Castle Crawl

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“Reach the goal ring without dashing.”
In-game description
Screenshot of Mario in Castle Crawl, a Special Challenge Mode level in New Super Mario Bros. U.
Mario in Castle Crawl

Castle Crawl is a Special Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U. The setting of the course is based on the Superstar Road level, Pendulum Castle.


The player must complete the challenge by walking on top of multiple Donut Blocks while avoiding Spinners and Bony Beetles. To add difficulty to the challenge, the player must make it through the entire challenge without being able to dash.




  • Gold Medal: Clear!
  • Silver Medal: -
  • Bronze Medal: -

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダッシュは げん禁! きょうふのおしろ!
Dasshu wa Genkin! Kyōfu no Oshiro!
Dashing is strictly prohibited! Castle of Horror!

Chinese 严禁冲刺!恐怖城堡! (Simplified)
嚴禁衝刺!恐怖城堡! (Traditional)
Yánjìn Chōngcì! Kǒngbù Chéngbǎo!
Dashing is strictly prohibited! Horror Castle!

Italian Pian pianino
Slow slowly
Korean 대시는 금지! 공포의 성!
Daesineun Geumji! Gongpoui Seong!
Dash Is Banned! Castle Of Horror!

Spanish ¡Pasito a pasito!
Step by Step!