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Not to be confused with Boohemoth or Bahamutt.
First appearance Final Fantasy series: Final Fantasy II (1988)
Super Mario franchise: Mario Sports Mix (2010)

The Behemoth is a recurring enemy from the Final Fantasy series, and is the first boss in Mario Sports Mix. If the player defeats the Final Fantasy team (composed of Ninja, White Mage, and, if the matches played are in 3-on-3 mode, Black Mage) at all sports, an extra challenge is given to the player, where they must face off against Behemoth.

During the Behemoth battle, players and their teammates must work together to fully deplete Behemoth's health. They are each given a life meter, which depletes if any of them get hit by Behemoth's attacks. To fight Behemoth, players use their various skills from all the sports, while having access to an energy weapon that is shaped like a Hockey stick, along with the ? Panels. The ? Panels either contain a meteor (which is used like a Basketball, Volleyball, and Dodgeball), a Coin (used to strengthen the player's attacks), a Green Shell, or a Bob-omb. These items have to be used directly on Behemoth to affect it.

Additionally, when the Special Shot meter bar is full, the player can have their team perform a special move that is unique to this fight to inflict some decent damage to Behemoth.

Behemoth does feature some various attacks that the player must watch out for. If players stay too close to Behemoth, they may risk getting attacked by its claws and/or tail. Behemoth may also do a body slam, or charge right into players. Players can be clued to when Behemoth will start charging when it roars. It can also release fireballs, lightning bolts, and meteors at the player as well. Players can stop most of Behemoth's attacks by damaging it.

If any players have their health fully depleted, they are knocked out temporarily, but as long as at least one player still has some health remaining, they can recover and rejoin the fight again with a small portion of their health recovered.

When players and their team fully deplete Behemoth's health, it gets knocked out and vanishes, which gives the player an extra mode for winning: Sports Mix mode.

A harder version of Behemoth, known as Behemoth King, can be fought by clearing the Star Cup in Sports Mix mode.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベヒーモス

Italian Behemoth
English name
Spanish (NOA) Bégimo
Origins from Behemot[1]


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