Mario Dàmàoxiǎn

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Not to be confused with Super Mario Adventures.
Cover Art of the first chapter of the comic Mǎlìōu Dàmàoxiǎn (马力欧大冒险)
The cover of the first chapter

Mario Dàmàoxiǎn is an unfinished Super Mario comic from an iQue e-book reader application on the CD-ROM bundled with the iQue GBA SP, released in 2004 along with the handheld. Only the first chapter of the comic is available, and both the writer and the illustrator of the comic are unknown. Like Super Mario Adventures, the comic tells a largely unique story based on Super Mario World, with additional elements from Yoshi's Story.


Chapter 1Edit

Mario and Luigi are repairing pipes, when Toad tells the brothers that the princess has built a museum and baked a large cake for Mario. Mario arrives at the museum, where Princess Peach starts to introduce the history of Mario's adventures, but Mario's mind is fixated on the cake. Infuriated by Mario's neglect, Peach beats Mario into the ground, shocking Luigi and Toad, whom Peach responds with a smile that Mario "fell on his own".

After Luigi gets Mario up, a Bob-omb with a burning fuse catches the trio's attention, holding a sign saying it is "A gift for Mario" from Bowser. Shocked to see the name, the trio are sent flying by the explosion. Bowser walks out of the smoke, kidnaps Princess Peach, and escapes through a hole in the ground. With Toad and Luigi still unconscious, Mario takes on a group of Goombas, lead by Petey Piranha. After defeating the Goombas, Mario gets locked in a duel with Petey Piranha, who gains the advantage by making Mario slip with banana peels. Luigi comes to the rescue by throwing a "Power Star", which Petey Piranha rushes to get. However, it is actually Luigi's shoe. After getting the real Power Star, Mario sends Petey Piranha flying with his fists.

After telling Luigi and Toad that Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser, Mario asks where the Power Star came from. Luigi says it was hidden in the museum, which Bowser was also looking for. Toad explains that there are five Power Stars in the entire Mushroom World, and Mario would get incredible powers should he get all five. The trio then decide to go on a trip to collect all the Power Stars and rescue the princess.

Afterwards, the trio reaches Yoshi Sēnlín, where they decide to rest. In the forest, Luigi spots an apple and decides to eat it, but it is taken by Yoshi before he can bite it, which shocks the trio. After Toad explains what Yoshis are, Yoshi licks him, and then bites Luigi's arm. After freeing Luigi's arm from Yoshi's mouth, Toad explains that Yoshis can make eggs from what they swallow, which is followed by him getting eaten by Yoshi. Yoshi then lays an egg from which Toad breaks out of.

Yoshi then starts hopping towards a part of the forest, indicating to the trio to follow him. He leads them to a sleeping Message Block, which he continuously hits, irritating the block. After Mario asks to the block why there are Yoshis in the forest, the Message Block tells to the trio that Baby Bowser (who is considered a separate character in the comic) has stolen the Super Happy Tree from Yoshi's Island, stopping the fruits from growing and forcing the Yoshis to go search for food. It also tells him that he stole the Power Star of Yoshi's Island. After hearing this, Mario decides to go retrieve the star, but he is stopped by Yoshi before he can do so, as he is trying to tell him something. The Message Block explains that he wants the trio to retrieve the Super Happy Tree. Yoshi then joins Mario, Luigi, and Toad to help them locate the Super Happy Tree by following its smell, and the heroes depart from the forest.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 马力欧大冒险
Mǎlìōu Dàmàoxiǎn
Mario's Big Adventure