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It has been decided that the Super Mario Wiki will no longer support this feature. This page is kept and protected strictly for historical purposes.

Welcome to The Pipe Plaza!

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The Pipe Plaza is the central place to find out what's happening on The Super Mario Wiki. At its core, Pipe Plaza is essentially a portal.
Learn what tasks need to be done and get or post news about recent events or current activities.
Check the talk page for talk about any Mario-related content. For any other issues (such as technical questions), as well as things about the Pipe Plaza itself, see the Main Page talk.

The current time is Monday, May 20, 2024, 04:22 (UTC).*


Post your Mario Wiki related news and announcements here! New portals, collaborations, PipeProjects
seeking contributors, new initiatives, proposals, discussions, and current maintenance backlogs.




Pages Seeking Contributors

Projects Seeking Contributors

There are many PipeProjects for you to join, view a list of them here!

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To improve the quality of articles which are short or lacking in detail, the Super Mario Wiki has decided to have a collaboration in addition to MarioWiki:PipeProjects

Main Collaboration

A collaboration is when contributors come together to improve an existent article into one of higher quality than when the improving began. The wiki is starting out with a collaboration once a fortnight. Sometimes collaborations will work with PipeProjects.

Help finish the Games page.

Help them become an FA! - Articles nominated to be FAs

Help them remain Featured! - FAs nominated to be Unfeatured

To Do List

The Super Mario Wiki is attempting to become the largest and greatest Super Mario franchise knowledge-base to ever exist. Unfortunately, this wiki needs a lot of help in reaching that goal. Here are some things to do that we would appreciate:

Add to Articles

Minor Edits

Guidelines, help, and resources

The Super Mario Wiki has tens of departments staffed by a small army of volunteers.
Here are some of the most general departments for help that we currently have.


Policies and guidelines

The Super Mario Wiki has many established policies, guidelines, conventions, and traditions. This is a very brief sampling of some of the most important guidelines. Policies and guidelines apply both to articles and how to work with fellow editors.

Article standards

Image use

Working with others

Once and Only Once
Personal image use


New user information

Welcome! · About the wiki (about sysops, bureaucrats, patrollers) · Preferences · Sandbox · Signatures · Help · New user log · Account benefits · UserSpace

Common Procedures

Blocking Users · Articles to be deleted (full policy) · Protecting a page · Reverting a page


Tip of the Month

Here's a terrific tip to help you in your editing:

*UTC is approximately 4 hours ahead of eastern standard time.