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The first photograph of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country 2.

The Scrapbook[1] holds a collection of Photographs collected by the Kongs in the Game Boy Advance versions of both Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2. The Scrapbook is the successor to the Sticker Book from the Game Boy Color remake, and the Photographs are in turn the successor to DK Sticker Packs. The Scrapbook and its Photographs do not appear in Donkey Kong Country 3's Game Boy Advance remake, despite the original version having a similar feature, Dixie Kong's Photo Album, which is displayed before the credits.

During the adventure in both games, the Kongs can view their collected photographs in the Scrapbook from the Start Button button menu. Pictures in the Scrapbook depict artwork of characters and enemies in various stances and are gradually unlocked by obtaining Photographs. Pictures that occupy more than one space of a page are composed of multiple Photographs. Collecting every Photograph is essential for the completion percentage.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong begin their adventure with the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country. However, in Donkey Kong Country 2, Diddy and Dixie can receive the Scrapbook from Wrinkly Kong in Kong Kollege if they request a homework assignment. Wrinkly rewards them with a DK Coin for every page they fill in. An animated icon of a DK Coin appears in the bottom left corner of every completed page. The later scrapbook pages usually consist of one picture, all of which are put together by two Photographs (except for Donkey Kong on page 11).

In the later three worlds, Krazy Kremland, Gloomy Gulch, and K. Rool's Keep, Wrinkly offers hints for every Photograph location of a page at 10 Banana Bunch Coins each. She offers advice for five pages per world, with pages 1–5 in the former, pages 6–10 in the medial, and pages 11–15 in the latter. This totals to 50 Banana Coins spent per world, and 150 spent altogether. Wrinkly's advice, including of her scrapbook locations, is logged on "Wrinkly's Help" from the R Button button's submenu of the Start Button menu.

Donkey Kong Country[edit]

Page Pictures
(clockwise from top left)
Unlocking condition
Page 1 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country
Page 1
Kritter Defeating three Kritters in a row
Army Hand Slapping an Army
Klump Hand Slapping a Klump
Klaptrap Hand Slapping a Klaptrap
DKC Scrapbook Page2.png
Page 2
Chomps In Slipslide Ride, after passing a wide abyss via a series of ropes with Zingers and a Necky, the Kongs encounter a blue rope sliding them up a vertical passage. At the top of this rope, on the ceiling, lies the photograph.
Chomps Jr. In Temple Tempest, past the Star Barrel and an upward stairway with jumping Kritters, there is a Millstone standing in the same spot as the photograph. The Kongs should lure the Millstone away before grabbing the collectible.
Croctopus In Croctopus Chase, after passing the Star Barrel and swimming away from several Croctopuses, the Kongs encounter a Blast Barrel that shoots them up a long passage, leading to another Blast Barrel that shoots them close to the left. Afterwards, the Kongs should head backwards, slipping past the second barrel into the previous passage, where they will eventually encounter an opening in the wall on the left. This opening leads to a room concealing two Croctopuses and the photograph.
Clambo In Clam City, in a hidden area behind a Clambo found shortly after the letter O.
DKC Scrapbook Page3.png
Page 3
Squidge From the Star Barrel in Poison Pond, the Kongs should head right and enter the second alcove with a Mincer coming in and out of it. At the end of the alcove, they will find the photograph along with a Banana Bunch.
Krusha In Platform Perils, after three consecutive scaffolds with Armies on them, the Kongs encounter an arrow platform that leads them down to the photograph. The Kongs should grab it before the platform drops into the abyss.
Slippa Defeating three Slippas in a row
Zinger Hand Slapping the center of the arena in Bumble B. Rumble
DKC Scrapbook Page4.png
Page 4
Manky Kong Throwing a steel keg at a Manky Kong
Rock Kroc In Stop & Go Station, after falling from a ledge onto a lower footpath with a Klaptrap, the Kongs should perform a roll jump over the gap preceding it to collect the photograph.
Mini-Necky After the final rope of Forest Frenzy reaches the end of its course, the Kongs should slide to the bottom of it and pick up the collectible.
Necky Hand Slapping the tire in Necky's Nuts.
Page 5 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country
Page 5
Donkey Kong Completing all levels in one world as Donkey Kong and having his head icon on every level on the map.
Diddy Kong Completing all levels in one world as Diddy Kong and having his head icon on every level on the map.
Page 6 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country
Page 6
Cranky Kong Visiting Cranky's Hut in every world.
Funky Kong Catching a crab at Funky's Fishing.
Candy Kong Obtaining a "Perfect" rating on a level of Candy's Dance Studio.
Page 7 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country
Page 7
Enguarde Collecting 400 Mini Animal Tokens in Enguarde's Bonus Room.
Expresso Collecting 600 Mini Animal Tokens in Expresso's Bonus Room.
Winky Collecting 600 Mini Animal Tokens in Winky's Bonus Room.
Rambi Collecting 600 Mini Animal Tokens in Rambi's Bonus Room.
DKC Scrapbook Page8.png
Page 8
Squawks Above the exit in Torchlight Trouble.
Diddy Kong and Expresso Flapping Expresso across the large chasm in Orang-utan Gang, which is located below the first set of treetop platforms.
Donkey Kong and Rambi Midway through the first Bonus Area of Jungle Hijinxs.
DKC Scrapbook Page9.png
Page 9
Donkey and Diddy Kong riding Rambi. In Manic Mincers, Rambi must stomp on a Krusha just after the Star Barrel.
Donkey and Diddy in a mine cart. Located above the Warp Barrel in Mine Cart Carnage.
Page 10 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country
Page 10
The Kong Family Collecting every level's K-O-N-G Letters.
DKC Scrapbook Page11.png
Page 11
Donkey and Diddy swinging on vines On the far left of DK's Tree House, hidden behind a large Banana Bunch.
Donkey and Diddy in a snowy area In Ice Age Alley, shortly after the Star Barrel, the Kongs swing from a group of three Ropes. They can jump down between the second and third icy cliffs for the Photograph, and then be shot back up by a Barrel Cannon.
DKC Scrapbook Page12.png
Page 12
Donkey and Diddy Kong swimming underwater, surrounded by a Chomps and a Croctopus In Coral Capers, hidden in a cove below the letter G.
DKC Scrapbook Page13.png
Page 13
Kremlings Defeating King K. Rool in Gangplank Galleon.
Page 14 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country
Page 14
Donkey and Diddy Kong at Cranky's Cabin Entering every Bonus Area of the game.
DKC Scrapbook Page15.png
Page 15
Diddy attempts to defeat a Kritter behind an unaware Donkey Kong in a treetop area In Rope Bridge Rumble, to the left of the second tire after the first Bonus Area.
DKC Scrapbook Page16.png
Page 16
Donkey and Diddy in a mine shaft In Loopy Lights, by jumping inside the entryway at the very start.
Page 17 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country
Page 17
Gnawty (uses Very Gnawty's artwork) Bouncing on three Gnawties without touching the ground.
Bitesize In Misty Mine, between two Black Drums shortly after the Star Barrel. The Kongs can jump off the second one to reach it on the left side.
Page 18 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country
Page 18
Donkey and Diddy fish on the coast of Donkey Kong Island. The scrapbook picture is made up of six individual Photographs, one per completing a Funky's Fishing challenge in each world.
Page 19 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country
Page 19
Donkey, Diddy and Candy Kong dance at Candy's Dance Studio Like page 18, this picture is also made up of six Photographs, one per completing a Candy's Dance Studio challenge in each world.

Donkey Kong Country 2[edit]

Snapjaw and the bosses are the only characters to not appear in the scrapbook.

Page Pictures
(clockwise from top left)
Wrinkly's Help
DKC2 Scrapbook Page1.png
Page 1
Klomp Bash the Klomp on Squawks's Shaft.
Neek Defeat the Neek at the start of Web Woods.
Click-Clack High up Topsail Trouble.
Klobber Hot Klobber Hop.
DKC2 Scrapbook Page2.png
Page 2
Klinger Climb up. Chain Link Chamber.
Kaboing By the G, Rattle Battle.
Klampon Find the N. Black Ice Battle.
Kruncha Halfway, Red-Hot Ride.
DKC2 Scrapbook Page3.png
Page 3
Screech Beat Screech's time.
Zinger Parrot Chute Panic.
Kannon Blasting away on Kannon's Klaim.
Flitter Krockhead Klamber.
DKC2 Scrapbook Page4.png
Page 4
Flotsam In the Locker after the G.
Shuri After halfway, Glimmer's Galleon.
Puftup In the Seal's Cavern.
Lockjaw By the N, Lava Lagoon.
DKC2 Scrapbook Page5.png
Page 5
Kackle Don't be too quick to leave on Haunted Hall.
Kloak Look up, Ghostly Grove.
Kaboom After the N on Klobber Karnage.
Page 6 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.
Page 6
Kutlass Hidden on Rambi Rumble.
Krook Just after the Star Barrel on Castle Crush.
Cat O' 9 Tails End of Fiery Furnace.
DKC2 Scrapbook Page7.png
Page 7
Mini-Necky After the N on Mudhole Marsh.
Spiny Look in Hornet Hole.
Krockhead A single banana shows the way in Barrel Bayou.
DKC2 Scrapbook Page8.png
Page 8
Diddy and Dixie First photo: Go right at the start of Bramble Scramble.
Second photo: Look before the O in Jungle Jinx.
Page 9 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.
Page 9
Wrinkly and Cranky First photo: Complete Wrinkly's task.
Second photo: Visit the Kong family.
Page 10 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.
Page 10
Swanky and Funky First photo: Become the quiz master.
Second photo: Earn your wings.
Page 11 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.
Page 11
Donkey Kong Send K. Rool flying.
DKC2 Scrapbook Page12.png
Page 12
Rattly and Rambi First photo: Head left on Gusty Glade.
Second photo: Smash open the doorway in Pirate Panic.
Page 13 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.
Page 13
Expresso and Squawks First photo: Animal Antics around the N.
Second photo: Become the fastest bird around.
DKC2 Scrapbook Page14.png
Page 14
Enguarde and Glimmer First photo: Arctic Abyss, under the change barrel.
Second photo: Past the O is too far on Glimmer's Galleon.
Page 15 of the Scrapbook in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.
Page 15
Squitter and Clapper First photo: Shoot the Zinger at the top of the tower.
Second photo: Plunge into the icy waters of Clapper's Cavern.


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