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Super Mario Galaxy promotional artwork: A Green Luma

Signature: Lumastar (talk) Super Mario Galaxy promotional artwork: A Green Luma
Favorite Mario Games:
Super Mario Galaxy
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Favorite Characters: Luigi, Yoshi
Affiliations: Super Mario Wiki, SmashWiki, Inkipedia
Last Day Active: June 12th, 2015
Contributions: [1]
Edit Count: [2]

Greetings! I am Lumastar, a user on Super Mario Wiki and SmashWiki. I have not been a member on either wiki for too long, but I feel like I'm finally settling in. I learned about Super Mario Wiki a few years ago, and I later became a frequent visitor.

You can find me [3] often on the wiki's related forums, Mario Boards, the wiki's official forum. I am a member of the Poll Commitee, which handles the polls that appear on the main page. I also write for 'Shroom, currently publishing each month's issue of New Articles. I may extend my presence as well in the near future stay tuned!

If you want to contact me, a PM on the forum would be preferred. However, you can also use talk page on the wiki or, if you catch me on there, chat.

Who's online: BMfan08, RedsterTheGamer, Swallow, SonicSpeed48, Memelord2020, Mariofan28047, Yoshi the SSM, Toa 95, Happypuppy, ChristopherPAraujo, Sparks, Sno, Randomdude53, RainbowBoi Roblox, Dorkfishie, Joe Cherries, Singrahna Plants, Kingoffire6873 U, Rodmjorgeh, ScratchCat5754, Crazyman14, WonderGirl2800, UltraMario3000, CBFan5, LadySophie17, Terekuribo, MoNaK, RHG1951, Zootalo, SolarBlaze, I Hate The Word Fictional, SolemnStormcloud, ZefuS08

Lumastar's Userbox Tower
Artwork of a Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros., also reused for the Mushroom in Mario Kart Wii
1-Up Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros..