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Favorite Mario Games:
Super Mario Galaxy
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Favorite Characters: Luigi, Yoshi
Affiliations: Super Mario Wiki, SmashWiki, Inkipedia
Last Day Active: June 12th, 2015
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Greetings! I am Lumastar, a user on Super Mario Wiki and SmashWiki. I have not been a member on either wiki for too long, but I feel like I'm finally settling in. I learned about Super Mario Wiki a few years ago, and I later became a frequent visitor.

You can find me [3] often on the wiki's related forums, Mario Boards, the wiki's official forum. I am a member of the Poll Commitee, which handles the polls that appear on the main page. I also write for 'Shroom, currently publishing each month's issue of New Articles. I may extend my presence as well in the near future stay tuned!

If you want to contact me, a PM on the forum would be preferred. However, you can also use talk page on the wiki or, if you catch me on there, chat.

Who's online: Alex95, The Mansion, DarkBowser777, Yoshi the SSM, Bri, Power Flotzo, FanOfYoshi, SonicSpeed48, TheDarkStar, Bye Guy, Mario64Guy, Doomdorm64, Kombatgod, Mario master, Lord Falafel, Count Luigi

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