Pot of Luxeville

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Wario holding the Pot of Luxeville.
Wario holding the Pot of Luxeville.
“It's mine! Gold! I love gold! This thing's heavy...”
Wario, WarioWare Gold

The Pot of Luxeville is an artifact which appears in WarioWare Gold. At the very beginning of the game, Wario steals the pot from a temple in Luxeville, thinking that it is valuable. However, Lulu, a resident of Luxeville, chases down Wario and takes back the pot, revealing that it is actually a chamber pot which had been put out to dry just before it was stolen.

Lulu then takes the pot back to Luxeville, only to discover that the residents have replaced it with a more modern, refreshing toilet during her time away.


The Pot of Luxeville is first seen during the prologue of WarioWare Gold, where it is nighttime in Luxeville. Suddenly, Wario appears and steals the pot from a nearby hut, thinking that it is expensive. He takes it to his house on his bike, just as he comes to the realization that he is broke. Later that day, Wario is inspired to host his Wario Bowl tournament.

Wario bathing in money in WarioWare Gold
Wario bathing in coins, next to the Pot of Luxeville.

The pot is next seen during Wario's first cutscene. While bathing in coins he earned from the tournament fee, he decides that everything he owns will be gold. When he holds up the Pot of Luxeville, however, he notices a foul odor coming from it, which he brushes off as the "sweet smell of victory".

The Pot of Luxeville appears again much later on in Wario Deluxe's stage. Wario, angry that the player has made it this far, refuses to hand over the prize money, and places the Pot of Luxeville upon his head, transforming him into Wario Deluxe, changing his appearance and making his voice deeper. Wario Deluxe then challenges the player to his own set of microgames.

Wario Deluxe in WarioWare Gold
Wario Deluxe, Wario transformed by the Pot of Luxeville.

About halfway through, Lulu appears and makes it up to Wario Deluxe, then tries to pry the pot off his head, allowing the player to complete the rest of the microgames without interruption. After all the microgames have been cleared, Wario Deluxe is knocked off his upper platform, and Lulu demands that he give her back the pot. When he refuses, she uses her Hydrocannon LX to spray it off his head, transforming him back into Wario.

To Wario's shock, Lulu then reveals that the pot is actually a chamber pot used by the people of Luxeville, and it had been cleaned and put out to dry shortly before he had stolen it. Wario, hysterical, agrees to let her take it back to Luxeville. She does so by tying the vase to a balloon, and rides back to Luxeville along with Ruffington.

In the epilogue, it is shown that Lulu has returned to Luxeville with the pot. However, the village elder, Pops, reveals that they had gotten a new, high-tech toilet while she was gone, causing her and Ruffington to pass out in disbelief.