Venus Guytrap

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Wario Land: Shake It! enemy
Artwork of a Venus Guytrap from Wario Land: Shake It!
Venus Guytrap
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Venus Guytraps are sundew enemies in Wario Land: Shake It! Their name is derived from "Venus flytrap", a real life carnivorous plant. Most Venus Guytraps lie facing upward with their petals spread out, acting as semisolid platforms that can help Wario reach high areas. A while after Wario steps on a Venus Guytrap, the enemy grows teeth and closes up its petals as a mouth, capturing Wario if he does not evade the plant in time. While trapped inside the plant, Wario gradually loses health; to get Wario out, the player has to shake the Wii Remote repeatedly. When closed, and provided Wario is not caught by it, the plant temporarily takes on a solid bulbous shape that offers Wario more altitude as a platform. Three color variants of Venus Guytrap exist in the game, each with different properties: yellow-and-red Venus Guytraps take a few seconds to close after Wario steps on them, purple-and-red ones close almost instantly, and brown ones are always found in a closed state, making them completely inoffensive.

Aside from Wario, Venus Guytraps can trap enemies like Bandineros, Nosedozers, and Turkeyjerks, consuming them in the process. However, enemies eaten by a Venus Guytrap do not count as defeated; this is shown in Riverbloat Rapids, where bringing the golden Bandinero on a Venus Guytrap and having the plant eat it does not complete the level's "Defeat the golden enemy" mission, and the enemy respawns upon leaving and re-entering the area, whereas golden enemies do not respawn after their defeat. Venus Guytraps also eat Coin Bags provided they are placed on the plant by Wario; in an area in Riverbloat Rapids, a Coin Bag is encountered on a Venus Guytrap, and the plant does not react to it unless Wario picks it up and places it again on the plant.

One of the treasure chests that Wario finds in Riverbloat Rapids contains a Venus Guytrap seed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラフレシア

German Venusschnappfalle
Venus Snap Trap
Italian Venus Carnivora
Carnivorous Venus