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It has been decided that the Super Mario Wiki will no longer support this feature. This page is kept and protected strictly for historical purposes.

At the Super Mario Wiki, Featured Images are those quality, intriguing, witty, provocative, rare, important, and otherwise simply interesting images that can be found throughout the site's articles. Users are encouraged to submit and vote on nominations for the Featured Image displayed on the main page. Every week (on Thursdays at 17:00 GMT), a new image is selected to be featured. This is done by subtracting the number of oppose votes from the number of support votes in each nomination - the image with the most "points" at the end of the week will be featured. Any image with a negative amount of points at the end of a week (that is a nomination with a majority of opposes) is removed from the selection process. The only condition for nominated images is that they must be in an actual mainspace article on the wiki. No personal images or images from non-mainspace pages are allowed. New image nominations can be added to the Featured Image Nominations section below.

Archived nominations of images that were featured in the past are found here.

A gallery of all Featured Images can be found here.

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Example Nomination

Description of Image (Ex: 1-Up Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros.)

1-Up Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros..
Include image as a thumbnail aligned to the right.
  • Subject: Main subject of image; include a link to the article it is included in. (Example: 1-Up Mushroom)
  • Nominated by: If you nominate the image, place your name here.




Place some comments here if you want to explain why you think this image should or should not be featured. Note: it is very important to include {{br}} at the end of the comments section!

Featured Image Nominations

None at the moment