The 'Shroom:Issue 100/Smg2Daisy's Galactic Orchestra

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Smg2Daisy's Galactic Orchestra

by Smg2Daisy (talk)

I really can't think of any words to say, so uh just...

The moment when our beloved Crocodile Dippy (talk) sent me a PM to ask me if I want to submit anything for this issue, I was surprised and honoured. This is a life-time event, of course I wouldn't miss this opportunity to share my gratitude to all who have worked hard on this magazine!

Usually people think that I just draw stuff, or specifically, sketch art. But since I have college, life is harsh and hard, so I don't really have the time to draw any. This is because in order to draw one, I need to bring the drawing along safely in my bag, and I've tried (the picture was for the Art Contest in the Awards), but that cup of lemon ice tea wrecked it... So, this is something different! Hope you all enjoy it!

Until next time,


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