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This category is for pages and files (including talk pages, templates and categories) that are to be deleted.

To add this category to a page or file that should be deleted, use {{delete}}. However, please remember to orphan the page or file from the mainspace before adding the delete template (i.e. remove all links to the page or file first, except for links on talk pages, userspace or archives, which can be left broken). Only use {{delete}} when it is clear that a page should be deleted (such as vandalism, sockpuppet talk pages, unused file redirects, one-liner articles, etc.). If there is room for discussion, use {{delete-request}} instead, and do not orphan the page until a decision is made. If a file needs one or more revisions to be deleted, tag the page with {{delete-revision}}, which adds the file page to Category:Files with revisions to be deleted; both are subcategories of this one and are also listed below. In cases where there is likely to be a lengthy debate over the deletion of a page, or when a major article (with a large size, long history, many links leading to it, etc.) is being considered for deletion, a talk page proposal should be conducted instead of only marking the page with {{delete-request}}. The {{delete}} template can also be used on personal images that are no longer used on a user page. See also: MarioWiki:Deletion policy.

Administrators check this page on a regular basis, so there is no need to contact one and specifically ask for them to delete any backlogs that may accumulate in the meantime. However, if a specific page needs to be deleted to make room for moving a different article to that title, if something needs to be deleted as part of a passed proposal, or if there are other time-sensitive matters involved, contacting an admin to delete the pages or files in question as soon as possible is perfectly acceptable.


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