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The 'Shroom Spotlight

by GBAToad (talk) and Yoshi876 (talk)

Shroom Spotlight Poochy.png
Hello 'Shroom readers! Welcome to this month's special edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight. What we do here is highlight several articles that aren't up to shape and then you guys go to fix them up.

May was a general success, whilst our rewrite-expand and image quality focuses weren't improved the other articles were thanks to you guys! Time Turner (talk) fixed the trivia tag on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and the rewrite tag on Prince Peasley. Mr L.1998 (talk) and Icemario (talk) added images to Mystic Forest Plus and Lumastar (talk) created Little Sun Sun Island.

Now, onto a brief history of the Spotlight. The 'Shroom Spotlight was founded in Issue 50 (L) under Xzelion (talk), the original aim was to expand game articles only, however, both games highlighted Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Super Mario Galaxy received no input. Marioguy1 (talk) briefly held the reins on in when it was reintroduced for Issue 64 to cover Super Mario 64, however again there was a lack of input.

Spotlight gathered dust until it was reintroduced to the paper again in Issue 73 (LXXIII) under the helm of YoshiKong (talk), whilst the first month received few responses, after he expanded the scope of the project by going for the wiki maintenance tags: more images, trivia, stubs, and rewrite at the time, the project started receiving more contributions. Ultimately, YoshiKong's term would come to and end as he retired from the wiki and thus the Spotlight, however he gave it to two young users to write: Yoshi876 (talk) and GBAToad (talk), they made their Spotlight debut in Issue Issue 82 (LXXXII). Together they introduced three new tags: rewrite-expand, image quality and wanted articles, expanding the project's scope from four articles to six. Early contributions were slow, but eventually they started picking up. However, their success was met with a sad occasion as after Issue 90 (XC), GBAToad left The 'Shroom and mostly retired from the community.

Yoshi876 was, however, able to pick up the pieces and continued giving out articles for people to improve and he also introduced the sectionstub tag. Unfortunately, though he grew bored as time went on, but come Issue 100 he had a brilliant idea and he rebooted something from the archives....

Hey everybody it's me, GBAToad! In honour of this milestone edition of The 'Shroom, Yoshi876 and I have decided to publish this Spotlight together for old time's sake. This month, we've decided to select a whopping 10 articles for you all to improve (since picking 100 focuses would be beyond ridiculous), and of that, we're shining the spotlight on five past focuses which didn't receive a lot of input the first time around. It's certainly a massive feat, so good luck to all of the editors reading this and without further ado, here are your special refocuses!

  • Green Yoshi (rewrite-expand) - Ah, what better way to start the Issue 100 Spotlight then with a focus dedicated to our resident numbered-Yoshi himself. Featured in Issue 94 (XCIV), this focus received a substantial amount of input but still has that dastardly rewrite-expand tag. Reformatting the 'List of Games' section might be a good start.
  • Poochy (rewrite) - In honour of our new 'Shroom mascot, we've decided to refocus on the Poochy article! Featured in Issue 90 (XC) (which was in fact, my last time writing the section as a Spotlight manager, neat!), this article was actually tagged with the additional images template and later improved with plenty of pictures. Since then, Poochy's landed himself back in the maintenance section with a rewrite tag! Help our new mascot (and true MarioWikian god) Poochy by rewriting the article with Good Writing™ (in particular, the first three subsections need plenty of work).
  • Ukiki (needs more images) - Ook, Oook! (This article still needs more images)! This article about the monkeys that appear in the Yoshi series (and quite a lot of Mario spinoffs) was featured in Issue 96 (XCVI), but still hasn't been updated with any new images since. Images depicting Ukikis in Yoshi's Woolly World and spinoffs such as Mario Strikers Charged are a priority.
  • Takashi Tezuka (stub) - This article about Takashi Tezuka, a notable producer at Nintendo responsible for many Mario and Yoshi games, was featured way back in Issue 79 (LXXIX), and yet, it still hasn't been edited since then-Spotlight manager YoshiKong (talk) removed the Spotlight Notice template in November 2013! A section detailing his life and work as a video-game producer and a list of credited games would be a great start to improving this article.
  • Rainbow Cup (Wanted pages) - And to cap off the refocuses, we've once again decided to take a shot at getting Rainbow Cup created. Featured in our special-edition Spotlight for Issue 88 (LXXXVIII) with it's Mario Kart theme and excessively long roman numeral title, this was one of our Crazy 8 focuses that went untouched.

And now, onto our new focuses!

  • Super Mushroom (rewrite-expand) - The most recognisable Mario power-up in existence, and yet the article is missing plenty of information and what is present isn't written very well. We wouldn't even have a paper to write for if it wasn't for this power-up, so help out by improving it's article however you can. It's just what we needed!
  • Kremling (rewrite) - A member of the Kremling Krew wouldn't let an article about their fellow Kremlings be so poor! The rewrite tag on this article says it all: it's poorly written, speculative, draws information from seemingly nowhere, and is awkwardly organized. How kruel! Be a kutthroat editor by giving the article a proper appearances list, a better species list (that isn't just bullet-points) and merging some of the oddly-organised sections into a proper 'General information' section!
  • Scrapbook (needs more images) - What kind of scrapbook has hardly any pictures? This one, apparently! It's missing images for the 'Advice' section, so help out by gluing them in!
  • Mushroom Park (stub) - This article about the first board in Mario Party 10 needs a lot more detail. A section about the layout and two boss battles should help get this party back on track!
  • Kung Fu (Wanted pages) - Young Cricket and Master Mantis' minigame in Game & Wario is still missing an article. Help Young Cricket look for dumplings and this missing article by creating it yourself!

And that's all for this month! Ever since the Spotlight was introduced exactly fifty issues ago and later revived in 2013, we've received so many contributions from our hardworking editors, and we'd just like to thank all of you for your hard work as we conclude our special Issue 100 'Shroom Spotlight. Be sure to check out our forum thread and contact Yoshi876 with any suggestions or comments about the Spotlight. Thanks for stopping by The 'Shroom Spotlight, enjoy the rest of the special issue!

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