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Director's Notes

Written by: Palkia47 (talk)

Issue100 palkia.png

Hello, hello, one and all! Welcome to Issue 100's Fun Stuff! We do sincerely hope you all enjoy the show, and please remember people, that no matter who you are, and what you do to live, thrive, and survive, there are still some things that make us all the same! You, me, them, everybody! Everybody!

I could not be any more excited for all the content we have to bring to you! I also cannot thank everyone enough for everything they have provided to this section, and even the 'Shroom in general. Thank you for keeping it going 100 issues - it's amazing looking at it from when I wrote for it back in 2008 and comparing it to how far we have come now. It is absolutely mind-blowing, and I cannot wait for issue 200!

I am also pleased to announce that we have a new writer for Fun Stuff! Super Mario Bros. (talk), our current director and former Fun Stuff director, has decided to lend me his powers sign-up for Guess That Game! Welcome to the team, boss!

By the way, before we begin, I would just like to say one thing: thank you, Satoru Iwata.

Enjoy this month's Fun Stuff, everybody! :'D

Fun Stuff Contest

That's right, everyone, there is a special fun stuff contest going on this month as well! :'D We at Fun Stuff encourage all members to participate and try their luck in this special occasion! The rules for this contest are simple:

  • You must have an account on both the Super Mario Wiki and the Super Mario Boards.
  • Be the first user to solve this month's User Word Search section below! The word search must be solved in its entirety.
  • You must send the answers to me on the forum by August 8th, 2015 in order to be eligible. You must be able to verify the completion of the word search! To do so, you must do either of the following:
    • Copy and paste the word search into Paint, and complete it there via the line tool. Once completed, please upload to an image-hosting site and PM it to me.
    • Print out the word search and complete it your own way personally. Once completion, scan it and then upload it to an image-hosting site and PM it to me.
  • PLEASE PM it to me - you can do so here! Please do not inform me or show me your results on my talk page, on IRC, or anywhere else. I will only accept results in private message on the forums.
  • The very first person to send in the correct answers will win the grand prize! Second and third place finishers will also receive a prize! Others who submit the correct answers after the first three will be given an honorable mention in next month's Fun Stuff.
  • The results of this activity will be published in the August 2015 issue.
  • Any questions regarding the contest can be directed to me on the forum - you can shoot me a private message here!

Now, what are the prizes, you ask? Well, here's what we have to offer!

  • The first place finisher will receive the option to choose a $50 card for any of the following: Nintendo eShop card, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Amazon, or Steam! There will be no complications with region-lock.
  • The second place finisher will receive the option to choose a $20 card for any of the following: Nintendo eShop card, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Amazon, or Steam! There will be no complications with region-lock.
  • The third place finisher will receive the option to choose a $10 card for any of the following: Nintendo eShop card, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Amazon, or Steam! There will be no complications with region-lock.

I hope all, or at least as many of you, can participate in this contest! All you need is a little time and effort and you could very well receive any of our prizes, or an honorable mention! Good luck everybody, and have fun! :'D

Section of the Month

Place Section Votes % Writer
First Guess Who! 28 70% Andymii
Second Trivia 9 22.5% Marshal Dan Troop
Third Non-Mario Crossword 2 5% Palkia47
Fourth Word Search 1 2.5% Palkia47

Word Activities

Yoshi876 quizzes your Mario knowledge!
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Shoey offers some intriguing Mario trivia!
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Dippy "riddles you this" with some Rareware riddles!
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Andy challenges your character knowledge with 100 questions!
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SMB tests your Rare gaming smarts!
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Graphic Activities

Dive into the world of Rare with Stooben's crossword!
[read more]

Tucayo offers some Picross challenges!
[read more]

SMB provides some challenging mystery images!
[read more]

Packy showcases the special User Word Search!
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Mind Games


Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Hello everybody! Welcome to Quiz. This section is where I quiz you on various elements of the Mario series. As this is Issue 100 I considered doing a special quiz, but then decided that it'd be a lot more special for me to continue incorporating the entire Mario universe. Now let’s begin.


  1. What species do Kremlings resemble?
  2. What is the name of the microgame in WarioWare: D.I.Y. where players play a miniature Star Fox?
  3. Who is the boss of World 6 in New Super Mario Bros.?


  1. What year was Super Paper Mario released in Japan?
  2. What real world continent is the country Suriname on?
  3. Name the only enemy (and its variants) that appear in the level Spine Coaster Stowaways.


  1. What is the name of the fourth level of Kremlantis in Donkey Kong Land?
  2. What mode of transportation does Bub want to work on when he is older?
  3. What device does Professor Kooparity plan to flood the city of Victoria with?



  1. Crocodiles.
  2. Star Fox (Starwing for PAL regions).
  3. Monty Tank.


  1. 2007.
  2. South America.
  3. Piranha Plants.


  1. Snake Charmer's Challenge.
  2. Trains.
  3. The Retro Router.


Written by: Marshal Dan Troop (talk) Did you know:

  1. That the only game to feature Waluigi but not Wario is Mario Tennis: Power Tour for the Game Boy Advance?
  2. That the game Mario Bros. takes place in the sewers of Brooklyn?
  3. That in the Japanese version of Super Mario World it’s possible to have Yoshi eat the Dolphins?
  4. That Banjo and Conker made their first appearances in Diddy Kong Racing?
  5. That Super Mario Land uses the can can as the song that plays during the star power-up?
  6. That Wart (under the name Mamu) also appears in the The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening which also takes place in a dream world?


Written by: Crocodile Dippy (talk)

Rare current logo
The rarest of them all.

G’day there, mates. Your hard-working Critic Corner director here with a once-off submission for RIDDLES, notably the first Riddles section to be done by... well, anyone, since Issue VI waaay back in June of 2007, by none other than Plumber (talk). Figured these would be fun to do, although I didn't anticipate them being quite as much fun as they were, which was a pleasant surprise! The riddles I've assorted here are all focused on Rare's games, to honour their 30th anniversary, as well as the upcoming release of Yooka-Laylee from Platonic Games, founded by many of the old Rare greats that made our childhoods so beautiful and full of life.

Tried not to make these too hard, but with any luck you'll get some fun out of these. At least the riddles themselves should hopefully be fun to read, so without any further delay, here we gooo...


To be first place, I’ll steal the pretty off your face
Yet by fur and feather, did my evil plans sever
Returned from the grave,
You’ll not see me coming
I’m more than you can handle
I’m a whole lotta woman


Darkness is my forte, as everyone will say
The best in my class, I’ll kick reptilian ass
No time to look pretty,
When you stealth through the city
A war of galactic reach
To me, a walk on the beach


I can’t stand my wife; she tells me "you need a life"
To hell with this hive, I need a change from this dive
But I’ve got nowhere to go,
I’m plumb down on my luck
To get my buzz back,
I just need a good @$#&


Go ahead and hug us, there’s nothing to fear
But don’t whack us too hard, or our bodies will tear
Those troublemaking tikis,
May ruin our hard work
Yet our colourful life,
Will put an end to their smirks

Riddle Answers
Warm-Up Gruntilda
Easy Joanna Dark
Medium Mr. King Bee
Hard Viva Piñata


Written by: Andymii (talk)

For 'Shroom issue 100
Issue 100!!!

Welcome to another issue of Guess… huh?! It’s ‘Shroom Issue #100? And it’s just been my birthday? Well, such amazing coincidences mean something special’s happening. Special as in…


That’s right, 100 questions, spanning four different levels and all kinds of games! To picture how many questions that really is, let me just say that’s about 5 times all of the Guess Who questions I’ve ever made up to the point, all in one oversized article. This is going to be exciting!

The sections are Easy, Bosses, Smash Bros., and Challenge. Get them all right, and I swear Nintendo should hire you. (In other words, good freakin’ luck.) Answers are at the end, and you can score yourself.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or complaints, or see some wrong facts you would like to correct, please contact me on my talk page. Aaaaaand, let’s get started!

Level 1: Easy

Not very confident yet on your Guess Who skills, not too knowledgeable on the Mario series, or simply want to warm up your mind? Use this section as your starting point!

  • Question 1
Artwork of Mario doing his victory pose
    • This character is capable of exploding.
    • It has a wind-up key on its back.
    • It has two plain white eyes but no other facial features, which sounds creepier than it actually is.

  • Question 2
    • To attack, this enemy throws an unlimited amount of a specific work tool.
    • It has a green shell.
    • It first appeared in Super Mario Bros.. One appears right before the final battle with Bowser.

  • Question 3
    • This squid-like creature lives in the water.
    • Oddly, it is weak to fireballs. Yeah, fireballs. While underwater. It makes no sense.
    • It became a Mario Kart item starting in Mario Kart DS.

  • Question 4
    • This green character spits spiky balls to attack. Weird.
    • It first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3.
    • It became a playable character in the Mario Party series in Mario Party 10.

  • Question 5
    • This character is the opposite of Luigi.
    • He debuted in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 as a partner for Wario.
    • His hat symbol is an upside-down “L”.

  • Question 6
    • As of now, she has had three different voice actors.
    • She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy, and is now a relatively major character in the Mario series.
    • Her job is to watch over the cosmos.

  • Question 7
    • This enemy is the first one encountered in Super Mario Bros..
    • It has become and stayed as one of the most common Mario enemies.
    • It represents a shitake mushroom. People also argue that it is a chestnut. Hey, I’m not arguing.

  • Question 8
    • This hero wears a red hat.
    • He has saved the Mushroom Kingdom multiple times from Bowser.
    • If you don’t know him, then what are you doing on this website?

  • Question 9
    • He hopes “she has lots of spaghetti!” At least in Hotel Mario.
    • He can jump higher than his brother, but has less traction.
    • His first starring game was Mario is Missing!

  • Question 10
    • Though mostly portrayed as the antagonist of the Mario series, he has occasionally teamed up with Mario to fight for the greater good.
    • He is often mistaken for being a lizard or dragon, but is in fact a large turtle.
    • He enjoys cake, so much so that he will kidnap princesses multiple times to receive a slice. Dang. And after all that, he still hasn’t gotten a single one… poor him.

  • Question 11
    • This woman wears a pink dress.
    • She is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.
    • She keeps going missing, thanks to a certain spiky-shelled character.

  • Question 12
    • He is named after his own species.
    • His signature moves include the Flutter Jump, and also can eat most enemies in his way.
    • He first appeared in Super Mario World. He’s even on the box art.

  • Question 13
    • This character’s father was the main antagonist of the first game Mario was in.
    • You won’t find him on Sega!
    • He became especially popular after a game on the Super Nintendo game out, boasting pre-rendered graphics.

  • Question 14
    • As a child, this character was jealous of Mario, so as an adult, he stole Mario’s castle. You gotta admire his perseverance.
    • He is designed to be the opposite of Mario, and his name translates into Japanese to “Bad Mario.”
    • Despite this, he has many starring roles of his own.

  • Question 15
    • This character often acts extremely spoiled.
    • He often gets his father to make the most expensive of machines for him, most of which are immediately destroyed by Mario. Judging by the machines’ looks, they must cause billions of dollars in total. Some are bigger than the planet they inhibit.
    • Is Super Mario Sunshine, he pretends to believe that Peach is his mother.

  • Question 16
    • This character is Peach’s #1 security guard.
    • Like Question 12, he is named after his own species.
    • Oftentimes, he’s pretty useless, but his species has been “protecting” Peach since Super Mario Bros..

  • Question 17
    • This turtle comes in both red and green.
    • Although it is an enemy, it can be manipulated to provide Mario with infinite lives, or defeat enemies in front of Mario.
    • It’s predecessor, the Shellcreeper, first appeared in the arcade game Mario Bros..

  • Question 18
    • This princess owns a cruise ship, which doubles as a racetrack.
    • An alien hired by Wario to distract Mario kidnapped her once.
    • She rules Sarasaland.

  • Question 19
    • To this day, there is a debate whether this character is male, female, or a male who wants to be female.
    • He (or she) is Yoshi’s default racing partner in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.
    • It first appeared as bosses in the American Super Mario Bros. 2.

  • Question 20
    • This is the undead version of a Koopa Troopa.
    • When stomped on, it comes back to life after a short period of time.
    • A winged version debuted in Super Mario 3D World.

  • Question 21
    • This enemy is very shy.
    • A member of its species races Mario and Luigi twice within Super Mario Galaxy.
    • It looks like Kirby, except white, without feet, and with fangs.

  • Question 22
    • This enemy is a carnivorous, man-biting plant!
    • However, its strategy is pretty dumb: it doesn’t attack when Mario is right above of it. Wow.
    • They usually inhibit pipes.

  • Question 23
    • This character is a Magikoopa.
    • He took care of Bowser when Bowser was young.
    • He has dressed up like Princess Peach before.

  • Question 24
    • This character is both friendly and unfriendly, depending on the game.
    • He’s mad because someone made fun of its glasses, so he attacks by throwing his pet.
    • However, the species is also capable of directing the Mario Kart races, and filming the entirety of Mario’s adventures in Super Mario 64.

  • Question 25
    • This small, red, turtle has a spiky shell.
    • Yoshi can jump on it and take not harm.
    • It is the pet of a turtle on a cloud.

Level 2: Bosses
Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car

Warmed up? Now it’s time to recognize the Big Guys who dared to face Mario in combat. They come in all shapes and sizes, but all share one common goal: to defeat Mario! Use this section to expand your boss knowledge.

  • Question 26
    • This “thing” is a hybrid of plant and dinosaur.
    • I like to say that it has “bad turning skills.”
    • It is the first boss of a game (which happens to be my favorite!).

  • Question 27
    • This small character loves to toss harmless, bouncy projectiles.
    • He is called Hip Koopa in the cartoons.
    • His hair is multi-colored, which is actually pretty cool.

  • Question 28
    • For some reason, this boss has a cork in its mouth.
    • First appearing in a GameCube game, it reappeared in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
    • He attacks by smacking with his tentacles.

  • Question 29
    • His name is derived from the Spanish word for “hot.”
    • He appeared in both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.
    • Besides fireballs, has the extremely strange ability to spit coconuts, which is stupid considering they can be deflected to attack him back.

  • Question 30
    • This easy first boss leads an army of explosives against another army of explosives.
    • He attacks by picking Mario up and throwing him off a mountain. It’s actually not nearly as bad as it sounds.
    • He can be beaten by picking him up and throwing him to the ground three times.

  • Question 31
    • This big, scary monster is actually secretly sensitive and cowardly.
    • He eats ghosts! Peter Venkman should hire him.
    • His heart can be fought separately.

  • Question 32
    • This boss wears pink sunglasses.
    • He holds a portable Bill Blaster in New Super Mario Bros. U.
    • In that game, he is the boss of Rock-Candy Mines.

  • Question 33
    • This octopus-like boss shoots fireballs and coconuts.
    • He represents an octopus from Super Mario Galaxy.
    • Though he isn’t King Kaliente, he is implied to be closely related.

  • Question 34
    • In the cartoons, this character was Lemmy Koopa’s twin.
    • Recently, he has been seen with a pet Chain Chomp.
    • He might not be completely sane.

  • Question 35
    • This character’s face is the logo of the dreaded Impossible Pack from New Super Mario Bros. 2.
    • He is a DLC character for Mario Kart 8.
    • He can spit blue fireballs.

  • Question 36
    • This is the developer of Swoon.exe and digibutter.nerr.
    • He is “hi-technicaaaal!”
    • He went to the hospital after getting injured playing video games.

  • Question 37
    • This boss is a column of rocks, covering a layer of shadows.
    • He once kidnapped Luigi.
    • He has the magical power to summon Bomb Boos.

  • Question 38
    • This boss looks similar to a boss from the first game in its series.
    • It represents a Snifit.
    • It can be defeated by a Spin Drill. One would think a boss that attacks with drills would be immune to drills! Ah, whatever.

  • Question 39
    • Of course, Nintendo had to make Bowser Jr. tell the player this boss’s weakness right before the fight. Because otherwise, it’d be too hard. (It wouldn’t.)
    • There is also an on-fire version of this boss.
    • It resembles a Chinese dragon. Huh. I thought Chinese dragons were friendly. I guess this one isn’t.

  • Question 40
    • In multiple 2D side-scrolling platforming games, he is the first boss to be fought.
    • He was named after the drummer from the band U2.
    • In the cartoons, he is the “emperor of eavesdropping.”

  • Question 41
    • This character has multiple Scottish stereotypes.
    • He was a general of an army a long time ago.
    • After the certain Paper Mario game he appears in is completed, he can be found looking for Nastasia, hoping to give her some of Saffron’s yummy treats. What a nice character.

  • Question 42
    • He is named after his species. (I feel like that’s being said before. Like, multiple times.)
    • After a long absence, he returns in Super Mario 3D Land, along with a female counterpart.
    • He attacks by flailing or spinning his arms. It actually looks quite silly.

  • Question 43
    • This was the final boss of a game.
    • He was sent by Wario to distract Mario while Mario’s castle was stolen.
    • He makes a brief but notable appearance in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

  • Question 44
    • Among her siblings, this character is the only female.
    • She attacks by summoning rings. Yes, rings. The kind you put on your wrist.
    • In her first appearance, she is the leader of Water Land.

  • Question 45
    • This character literally reappeared in a throwback.
    • He and his people build your houses, paves your roads, and you still walk over them. Show him some respect!
    • He also can get tired of his speech.

  • Question 46
    • This character wields a boomerang with a ribbon on it, which is used to attack.
    • She first appeared on a Nintendo 3DS game.
    • She is one of the few female members of the Koopa Troop.

  • Question 47
    • This boss’s original name in development was “Malletoid.” Don’t look on the Wiki front page.
    • It is one of Bowser Jr.’s completely unnecessary robots.
    • Once destroyed, it reappears in a different level, in pieces, but still able to shoot Bullet Bills.

  • Question 48
    • This character, named after a composer, makes “Koopa Symphonies.”
    • He is the cleverest among his siblings.
    • He is often the second-to-final boss in 2D platforming games.

  • Question 49
    • This King-snake-thingy really likes plates!
    • Like many other silly bosses, he literally provides the player the power-up needed to defeat him. I want to make a comment here, but… just wow.
    • Additionally, his weak point is a large X-bandage. Huh. I wonder if they could get any more obvious.

  • Question 50
    • These strange rock guardians have eyes on their palms.
    • Until Mario woke this character up, they had been sleeping forever. Hey, you can’t blame they for being a tad bit grumpy.
    • It acts similarly to Gohdan from The Legend of Zelda: the Windwaker.

Level 3: Super Smash Bros. Fighters
Illustration for Robin and Lucina, from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.

No one said Guess Who was only for Mario characters! For the first time ever, Guess Who brings you characters beyond just Mario and focuses instead on characters from all different backgrounds. Some questions may be extremely easy for you, and some you may have no idea. Either way, use this section to expand your knowledge on a wide variety of series, or the Smash series in general! (Special thanks to various NIWA wikis, especially SmashWiki, for providing much of the necessary information.)

  • Question 51
    • This character is usually portrayed as left-handed.
    • He is the protagonist of one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises.
    • He has a very powerful, legendary sword, called the M*****r S***d.

  • Question 52
    • This character was originally drawn as white for the cover art of this first game he appeared in.
    • Unlike many fighters, he can jump six times.
    • However, this is balanced by the fact that he is very lightweight.

  • Question 53
    • This character debuted in a 2006 Japan-only game.
    • He is currently a DLC for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
    • He first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  • Question 54
    • The same company behind Resident Evil and Ace Attorney makes this character.
    • He isn’t actually a human, but is close to one.
    • He has appeared in two Smash games.

  • Question 55
    • Though he is only the height of a quarter, this character’s height is greatly inflated for Smash purposes.
    • He has many plant-animal thingies helping him.
    • Recently, a few of his palette-swaps change him into the protagonist of the most recent game of his series. (It’s hard to say that clearly without giving it away.)

  • Question 56
    • This character is one of the earliest-created characters fighting in Smash.
    • He was in a highly popular arcade game.
    • The company that made him merged with another company, making the new company N****-B*****.

  • Question 57
    • This character can be seem to play a similar role to Princess Peach, except a million times more independent.
    • The first game she herself was playable in was the Phillips CD-i games, which were, as everyone knows, terrible. Huh. Sounds like the story of Luigi.
    • She was first playable starting from Super Smash Bros. Melee, and has been playable ever since.

  • Question 58
    • This character is arguably one of the most iconic characters of its series.
    • He loves ketchup. Who wouldn’t?
    • He has red cheeks.

  • Question 59
    • This character’s Final Smash is “Secret ***** Attack.”
    • He has incredible speed.
    • The game he debuted in was released less than a year before his first appearance in “Smash”.

  • Question 60
    • This character is an expert pilot.
    • His father was supposedly killed in a failed mission against the series’ main antagonist.
    • He is one of eight characters to appear in every “Smash” game.

  • Question 61
    • This character is currently available for DLC.
    • Club Nintendo users who registered both Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U before a certain date got this character for free. (That’s how I go this character!)
    • This character was genetically engineered from the supposed ancestor of all the characters of its series.

  • Question 62
    • This character shares a major taunt trait with Solid Snake.
    • He first became playable after a long hiatus in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    • Soon after, he got his first game in while, where is character model was based after the one in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  • Question 63
    • This character’s first game made players believe she was a man until the very end.
    • Though she was once tasked on wiping out an entire species, she left one hatchling for scientists to study.
    • She goes through tight cracks in a not-so-efficient way.

  • Question (N)64
    • This character can sing and make others fall asleep.
    • This is the only character not to applaud on the results screen, due to its tiny arms.
    • Even though this character isn’t a major character in its series, it was chosen to appear in the original Super Smash Bros. for its similarities to Kirby, so similar models and animations could be used.

  • Question 65
    • This character is in constant communication with another fighter through psychic communications.
    • She has no playable appearance in any other game but Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
    • She is the Goddess of Light.

  • Question 66
    • One of his music theme goes “dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun, dun dun dun!” Say it out loud, and mind the commas. It actually helps.
    • He has the same voice as another character. Actually, the same character. But apart. So confusing…
    • He does his job in a rather questionable way.

  • Question 67
    • One of this character’s attacks is very powerful, but makes the character take damage. Use with caution. (Or spam-attack it like me.)
    • Until recently, this was an Assist Trophy as opposed to a stand-alone fighter.
    • One of his attacks gets weaker and weaker over time, but can be recharged with a short break.

  • Question 68
    • Though the main antagonist of his series, this character seems more selfish than evil.
    • He is the only antagonist to appear in every Smash game, though this includes cameos.
    • In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, he is carried in by a few Waddle Dees, in classic lazy king style.

  • Question 69
    • This character is argued by many to be the most over-powered.
    • He is seen as both a hero and a villain.
    • He is the first character to have a victory theme different from other characters in its series.

  • Question 70
    • This character was a real-life toy.
    • He made an appearance in Mario Kart DS.
    • It was first advertised as a toy instead of a video game product, as stores were not very enthusiastic about selling video games back when it was released in 1985.

  • Question 71
    • This character was made to compete against Nintendo. And now he’s in a Nintendo game? Wow, things really do change.
    • He is 15 years old.
    • There was a hoax that this character was unlockable in Melee. This would prove to be false.

  • Question 72
    • Unlike many of other Nintendo’s bosses, this character is cunning, smart, and… let’s just say more capable than Bowser.
    • Throughout the games in his series, he has developed from a simple monster to a well fleshed-out character.
    • He can play the organ! Hey, bad guys can enjoy the arts, too.

  • Question 73
    • This “character” is technically two characters, not one. Actually, are technically three characters if the not-seen character that pulls off their Smash Attack is counted.
    • One of the characters within the group is famous for doing something that really pissed gamers off. Like, Toad-level pissed off.
    • The “duo” was a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

  • Question 74
    • He’s your Kid’s Meal at McDonalds. (It makes no sense until you think about it.)
    • He is 17 years old, and from the Bronx.
    • He has great ground fighting, but has poor aerial attacks.

  • Question 75
    • This fighter is mostly blue and black.
    • Its canine-like properties make it look similar to Anubis, the Egyptian god of funerals. Huh.
    • He possesses the best wall jump and wall cling abilities.

Level 4: Challenge

Now, let’s get back to focusing on the Mario series. Except this time, it won’t be so easy! Included in this section are some of the more vague and lesser-known characters within the series. If you can ace this section, then you’re truly a Mario character pro! Use this section if you have supreme confidence in your Guess Who skills. Or if you want a challenge. Both work.

  • Question 76
    • This character appears in a platforming GameCube game.
    • He owns many Bloopers.
    • He is not liable for any accidents that may happen. And they will happen. A lot.

  • Question 77
    • This character is a racing character (Il Piantissimo, Koopa the Quick, etc.)
    • After the game it appears in is completely beat, it suddenly grows in size.
    • He claims to be a world champion sledder.

  • Question 78
    • This character is the leader and the fastest of his species.
    • At one point, he challenges Mario to a race.
    • He is a black-colored bird.

  • Question 79
    • This assistant can carry Mario and co. over hazardous materials.
    • She appears as a geometric net of a cube.
    • She functions similar to Lakilester.

  • Question 80
    • Don’t become his lunch!
    • This gentle sea dragon looks similar to the Pokémon Lapras.
    • It makes a reappearance in New Super Mario Bros.

  • Question 81
    • This machine can shoot more water than the amount in its tank, which is physically not possible.
    • In the Smash games, it can push fighters.
    • It can talk through its nozzle.

  • Question 82
    • This character functions as one of the “lazy-player” tools. Seriously, it literally beats the level for you.
    • However, it makes Power Stars turn into Bronze Stars, so it’s pretty much useless.
    • She never appears when the player is Luigi. Poor Luigi. Why does no one want to help him?

  • Question 83
    • This character has no official English name, and its current MarioWiki page has a French title.
    • It has the power to move Prankster Comets.
    • A humorous glitch turns this character upside-down.

  • Question 84
    • This friendly Toad delivers mail- in space!
    • He enjoys snorkeling.
    • He has a tendency to deliver 1-Up mushrooms, usually from Peach in captivity. If Mario denies the mushrooms, he’ll give them to the brigade as backup (in other words, precious lives are thrown away). I wonder where Peach gets the mushrooms…?

  • Question 85
    • This character has an ability called “Smooch”, where it restores 20 of Mario’s HP.
    • Before she was freed, she was trapped by Bowser in Mount Lavalava.
    • She makes a slight appearance in Mario Party 5, where she hosts one of the game modes.

  • Question 86
    • While technically an annoying thief that steals from Toad Houses, this creature helps Luigi on his journey in New Super Luigi U.
    • He looks similar to Ravio from the Legend of Zelda series, but Nintendo has dismissed this as simply a coincidence.
    • In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, he attempts to trap fighters in his bag and fly away.

  • Question 87
    • This elderly man runs a theme park.
    • He believes Mecha-Bowser is a wonderful theme park attraction. (It isn’t even an attraction. Bowser would be offended that his death machine would ever be compared to that.)
    • He tells Mario that his theme park has become less popular due to the lack of new rides.

  • Question 88
    • This Bob-omb represents (and may very well be) a Bob-omb Buddy.
    • She is the first explosive teammate in the Paper Mario series.
    • She has a ponytail-shaped fuse.

  • Question 89
    • After appearing in an extremely successful Nintendo 64 Mario game, this character didn’t appear again until Super Mario 3D World.
    • A large version, called “Prince *****,” appears in this game.
    • It attacks by bumping, hopefully off a ledge.

  • 'Question 90
    • These tropical characters have palm trees on their heads.
    • Some of them have incredible strength, and can toss Mario a great distance!
    • At some point, many of them falsely blame Mario for vandalizing their island.

  • Question 91
    • This clone of Mario is quite evil!
    • Mario has to race this character to a goal. If Mario loses, Mario spontaneously dies. Maybe he got really disappointed?
    • Colliding with him causes Star Bits to fly out.

  • Question 92
    • This bird is quite shy.
    • A Jibberjay claims that this character cannot fly, but can glide.
    • As a team, Mario and this character race the Jibberjays at some point.

  • Question 93
    • This character and his acquaintances name are a pun on something you’d see on a highway.
    • He and his acquaintances give friendly advice, along with his many other acquaintances.
    • He tells Mario that the Mushroom Kingdom is a wonderful world, but he’d enjoy it more if he weren’t a… sign.

  • Question 94
    • This character owns a hotel in a GameCube game.
    • He desperately needs Mario’s help, and often begs for Mario to come inside his hotel. Oh yeah, and once Mario is inside, he can’t leave until he beats the level or quits! What a rude, albeit kindhearted, jerk.
    • At one point, ghosts overrun his hotel.

  • Question 95
    • This archeologist is desperate to reach his goals, to a point of being a little bit silly.
    • At one point, he finds a long-searched for treasure, but is too short to reach it. Makes you a little sad, doesn’t it?
    • His often quests anger his wife, as he is rarely home.

  • Question 96
    • This is often cited as one of the scariest Mario enemies.
    • Mario has to interact with this character, as it holds a Red Coin.
    • It is a living, vicious musical instrument. That I play. ☹

  • Question 97
    • This is a fortuneteller that talks in rhyme.
    • She can randomly give Mario and co. items.
    • Her birthday is March 25th, her favorite smell is fresh air, her favorite food is strawberries, and her hobby is looking through catalogs for Crystal Balls.

  • Question 98
    • This is one of the characters in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! that can use all special items.
    • In his first appearance, he spits brown-colored slop at you. That’s pretty disgusting.
    • He got his look from a mutation.

  • Question 99
    • These mischievous monkeys like to steal hats.
    • One of them grabs a Power Star for Mario.
    • However, Mario has to chase it for a while.

  • Question 100
    • This represents the Pokémon Diglett.
    • They are on the verge of extinction. Please whack in moderation.
    • When hit, these innocent creatures leave behind a delicacy.

And… that’s it! I hope you enjoyed these questions, as I put a lot of time into creating them. Have a great time looking at all the other Issue 100 articles, and as always, don't forget to check out August’s edition of Guess Who!

Raccoon Mario artwork from New Super Mario Bros. 2

Here is the Answer Key.

Easy Answers
  1. Bob-omb
  2. Hammer Bro.
  3. Blooper
  4. Spike
  5. Waluigi
  6. Rosalina
  7. Goomba
  8. Mario
  9. Luigi
  10. Bowser
  11. Peach
  12. Yoshi
  13. Donkey Kong
  14. Wario
  15. Bowser Jr.
  16. Toad
  17. Koopa Troopa
  18. Daisy
  19. Birdo
  20. Dry Bones
  21. Boo
  22. Piranha Plant
  23. Kamek
  24. Lakitu
  25. Spiny
Bosses Answers
  1. Dino Piranha
  2. Lemmy
  3. Gooper Blooper
  4. King Kaliente
  5. King Bob-omb
  6. Tubba Blubba
  7. Roy Koopa
  8. Prince Pikante
  9. Iggy Koopa
  10. Dry Bowser
  11. Francis
  12. Bouldergeist
  13. Digga-Leg
  14. Gobblegut
  15. Larry
  16. O'Chunks
  17. Boom Boom
  18. Tatanga
  19. Wendy Koopa
  20. King Whomp
  21. Pom Pom
  22. Megahammer
  23. Ludwig
  24. Hisstocrat
  25. Eyerok
Super Smash Bros. Answers
Super Smash Bros.
  1. Link
  2. Kirby
  3. Lucas
  4. Mega Man
  5. Olimar
  6. Pac-Man
  7. Zelda
  8. Pikachu
  9. Greninja
  10. Fox McCloud
  11. Mewtwo
  12. Pit
  13. Samus
  14. Jigglypuff
  15. Palutena
  16. Dr. Mario
  17. Charizard
  18. King Dedede
  19. Meta Knight
  20. R.O.B.
  21. Sonic
  22. Ganondorf
  23. Duck Hunt
  24. Little Mac
  25. Lucario
Challenge Answers
  1. Big Daddy
  2. Big Penguin
  3. Black Jibberjay
  4. Carrie
  5. Dorrie
  6. F.L.U.D.D.
  7. Cosmic Spirit
  8. Lumacomète
  9. Mailtoad
  10. Misstar
  11. Nabbit
  12. Noki Director
  13. Bombette
  14. Bully
  15. Pianta
  16. Cosmic Mario
  17. Fluzzard
  18. Bill Board
  19. Hotel manager
  20. Kolorado
  21. Mad Piano
  22. Merlee
  23. Petey Piranha
  24. Ukiki
  25. Whacka


  • 90-100 correct: Nintendo should hire you!
  • 70-89 correct: You’re definitely a Mario veteran!
  • 50-69 correct: It’s clear you enjoy the series!
  • 30-49 correct: Keep on trying!
  • 10-29 correct: Try to do better!
  • 0-10 correct: Oh, come on! Were you even trying?

Guess That Game!

Written by: Super Mario Bros. (talk)

File:Rare logo 2015.png
This is a pretty Rare section!

Greetings, readers! This is SMB, with a new edition of Guess That Game! for Issue 100. In fact, this is the first one of these for 2015, making this a pretty... Rare section! That being said, this year is also the gaming company's 30th anniversary, making it a perfect time to celebrate their rich and extensive history.

For those who may not know who Rare is, I will give a quick crash course if you have not read my A History of Video Games section yet. This talented studio created classics for Nintendo throughout the 1990s and continued to make some good games with Microsoft in the 2000s. Among the most relevant to the Mario community, they are responsible for the first three Donkey Kong Country games, the Donkey Kong Land series, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong 64, the Banjo series, and Conker's Bad Fur Day.

While Rare continues to make games today and is currently working on the MMORPG game Sea of Thieves, several key staff members have left over the years and have formed their own studios. Arguably, the two most relevant of these teams are Gory Detail and Playtonic Games. Gory Detail was formed in 2012 by Chris Seavor, the mastermind behind Conker's Bad Fur Day, and is currently working on The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup. Playtonic Games was formed in 2015 by Chris Sutherland and other important former Rare employees; they have started developing Yooka-Laylee, a spiritual successor to the Banjo games which they originally created.

But that is more than enough information to know in order to take part in this activity. If you are interested in knowing more about this legendary developer, be sure to check out my A History of Video Games article! Otherwise, now it is time for you to Guess That (Rare) Game!

Level 1: Easy

  1. An extremely revolutionary game for 1994, especially in terms of graphics.
  2. The hero's valued hoard is stolen by his nemesis, thus the adventure begins.
  3. This game was designed for both slow-paced exploration and fast-paced speed-running.
  4. A core concept is its "buddy" system that allows the player to receive two hits before losing a life.
  5. It quickly became the second-best seller on the SNES, and Rare managed the series until it joined Microsoft in 2002.

Level 2: Normal

  1. This one started out as a Nintendo 64 game, but found its way to Nintendo Gamecube instead.
  2. This game is substantially different from the rest of its series, and was originally supposed to be an entirely different franchise.
  3. The design was inspired by the Zelda series, as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released early in this game's development.
  4. Although the game initially received praise, it later faced skepticism due to how far a departure it was from its predecessors.
  5. It was Rare's last game before becoming a part of Microsoft, and its only game for Nintendo Gamecube.

Level 3: Hard

  1. This game is recognized for its extensively detailed character designs, voice acting, and sound effects.
  2. The hero winds up going down the wrong path, and is forced to help others along his way back home.
    ...Meanwhile, an evil king hopes to capture him in order to solve his own dilemmas.
  3. Much of the action in the game is "context-sensitive" and depends on the situation the hero is in.
  4. A sequel for this game was in the works for Xbox after Microsoft's acquisition of Rare, but eventually ended up cancelled.
  5. Although the game did not sell well on the Nintendo 64, it received widespread critical acclaim.

...Donkey Kong Country!


...Star Fox Adventures!


...Conker's Bad Fur Day!

Did you do well? Be sure to check your answers and see if you can guess these games from Rare. Otherwise, that is it for Guess This Game! for this month! Remember to come back next month for another edition.

Rare Crossword

Written by: Stooben Rooben (talk)

Howdy, Funsters. I see it's been a while since you've had a crossword puzzle thrown at you, so LOOK OUT. I've created a 30-clue crossword that revolves around Rare's history and catalog, in honor of Playtonic's upcoming game Yooka-Laylee. Maybe it's not the Mario crossword you were expecting, but it does involve some Donkey Kong! Really though, this crossword has made me realize just how many of Rare's games I've yet to play. I'm gonna have to work on that. Starting with Yooka-Laylee!





Written by: Tucayo (talk)

HI, readers! I'm your loving guest writer, Tucayo, here with a very special edition of Picross! This game can be confusing or difficult for some users, so I will do my best to explain you how it works, with help form this article

A 15x15 square puzzle.
A 15x15 square puzzle.

The objective of each puzzle is to reveal a hidden picture in a grid by marking specific squares. Each puzzle starts with an empty grid and several numbers are given at the side of each horizontal row and vertical column of the grid. The numbers tell the player how many squares have to be marked in each line. The revealed pictures will show an element from the Mario series.

For example, a "5" means that the player has to mark five consecutive squares in the respective line. If there is more than one number, then there has to be at least one blank square between the marked areas.

For instance, "4 6 2" means that four consecutive squares have to be marked in the line, followed by at least one blank square. After the blank space(s), the player has to mark an area of six squares. Again, there has to be at least one blank square between this area and the last two consecutive squares that have to be marked. If the player is sure that a square doesn't have to be mark, e.g. when a blank square is needed or all required squares in a line have been scraped, he or she can mark it with an "X".

Look at the image on your right for an example.

Ready? Let's get this started with an easy one. I'll walk you through this one. To play, you can either draw the game on a notebook or copy the image and fill the squares in Paint (or any program you want).


As you can see, the first row (the horizontal ones) tells us we will have to mark six squares. These squares have to be marked in succession. However, we can't know which squares have to be marked now. Our second row tells us we will have to mark two squares, then leave at least one blank, then mark two more, leave at least one blank square, and finally mark one more square. But with all these, we can't still be sure which squares we have to mark. How, then can we start playing this amazing game? Here are some tips:

  • Count the rows and columns you have. In this puzzle, you have 10.
  • Then, search for columns and rows whose numbers and blank spaces add up to 10. What does this mean? Take a look at column #8 (the one with 3 and 6). If you mark three squares and you then have to mark six, you see there is only one way these squares could fit, taking into account the mandatory blank square. After doing this we will have the following puzzle:

  • Voilà! We have marked our first squares. We then follow the same as the second bullet, noting row #3 (1 1 4 1) also adds up to ten. This is, one square marked + one blank + one marked + one blank + four marked + one blank + one marked = 10. And look, row #6 (1 2 1 3) also follows this rule! The same applies for column #3 (4 5). Any row or column that doesn't add up to ten with just one blank space between numbers can't follow this rule. So now we are left with the following puzzle:

  • From there, you can be sure any of the mandatory blank squares we have will not be used. It's easier if you mark them somehow. We are 100% sure these squares will not be marked.

  • Now we can start working on the rows and columns we haven't completed. Let's look at column #1 (4). If we know these four squares have to be together, and we already have two squares marked in this column, we know the two squares between them will have to be marked to complete the four squares, and that, since we completed the column, nothing else will be marked here. The same applies for column #10 (4); rows #1 (6), #4 (3 1), #7 (8), and #10 (6). We now have the following image:

  • It sure looks like something now, doesn't it? But let's finish this up. Let's look at the rows and columns we haven't completed yet (a complete row has all squares filled out, either gray or black). We can see rows #8 (1 1) and #9 (1 1) only needed two one-square groups to be marked, and both are already filled in, so we can gray out the rest of the row, knowing nothing else will be in there. The same goes for row #4 (1 2 1).

  • Alright, we're getting there. Row #5 (1 3 1) already has the first one-square group and the last one, which means we need the three-square group. As there is one square marked already, and we know we have to leave one blank between groups, we will mark the two squares to the left of the second black square in this row. After doing this, we can gray out the rest. Column #2 (1 1 1) only has one blank space left, and we need to mark one more square, so we'll obviously mark that one. Column #5 (3 1 1) also has just one blank square, which is the one we need to complete the three-square group, so we'll mark that one. We can see column #6 (1 1 3 1) has also been completed with one of our moves, so we'll gray out the remaining square. The same goes for column #7 (1 1 1 1 1). We are now left with a single blank square, which is needed to complete the last two-block group in row #2 (2 1 2). This also completes column #9 (1 2) and the full puzzle. Ta-da!

Easy enough, wasn't it? Now let's take it up a notch. Remember, you can either copy the image and play on an image editor or draw it on a notebook, if you prefer. Good luck!



Mystery Images

Written by: Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Hello! This is SMB, and this month I am going to challenge you with three Mystery Images puzzles. In this game, I will provide five parts of one image, and it is your goal to see the whole picture. Get the picture? Good! Now go ahead and start guessing!

Game 1






Game 2






Game 3






  1. Super Mario Bros. box art! Happy 30th anniversary, Super Mario Bros.!
  2. Jet Force Gemini box art! Happy 30th anniversary, Rare!
  3. Super Mario Wiki main page! Happy 10th anniversary, Super Mario Wiki!

Word Search

Written by: Palkia47 (talk)

Howdy, everyone! Welcome to this month's word search, and boy, do we have a special one for you! :'D Instead of continuing our regularly scheduled Mario-themed word search, I would like to introduce you all to the User Word Search! For the past few weeks, sign-ups have been going on on the forums for this word search, and more than 50 of you signed up, and I could not be any happier and more honored to have so many of you sign up. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys so much! It means the world to me... but without further ado, here we go! Oh yeah, and P.S., I will not be giving out the answers to this word search this month! Mwahahahahaha!


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