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Review Corner

by Ralphfan (talk)

Hey, 'Shroomers! This month, I will be reviewing a wildly popular game that was so popular, it had a similar game come out on the Wii not long after: New Super Mario Bros.! This Nintendo DS game was released in May 2006.


Yes, another Mario game where Peach gets kidnapped. It was slightly interesting this time. I don't recall her castle ever being struck by lightning. The fact that the game doesn't really have a plot and just uses the same "Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser" story shows just how great the game is. People don't even complain about a plot they've used in virtually every game.


The 3D effects are great. Unfortunately, they're so precise that even touching an enemy in the slightest way will cause damage or death, something people like me that suck at video games hate. On the bright side of things, all eight levels are exciting and introduce lots of new enemies, such as Moneybags and Snailicorns. These levels include lots of hidden secrets (but unfortunately, no keys and keyholes for the SMW lovers). The game also introduces Dry Bowser because Mario defeats Bowser in World 1 and Bowser falls into a pit of lava. The lava burns off Bowser's skin, creating Dry Bowser (he's bad to the bone!). The game also features some levels in which you have to go up instead of across the screen. Overall, it's an exciting game to play.


Nintendo did a bang-up job here, and they did even better with the graphics when they moved it to the big screen, er...I guess the Wii would be played on a TV so it would technically be the "bigger screen" in this case.


The good clearly outshines the bad in this game. You've got some great new enemies, new bosses and hidden secrets as well as outstanding graphics. Though this game has a tough learning curve and the same old plot, it's a blast to play. I give it a 9/10.