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Hello there friend! Since you're reading this page, I assume you're wondering something about the Pipe Plaza (either that or you're just clicking buttons from my userpage). Anyways, the Pipe Plaza is a subteam of the MarioWiki's beautiful newspaper, The 'Shroom which focuses on more factual stuff. This page will be split up into three sections, past (the history of the Pipe Plaza), present (what the Pipe Plaza currently is) and future (directions on how to sign up for the Pipe Plaza; you know you'll be doing that in the future). So if any of that interests you, read on!


The Pipe Plaza is the most recent subteam of The 'Shroom; being made in late 2009. But the history of the Pipe Plaza goes further back than that; to a time before The 'Shroom, a time when there was this contribution:

“# (cur | prev) 01:54, 24 July 2006 Sadaharu (Talk | contribs | block)”
The Beginning

And that was the beginning of the Pipe Plaza, on the page currently located at MarioWiki:Pipe Plaza. The Pipe Plaza served as the community portal for the wiki and held a whole bunch of statistics, told recent promotions, advertised pipeprojects, had lists of wanted articles, etc. but it had a lack of updates. So, after four years, SMB and the rest of the Core Staff of The 'Shroom proposed that the Pipe Plaza become a part of The 'Shroom. The proposal was widely supported and ended up with a score of something - 0 and the Pipe Plaza was formed.

SMB was the first director of the Pipe Plaza and he directed it for one month before I was asked to become a co-director; I accepted and then the Pipe Plaza was gloriously formed into what it remained for an entire year. Then the 2010-2011 Director's Election rolled around and when SMB won, he left the team to me and I took care of it until I was reassigned to the position of Activity Director. As my successor, I chose Paper Yoshi (talk) - the greatest Pipe Plaza director in history!


The Pipe Plaza was originally the community portal for the MarioWiki and it remains that today, giving updates on recent happenings, alerting people to different things they can do to help out, basically focusing on all of the things relating to the wiki. The sections we currently have all reflect the different components that made up the original Pipe Plaza page and it is constantly expanding. If anyone has any suggestions for sections, they should contact Paper Yoshi and I will help them out.

Signing Up

So now after reading this page you realize that you have to sign up for this glorious project with its roots laid down far in the wiki's history and you're wondering how to do so? Well it really is quite simple, all that needs to be done is for you to contact Paper Yoshi (either by PM on the forums or on Paper Yoshi's talk page) and ask him to apply. Once someone has asked him to apply, all they need to give is their username on the forums and they will receive an application! A list of all open sections in the Pipe Plaza can be found here.

For those who want to know how to register on the forums, here's a step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. Go to this page
  2. Fill in all required fields and hit "Register"
  3. Confirm your email and stuff
  4. Once you are all confirmed and registered, click this link and then fill out this application in the message box
    • Which position would you like to apply for?
    • The staff reserves the right to remove writers from their position if they engage in activities that reflect badly on The 'Shroom. These activities include extensive misbehavior on the Super Mario Wiki and/or its forums. Do you agree to not engage in such activities for the entire duration of your employment?
    • Please write a full-length demo of your section. That way, we can have a bit of your work to decide if you can be on the team.
  5. The Core 'Shroom Staff will discuss the application and you will be notified sometime before the next issue is released.
  6. Paper Yoshi will put your name on the sign up page, do not add yourself for any positions.

Note: Paper Yoshi cannot sign you up for any positions in any other sections of The 'Shroom, contact the respective directors of those sections to sign up for those teams.


I hope you found this guide to the Pipe Plaza informative and entertaining, if you have any questions or comments about the guide or about the Pipe Plaza in general, go to Paper Yoshi's talk page and speak freely. If you don't have anything to say, then I hope you have a good day and sign up for the Pipe Plaza! --Hey there! I'm Marioguy1 :DMarioguy1 (Talk | Contribs) Hey there! I'm Marioguy1 :D