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Director's Notes (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the September Issue of Pipe Plaza!! Before proceeding any further, I have something to say.

Thank you so much for all your votes on the 'Shroom Awards, and thank you for choosing me as the Favourite (Sorry, Americans) Pipe Plaza writer. This may seem like a repeat from last year, but the feedback from everyone who voted really compels me to keep writing for the Pipe Plaza team, aside from managing the sub-team itself. Also, let's not forget those guys and girl:

  • Second-placed user and current Forum Update writer, MrConcreteDonkey (talk);
  • Third-placed user and former Pipe Plaza Co-Director and Solo Director, Marioguy1 (talk);
  • Fourth-placed user and current Tip of the Month writer, FunkyK38 (talk);
  • Fifth-placed user and current Community Report writer, Bop1996 (talk);
  • And last, but not least, sixth-placed user and former Projects Seeking Contributors writer, Yoshiwaker (talk).

Two of them – or only one, if you consider Marioguy1's position as NIWA News writer – may not be on the team anymore, but they did a lot for the Pipe Plaza, especially Marioguy1 (talk), who directed the Pipe Plaza for twenty-nine issues, fifteen of which with Super Mario Bros. (talk) as Co-Director. The other three writers continue to work hard for the Pipe Plaza, always producing excellent sections and never missing a deadline without a good reason.

Furthermore, I'd like to thank everyone who voted for the Pipe Plaza on Favourite Sub-Team and for myself on Favourite Sub-Team Director. Even though we did not win, being among the top three is something to celebrate.

Section of the Month

August's Section of the Month poll got 26 votes, 14 less than last month. The winner, with 12 votes (46.2% of the total) is...

...Upcoming Games, for the second time in a row!!

Last month, Upcoming Games covered a few new details from the three (at the time) upcoming Mario games: New Super Mario Bros. 2, Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The second-placed section was once again Mario Calendar, with 5 votes (19.2%). Forum Update got third place, with 4 votes (15.4%).

Also, Upcoming Games is once again absent from the Pipe Plaza due to lack of news. It will return once we have more news on the upcoming Mario games.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I hope you all enjoy this issue!

More Info

Monthly Report (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hello, readers, and welcome to this issue's not-really-monthly Monthly Report!! This is the Pipe Plaza Director, Paper Yoshi (talk), speaking, and I'm here to show you the wiki's statistics from both August and September, and then a comparison between both sets. I said this Report isn't really monthly because only eighteen days have passed from the day I got the August statistics to the day I got the September statistics; however, that will be fixed in future issues, while adapting to the due and release dates for each month.

So, here are the site-wide statistics for August and September:

(Credit goes to Stooben Rooben (talk) and Super Mario Bros. (talk) for the table coding. Stooben originally created it when writing this section back in Issues XXIII, XXV and XXVI, and SMB based his coding for Issues XXXIX, XL and XLI – which I am using in this issue – off of Stooben's coding.)

September Statistics
Statistic As of 10 September 2012 (16:10)*
Content Pages 12,351
All Pages 99,950
Files 38,766
Edits 1,200,111
Edits per Page 12.01
Registered Users 25,154
Active Users 540
Bots 1
Autopatrolled 17
Patrollers 6
Administrators 13
Bureaucrats 4
Proprietor 1

August Statistics
Statistic As of 23 August 2012 (21:45)*
Content Pages 12,323
All Pages 99,455
Files 38,539
Edits 1,191,531
Edits per Page 11.98
Registered Users 24,981
Active Users 581
Bots 1
Autopatrolled 17
Patrollers 5
Administrators 13
Bureaucrats 4
Proprietor 1

August — September Statistics
Statistic As of 23 August 2012 (21:45)* As of 10 September 2012 (16:10)* Percentage Change
Content Pages 12,323 12,351 +0.227%
All Pages 99,455 99,950 +0.498%
Files 38,539 38,766 +0.589%
Edits 1,191,531 1,200,111 +0.72%
Edits per Page 11.98 12.01 +0.25%
Registered Users 24,981 25,154 +0.692%
Active Users 581 540 -7.057%
Bots 1 1 0%
Autopatrolled 17 17 0%
Patrollers 5 6 +20%
Administrators 13 13 0%
Bureaucrats 4 4 0%
Proprietor 1 1 0%
*All times EST.

Community Report (Bop1996 (talk))

Hello, welcome to September's edition of Community Report.

Policy Changes and Updates

  • MarioWiki:Trivia was created in a Writing Guideline proposal. This article provides a good resource for dealing with trivia sections, which are a common pitfall for new users.

Proposals from the Past Month

  • MarioSmasher (talk)'s proposal to use the First English names for titles was deleted by proposer. Its vote prior to deletion was 4-1 against.
  • (talk)'s proposal to extend the upload limit for files by 5 MB failed, 7-1.
  • Coincollector (talk)'s Writing Guideline proposal to create a policy specifically regarding trivia sections and other miscellaneous info passed in favor of creating a page specifically for this, 9-0-3.
  • Koopa K (talk)'s proposal to remove the level articles for levels with names was vetoed by Porplemontage (talk). Its voting tally before the veto was 9-0 in favor.
  • GreenDisaster (talk)'s proposal to remove the Puns sections from Mario Party game articles passed, 11-2.
  • Bloc Partier (talk)'s proposal to create a standard for the Prima guides about Mario games was deleted by proposer. Its voting tally prior to removal was 7-2 against.
  • GreenDisaster (talk)'s proposal to merge enemy categories from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island failed, 7-1.
  • Electrical Bowser jr. (talk)'s TPP to merge White Tanooki Mario to White Raccoon Mario failed, 16-0.
  • Electrical Bowser jr. (talk)'s TPP to move Undead Piranha Plant to skeletal Piranha Plant failed, 15-0.
  • Technickal (talk)'s TPP to merge Roulette Box with Card Roulette passed, 5-0.
  • Technickal (talk)'s TPP to choose between Fox Luigi or Raccoon Luigi passed in favor of Fox Luigi, 12-9.
  • Koopa K (talk)'s TPP to make a Power Star section for Super Mario Galaxy was deleted by proposer. Its vote prior to deletion was 3-0 in favor.
  • Technickal (talk)'s TPP to move Flagpole to Goal Pole passed, 11-1.
  • Koopa K (talk)'s TPP to merge Metal Luigi to Metal Mario (character).
  • Raven Effect (talk)'s TPP to move Sledge Bro. to Sumo Bro. (Super Mario Bros. 3) was deleted. Its tally prior to deletion was 8-6 in favor.
  • Koopa K (talk)'s TPP to split Mario and Yoshi's Power Flower forms from Super Mario 64 DS passed in favor of creating an article for each, 7-0-2-0-0.

Proposals and TPPs in Progress

  • A proposal to revisit the clear majority rule where three or more options are concerned. (Read More)

Sitenotices from the Past Month

  • When archiving your user talk page, please do not continually post new archived material into a single archive subpage. The point of archiving is to keep pages, both current and archived, at a manageable length. Archive once and then leave the subpage alone.
  • As stated on the userspace policy, users can only make certain types of subpages, so please be aware of the regulations.

Promotions and Demotions

Featured (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hello everyone, and welcome to Featured!! This section – whose last writer was the former Pipe Plaza Director, Marioguy1 (talk), back in Issue LI (June 2011) – hasn't been featured (get it?) on the paper for over an year, and so I decided to write it this month.

Featured Articles

The new Featured Articles for 2011 and 2012 are:

Re-featured Articles

Those are the former Featured Articles that were re-featured in 2011 and 2012:

FA Nominations

The active Featured Article Nominations are:

Failed FA Nominations

These are the failed Featured Article Nominations from 2011 and 2012:

  • Iggy Koopa (Nominated on April 2nd, 2011; failed on July 2nd, 2011)
  • Chuck Quizmo (Nominated on June 16th, 2011; failed on August 4th, 2011)
  • Wonky (Nominated on June 20th, 2011; failed on August 9th, 2011)
  • Birdo (Nominated on May 22nd, 2011; failed on September 2nd, 2011)
  • Boo (Nominated on April 7th, 2011; failed on September 18th, 2011)
  • Diddy Kong (Nominated on August 5th, 2011; failed on November 6th, 2011)
  • Paper Mario/Bestiary (Nominated on June 20th, 2011; failed on November 6th, 2011)
  • Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Nominated on November 19th, 2011; failed on February 13th, 2012)
  • Koopa Troopa (Nominated on May 2nd, 2011; failed on April 10th, 2012)
  • Mario (series) (Nominated on March 30th, 2011; failed on April 22nd, 2012)

Unfeatured Articles

And now for the articles which lost their FA status! Those are the unfeatured articles from 2011 and 2012:

Unfeaturing Nominations

There are only two active FA Unfeaturing Nominations, which are:

Failed Unfeaturing Nominations

And last, but not least, the failed FA Unfeaturing Nominations:

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nominated on January 6th, 2011; failed on February 13th, 2011)
  • Kirby (Nominated on April 12th, 2010; failed on February 19th, 2011)
  • Kiddy Kong (Nominated on February 7th, 2011; failed on May 7th, 2011)
  • Dimentio (Nominated on February 24th, 2011; failed on May 24th, 2011)
  • Goomba (Nominated on March 30th, 2011; failed on June 30th, 2011)
  • Badge (Nominated on April 26th, 2011; failed on July 26th, 2011)
  • List of Collectibles from Mario Party DS (Nominated on June 14th, 2011; failed on July 27th, 2011)
  • Kolorado (Nominated on June 26th, 2011; failed on August 9th, 2011)
  • Baby Luigi (Nominated on May 12th, 2011; failed on September 24th, 2011)
  • Petey Piranha (Nominated on May 4th, 2011; failed on December 19th, 2011)
  • King K. Rool (Nominated on June 12th, 2011; failed on January 31st, 2012)
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (Nominated on August 2nd, 2011; failed on January 31st, 2012)

And that concludes this issue of Featured!! I hope you have enjoyed it!

Forum Update (MrConcreteDonkey (talk))

Hey, guys, it's MrConcreteDonkey, and welcome back to the Forum Update, your monthly update on the upkeep of ancient Roman forum...wait, no, that's not right. Anyway, in case you haven't noticed, August is over, so I've got to do something about the erosion of the cliffs of the...wait what?

Top Stories: Glowsquid (Glowsquid (talk)) was reinstated into his position as a Global Moderator.

Rule #9, a new rule, has been added, following a recent incident where a user revealed the personal information of another user. The rule is as follows:

"In addition to the harassment rule, there is to be no posting of user's personal information without their consent. This includes, but is not limited to, their name, telephone number, address, medical conditions, et cetera. This does not apply to information that the user has already made publically available."

Purity (Purity Essence (talk)) was unbanned, and, about a day later, was banned again - permanently. Bronto Burt (IceShadow1195 (talk)) was also unbanned.

Statistics: In August, 15 square miles of land fell into the sea...uh...hold on...

In August, 550 topics were made, along with 28095 posts. 46 new members joined, which ties with May for the highest so far this year. 135 was the most online, and that was on the 4th of August.

Smasher (Smasher (talk)) –36685
Rat (Ralphfan (talk)) – 26246
MCS (Mileycyrussoulja (talk)) – 24965
Pinkie Pie (UltraMario3000 (talk))– 22147
Don Pianta (Superjeff64 (talk)) – 16233
Nabber (Nabber (talk)) – 16082
Solar Blaze (SolarBlaze (talk)) – 15875
Phantom L (Lily (talk)) – 15650

Baby Luigi (BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)) – 14187
Herr Shyguy (Shyguy27 (talk)) – 12273

Green signifies the user is at a higher position than last month.
Blue signifies the user is at the same position as last month.
Red signifies the user is at a lower position than last month.
Bold signifies the user is a new entry to the top 10.

Mafia: Currently ongoing are Reverse Mafia's Pyro (Pyro (talk)), Epic Nitwit's (does he have a wiki account?) Mafia, Lakituthequick's (Lakituthequick (talk)) Mafia and New Super Mario's (New Super Mario (talk) Magnificent Mafia.

Well, that's all for my Fishing Update. Next time, you'll learn how to build a LEGO cupboard to store all of your fortune telling supplies in. Bye now!

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38 (talk))

When adding information to articles, make sure you don't go overboard using Wikipedia links. One or two is fine, if they are really needed, but try to steer clear of them. I stumbled upon an article that had a section about the music. Nearly every word in that paragraph was a Wikipedia link, from the style of the music to the instruments used. So, try to steer clear of Wikipedia links if you can.

Mario Calendar (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hello once again, readers, and welcome to this month's Mario Calendar!! After twelve months, we're back to where it all started: September. Exactly one year ago, I was announced as the new Mario Calendar writer for the Pipe Plaza, and this section has been featured in every Pipe Plaza issue since then, except this year's January issue. However, I will still write every issue from scratch, as if each one were the first Mario Calendar for the corresponding month.

So, here are the Mario, Yoshi, DK and Wario games released in September:

Abb. Region
NA North America
JP Japan
EU Europe
AU Australia/New Zealand

And that's all for this Pipe Plaza issue! See you in October!