misty got a 75%). So I’m moving on with my TTYD bosses. This month the boss of choice issssss Hooktail!


Hooktail is a wonderful addition to the storyline! Hooktail is the perfect guardian for a treasure, she appears in a castle, she eats ~people, it’s like the word “dragon” just appears in your mind. So naturally the developers stuck in a dragon :)

I also love the fact that there are three sibling dragons, it makes me happy. But what doesn’t make me happy is inconsistency, and the fact that Hooktail has a fear of crickets but her siblings don’t have any fears is very inconsistent. So I give her a 9/10.





Anyways, I think Hooktail isn’t that funny, but she isn’t really meant to be funny. I guess her fear of crickets...meh 7/10


Lots and lots! She could be such a great boss, dragons are awesome. There is so much potential when it comes to a ferocious beast. 8/10.

Used Potential

They could have given Hooktail more appearances during the course of the chapter, from what I saw, she appeared once or twice and then you have to beat her up. She could have appeared in different parts of the castle and then run off when you got there.

But she did appear several times in the chapter, and she was referenced multiple times again in the story so she gets 8/10.


5N - (90 + 80) = 70 + 80 * 2 5N – 170 = 70 +160 5N = 170 + 230 N = 400/5 N = 80 So Hooktail destroyed Blooper, Gold Fuzzy and Fuzzy Horde!