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The 'Shroom Mafia III Announcement

by Stooben Rooben (talk)

Hello, 'Shroom readers and mobsters in-the-making! In celebration of Issue #100, it is my pleasure to announce that I will be hosting 'Shroom Mafia III! The last 'Shroom Mafia game was hosted by Marioguy1 (talk) in 2012; three years later, I am here to build upon the formula he used in that game to bring The 'Shroom the greatest Mafia game it has yet to see. I've spent many hours working on the mechanics of this game to ensure it is both balanced and innovative. Allow me to give you a brief rundown of some features you will find in this game:

  • 'Shroom Relation: Considering that this is 'Shroom Mafia III, I suppose it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway — The 'Shroom is the central motif for this game. It will be built around the vast number of writers, contributors, and sections The 'Shroom has come to see over the years. In order to make roles more interesting, I will also be pulling from wiki lore. This should give players more leeway to devise creative, believable roleclaims.
  • Role Cards: Something that has become a staple among my Werewolf and Mafia games. I'm currently designing the role cards for this game, but I've no doubt they will be well-received once they are finished. I'm not going to reveal anything about the design just yet, because I think the role cards will be one of the best surprises I have to offer.
  • Role Madness: Yes, that is right. Every role will have at least one power that can be used; some will have upwards of four. There will also be a number of passive abilities that work automatically. This is to ensure every player has the opportunity to make an impact in the game and increase their player rating I give them after the end of the game.
  • Role Priority: A new feature, as far as I know; each role card will have a rating between 1 and 5 that indicates the survival priority of that role. The more important a role is to achieving a certain team's win condition, the higher its priority rating will be.
  • Items: This game will make heavy utilization of items. All of the items used in the game will be pulled from Toadbert101 (talk)'s and Gamefreak75 (talk)'s many Peddler's Place sections for Fake News.
  • Economy/Coins: Every player will receive a set amount of coins at the start of the game, which will be determined by their role priority. During the game, players will have the opportunity to earn coins through a variety of methods, or spend them on the aforementioned items. For the sake of fairness, no role shall have an easier way to earn coins than any other role.
  • Health Points: This feature has been carried over and revised from my game, MW Werewolf: Take IV. Each player will start the game with 100 HP. Various powers will be able to decrease or replenish health. A player's health can never be higher than 100; if a player's health reaches 0, they will die.
  • Status Effects: Another feature that has been revised from Take IV, there will be over a dozen status effects that can affect players and their roles' output. Roughly half of the status effects are positive, while the rest are negative. Among these status effects will be rejuvinated, motivated, consecrated, poisoned, bleeding, and flummoxed. Status effects can stack (for instance, you can be poisoned and bleeding at the same time), but the same status effect cannot stack with itself (so, you can't be double-poisoned and take twice the damage you normally would from that status effect).
  • Blood Types: Coinciding with the bleeding status effect, this is a brand-new feature that I've spent quite a bit of time working out. Each player will be assigned a random blood type. Most players will have the option to donate blood to each other to help counteract the bleeding status, while others may have the option to steal blood or donations. Furthermore, as with real life, only certain blood types can donate to each other. So, if someone is bleeding and there are no compatible donors left, that player will die! I am aware this isn't a particularly 'Shroom-related feature, but it will add a lot to the diversity of the game and force players to rethink strategies.
  • Prizes: You read right, there will be prizes being awarded to the most outstanding players in the game. Your final position will be determined by the score I give you at the end of the game (which could range from 0 to 10); the score I give you is determined by your overall performance. Prize options will include gift or points cards for Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Steam, and Amazon. First place will get a $50 card, second place will get a $20 card, and third place will get a $10 card. Know that I am working very diligently to ensure every player will have an equal opportunity to earn their spot in the top three.

Those are ten things you can look forward to experiencing in this game. Trust me, it will be amazing. I plan for the game to start very shortly after Awards Mafia V ends, but sign-ups are open as of today! You can check the sign-up thread here. Oh yes, I should mention one last thing before I close this announcement: every Saturday, I will reveal something new about the game in the sign-up thread! I'm largely doing this to maintain interest between now and when the game starts, but also to prove that this game will be my best one yet.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing you sign up! Now, go enjoy the rest of this massive issue!

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