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The first eighteen "Level 1" cards featuring all twelve Team Captains and six Team Players.

To coincide with the North American release of Mario Super Sluggers in August 2008, an online card game was created on The cards to collect for it were found on kid-friendly sites like 4KidsTV and and even YouTube (mainly to promote the Mario Super Sluggers game itself). There was also a section that allowed users to chat with each other on the Tips & Talk section (using a forum's layout).

Materials on the main site itself included: cards of each character (not including characters' alternate colors), each captain's Star Swing and Star Pitch, each team, and the five default stadiums. Users could do many things with their cards, such as swapping them with other users, and it was also discovered that it was possible to clone cards by swapping with themselves and accepting the swap. Although the main procedure was to obtain the starting cards via banners at kid-friendly sites, people noticed that each card link had a five letter code and decided to save them for future reference. As users obtained more character profile cards, they were also able to choose icons of available Mario Super Sluggers characters. While on the site, Lakitu gave the users hints from time to time about their collections.

If a user completed their Mario Super Sluggers card collection, they were able to receive a poster download featuring Mario and all the cards that they had collected. The Mario Super Sluggers card game has ended, and the site is no longer up.

Below is a list of the cards, categorized by their respective levels.

Level 1 cards (character profiles)[edit]

Level 1 cards included the forty-one characters available in the game; alternate colors, such as Red Yoshi, Green Noki, and Mii were excluded.

Team captains[edit]

Level1 Mario Front.jpgLevel1 Mario Back.jpg
Level1 Peach Front.jpgLevel1 Peach Back.jpg
Level1 Luigi Front.jpgLevel1 Luigi Back.jpg
Level1 Daisy Front.jpgLevel1 Daisy Back.jpg
Level1 Yoshi Front.jpgLevel1 Yoshi Back.jpg
Level1 Birdo Front.jpgLevel1 Birdo Back.jpg
Level1 Bowser Front.jpgLevel1 Bowser Back.jpg
Level1 Bowserjr Front.jpgLevel1 Bowserjr Back.jpg
Bowser Jr.
Level1 Wario Front.jpgLevel1 Wario Back.jpg
Level1 Waluigi Front.jpgLevel1 Waluigi Back.jpg
Level1 Donkeykong Front.jpgLevel1 Donkeykong Back.jpg
Donkey Kong
Level1 Diddykong Front.jpgLevel1 Diddykong Back.jpg
Diddy Kong

Team players[edit]

Level1 Babydaisy Front.jpgLevel1 Babydaisy Back.jpg
Baby Daisy
Level1 Babydonkeykong Front.jpgLevel1 Babydonkeykong Back.jpg
Baby Donkey Kong
Level1 Babyluigi Front.jpgLevel1 Babyluigi Back.jpg
Baby Luigi
Level1 Babymario Front.jpgLevel1 Babymario Back.jpg
Baby Mario
Level1 Babypeach Front.jpgLevel1 Babypeach Back.jpg
Baby Peach
Level1 Blooper Front.jpgLevel1 Blooper Back.jpg
Level1 Bluepianta Front.jpgLevel1 Bluepianta Back.jpg
Blue Pianta
Level1 Bluenoki Front.jpgLevel1 Bluenoki Back.jpg
Blue Noki
Level1 Boo Front.jpgLevel1 Boo Back.jpg
Level1 Dixiekong Front.jpgLevel1 Dixiekong Back.jpg
Dixie Kong
Level1 Drybones Front.jpgLevel1 Drybones Back.jpg
Dry Bones
Level1 Funkykong Front.jpgLevel1 Funkykong Back.jpg
Funky Kong
Level1 Goomba Front.jpgLevel1 Goomba Back.jpg
Level1 Hammerbro Front.jpgLevel1 Hammerbro Back.jpg
Hammer Bro
Level1 Kingboo Front.jpgLevel1 Kingboo Back.jpg
King Boo
Level1 Kingkrool Front.jpgLevel1 Kingkrool Back.jpg
King K. Rool
Level1 Koopatroopa Front.jpgLevel1 Koopatroopa Back.jpg
Koopa Troopa
Level1 Kritter Front.jpgLevel1 Kritter Back.jpg
Level1 Magikoopa Front.jpgLevel1 Magikoopa Back.jpg
Level1 Montymole Front.jpgLevel1 Montymole Back.jpg
Monty Mole
Level1 Paragoomba Front.jpgLevel1 Paragoomba Back.jpg
Level1 Paratroopa Front.jpgLevel1 Paratroopa Back.jpg
Level1 Peteypiranha Front.jpgLevel1 Peteypiranha Back.jpg
Petey Piranha
Level1 Shyguy Front.jpgLevel1 Shyguy Back.jpg
Shy Guy
Level1 Tinykong Front.jpgLevel1 Tinykong Back.jpg
Tiny Kong
Level1 Toad Front.jpgLevel1 Toad Back.jpg
Level1 Toadette Front.jpgLevel1 Toadette Back.jpg
Level1 Toadsworth Front.jpgLevel1 Toadsworth Back.jpg
Level1 Wiggler Front.jpgLevel1 Wiggler Back.jpg

Level 2 cards (Star Pitches/Star Swings)[edit]

Level 2 featured the Star Swing/Star Pitch of every Team Captain. They were made by making double plays with Level 1 cards.

Card Image Team Captain Star Pitch/Star Swing "Double Play" Trigger (Level 1 Cards)
Level2 Sh Mario Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Mario Back.jpg Mario Fire Swing Mario + Petey Piranha
Level2 Sp Mario Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Mario Back.jpg Mario Fire Ball Pending
Level2 Sh Luigi Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Luigi Back.jpg Luigi Tornado Swing Luigi + Baby Luigi
Level2 Sp Luigi Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Luigi Back.jpg Luigi Tornado Ball Luigi + Paratroopa
Level2 Sh Peach Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Peach Back.jpg Peach Heart Swing Peach + Koopa Troopa
Level2 Sp Peach Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Peach Back.jpg Peach Heart Ball Peach + Baby Peach
Level2 Sh Daisy Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Daisy Back.jpg Daisy Flower Swing Daisy + Baby Daisy
Level2 Sp Daisy Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Daisy Back.jpg Daisy Flower Ball Daisy + Toadette
Level2 Sh Yoshi Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Yoshi Back.jpg Yoshi Egg Swing Yoshi + Wiggler
Level2 Sp Yoshi Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Yoshi Back.jpg Yoshi Rainbow Ball Yoshi + Noki
Level2 Sh Birdo Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Birdo Back.jpg Birdo Cannon Swing Birdo + Toadsworth
Level2 Sp Birdo Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Birdo Back.jpg Birdo Suction Ball Birdo + Toad
Level2 Sh Donkeykong Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Donkeykong Back.jpg Donkey Kong Barrel Swing Donkey Kong + Baby Donkey Kong
Level2 Sp Donkeykong Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Donkeykong Back.jpg Donkey Kong Barrel Ball Donkey Kong + King K. Rool
Level2 Sh Diddykong Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Diddykong Back.jpg Diddy Kong Banana Swing Diddy Kong + Pianta
Level2 Sp Diddykong Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Diddykong Back.jpg Diddy Kong Banana Ball Diddy Kong + Kritter
Level2 Sh Bowser Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Bowser Back.jpg Bowser Breath Swing Pending
Level2 Sp Bowser Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Bowser Back.jpg Bowser Killer Ball Bowser + Paragoomba
Level2 Sh Bowserjr Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Bowserjr Back.jpg Bowser Jr. Graffiti Swing Bowser Jr. + Shy Guy
Level2 Sp Bowserjr Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Bowserjr Back.jpg Bowser Jr. Graffiti Ball Bowser Jr. + Monty Mole
Level2 Sh Wario Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Wario Back.jpg Wario Phony Swing Wario + Funky Kong
Level2 Sp Wario Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Wario Back.jpg Wario Phony Ball Wario + Goomba
Level2 Sh Waluigi Front.jpgLevel2 Sh Waluigi Back.jpg Waluigi Liar Swing Waluigi + Dry Bones
Level2 Sp Waluigi Front.jpgLevel2 Sp Waluigi Back.jpg Waluigi Liar Ball Pending

Level 3 cards (team cards)[edit]

Level 3 included cards of each team in the game. They were made by making double plays with Level 2 cards.

Card Image Team Name "Double Play" Trigger (Level 2 Cards)
Level3 Mario Front.jpgLevel3 Mario Back.jpg Mario Fireballs Mario's "Fire Swing" Card + Mario's "Fire Ball" Card
Level3 Luigi Front.jpgLevel3 Luigi Back.jpg Luigi Knights Luigi's "Tornado Swing" Card + Luigi's "Tornado Ball" Card
Level3 Peach Front.jpgLevel3 Peach Back.jpg Peach Monarchs Peach's "Heart Swing" Card + Peach's "Heart Ball" Card
Level3 Daisy Front.jpgLevel3 Daisy Back.jpg Daisy Flowers Daisy's "Flower Swing" Card + Daisy's "Heart Ball" Card
Level3 Yoshi Front.jpgLevel3 Yoshi Back.jpg Yoshi Eggs Yoshi's "Egg Swing" Card + Yoshi's "Egg Ball" Card
Level3 Birdo Front.jpgLevel3 Birdo Back.jpg Birdo Bows Birdo's "Cannon Swing" Card + Birdo's "Suction Ball" Card
Level3 Donkeykong Front.jpgLevel3 Donkeykong Back.jpg DK Wilds DK's "Barrel Swing" Card + DK's "Barrel Ball" Card
Level3 Diddykong Front.jpgLevel3 Diddykong Back.jpg Diddy Monkeys Diddy's "Banana Swing" Card + Diddy's "Banana Ball" Card
Level3 Bowser Front.jpgLevel3 Bowser Back.jpg Bowser Monsters Bowser's "Breath Swing" Card + Bowser's "Killer Ball" Card
Level3 Bowserjr Front.jpgLevel3 Bowserjr Back.jpg Bowser Jr. Rookies Bowser Jr.'s "Graffiti Swing" Card + Bowser Jr.s "Graffiti Ball" Card
Level3 Wario Front.jpgLevel3 Wario Back.jpg Wario Muscles Wario's "Phony Swing" Card + Wario's "Phony Ball" Card
Level3 Waluigi Front.jpgLevel3 Waluigi Back.jpg Waluigi Spitballs Waluigi's "Liar Swing" Card + Waluigi's "Liar Ball" Card

Level 4 cards (stadiums)[edit]

Level 4 featured the five stadiums that do not need to be unlocked. They were made by making double plays with Level 3 cards. Luigi's Mansion, Daisy Cruiser, Bowser Castle and Bowser Jr's Playroom are the only Stadiums that don't appear as cards in the collection.

Card Image Stadium Home Team "Double Play" Trigger (Level 3 Cards)
Level4 Mario Front.jpgLevel4 Mario Back.jpg Mario Stadium Mario Fireballs "Mario Fireballs" Team Card + "Luigi Knights" Team Card
Level4 Peach Front.jpgLevel4 Peach Back.jpg Peach Ice Garden Peach Monarchs "Peach Monarchs" Team Card + "Bowser Monsters" Team Card
Level4 Yoshi Front.jpgLevel4 Yoshi Back.jpg Yoshi Park Yoshi Eggs "Yoshi Eggs" Team Card + "Birdo Bows" Team Card
Level4 Donkeykong Front.jpgLevel4 Donkeykong Back.jpg DK Jungle DK Wilds "DK Wilds" Team Card + "Diddy Monkeys" Team Card
Level4 Wario Front.jpgLevel4 Wario Back.jpg Wario City Wario Muscles "Wario Muscles" Team Card + "Waluigi Spitballs" Team Card

"My Double Plays" area[edit]

In this section, the materials listed here are the various unlockables that a user could obtain when nailing a certain "Double Play", including wallpapers, screensavers, and a few videos. Note that only "Level 1 Cards" were able to trigger the materials in question.


There were a total of seven videos available on the site, which included the following:

Video Title "Double Play" Trigger
Great Clambering Kongs Funky Kong + Tiny Kong
Pianta at the Plate Pianta + Noki
Dry Bones Bomber Dry Bones + Koopa Troopa
Toad Tandem Team-Up Toad + Toadette
Double Boo Dominance Boo + King Boo
Leaping Lizards at the Wall King K. Rool + Kritter
Beware of the Chain Chomp Baby Mario + Baby Luigi

Wallpaper downloads[edit]

There were a total of thirteen wallpapers for a user to unlock at the site. One of them included a picture of the entire card collection, while the others featured one of the twelve Team Captains for the Mario Super Sluggers game. The list (as well as the "Double Play Triggers") are as followed for this category:

Wallpaper Title "Double Play" Trigger
Card Collection Mario + Peach
Mario Mario + Pianta
Luigi Luigi + Mario
Peach Peach + Toadsworth
Daisy Daisy + Luigi
Yoshi Yoshi + Baby Luigi
Birdo Birdo + Petey Piranha
Wario Wario + Waluigi
Waluigi Yoshi + Baby Mario
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong + Dixie Kong
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong + Funky Kong
Bowser Bowser + Hammer Bro
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. + Magikoopa


Finally, there were a total of two Mario Super Sluggers based screensavers, to match the theme of the game and the card collection website itself, including:

Screen Saver "Double Play" Trigger
Flipping Captains Mario + Yoshi
Flipping Frenzy Peach + Daisy

Rookie Year errors[edit]

The Rookie Years are meant to refer to when the game they first appeared in was released in North America. Some of the characters' Rookie Years are incorrect:

  • Luigi's Rookie Year is listed as 1982, but the game Mario Bros. that he was introduced in was not released until 1983.
  • Princess Daisy's Rookie Year is listed as 1990, but the game Super Mario Land that she first appeared in was released in 1989. 1990 refers to the PAL release of her debut game.
  • Funky Kong's Rookie Year is listed as 1999, but the game Donkey Kong Country that he first appeared in was released in 1994. 1999 refers to Donkey Kong 64.

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