Nikoniko Mario

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Nikoniko Mario
Nikoniko Mario
Applies to Mario
Item needed Bonus Coins
Power(s) given Big shiny head
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 2 (1991)

Nikoniko Mario is a transformation that appears only in chapter 8 of Super Mario-kun volume 2. In this form, Mario's head becomes big and so shiny that Bonus Coins beam from it.

While fighting a Jumping Pumpkin Plant, Mario falls on Yoshi, who pops out an egg with a Yoshi Cloud inside. Mario jumps on the cloud and eats the Bonus Coins produced, becoming the big-headed Nikoniko Mario. Scared, the Jumping Pumpkin Plant runs away, hiding behind the panels. Mario's transformation lasts long enough for Luigi and Yoshi to take advantage of the shadow Mario's head casts and repair themselves from the hot sun.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニコニコ マリオ
Nikoniko Mario
Smiley Mario