Backwards Wristwatch

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Luigi wearing the Backwards Wristwatch

The Backwards Wristwatch is a mysterious and eerie timepiece that, due to apparently being either possessed or cursed, causes whoever wears it to do everything backwards, without even noticing anything is wrong with them.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Time Out Luigi", after several failed sales attempts, Angelica, "Mysterious Salesperson for Weird and Spooky Gadgets Incorporated", decides to try and sell Luigi the Backwards Wristwatch for ten dollars. After some bantering, in which the price of the Backwards Wristwatch goes from five to seven dollars, Luigi finally succeeds in buying the Backwards Wristwatch from Angelica for four dollars. With the Backwards Wristwatch now his, Luigi begins to brag to Mario about how much a bargain it was, only for Mario to respond by saying of course it was a bargain, as the wristwatch is broken, because it runs backwards.

Regardless of its imperfection, Luigi decides to wear the Backwards Wristwatch, which subsequently makes Luigi do everything backwards, without him realizing it. It is only after Luigi falls asleep on the couch after a backwards jog that Mario decides to try and remove the Backwards Wristwatch from Luigi's wrist. Mario's attempt at doing this fails though, as the watch electrocutes him and causes the lights of Mario Brothers Plumbing to go out.

The Backwards Wristwatch is eventually removed from Luigi's wrist by Angelica, who Mario had calls and is forced to give ten dollars to for her services. In order to remove the Backwards Wristwatch from Luigi, Angelica tells him not to give her the wristwatch, which causes Luigi to instantly take the wristwatch off and give it to Angelica.