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“According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that Bee Mario should be able to fly. His wings are too small to get his fat little body off the ground. Bee Mario, of course, flies anyway. Because video game characters don't care what players think is impossible.”
Me, a Reddit comment I made a while ago

Hi, I'm RetroNintendo2008 (previously known as NintendoFan08)! I am an average autoconfirmed user who joined the Super Mario Wiki on October 5, 2022. I was born on February 27, 2008, aged 15, and became a fan of the Mario series in 2017, of which I have no plans to stop supporting!

On the Super Mario Wiki, I mostly edit or create articles on older or niche subjects, as to avoid those godforsaken edit conflicts. Although, I'm not afraid to add to newer articles that are under construction, or create new ones that most others wouldn't.

Articles I've created

(not including redirects and sections)

As you can see, I specialize in quotes articles and pages on minor topics that not many really care about.

Deleted articles

These are articles that I have made, but were deleted for various reasons:

Mario games I've played

This is a list of every Mario game that I've played or owned.

* = not owned physically
★ = favorite

Super Mario

Mario Kart

Mario Party

Paper Mario


Miscellaneous spin-offs

I may be missing a few, so this section will most definitely be updated frequently in the future.

Places you can find me

Game/website Link/friend code
Mario Kart Tour 8732 8670 0043 (iOS)
Roblox @SuperMario_Fan08 (display name is MarioSonicFan)
Scratch Blueman198
Super Mario Maker 2 QD1-CJG-NLF
Super Mario Run 7367-2984-4908
YouTube LuccaDoesStuff

Other wikis

Wiki My user page
Untitled Angry Birds Wiki Coming soon!
Minecraft Wiki RetroNintendo85
Nintendo Wiki Super Mario Guy
Sonic Retro HyperLego


Here's some cool little fun facts about me!

Thank-a you so much for reading my page!

Thank you for reading my user page, I hope you got to learn a lot about me and see me as a worthy member of the Super Mario Wiki! Happy editing! Look at this lovely chap. Isn't he wonderful?
Yours truly, RetroNintendo2008. Mario's life counter icon from Super Mario Bros. Wonder

FYI, I personally think Mario is better than Sonic, although I think both are good and I respect your opinion on either of them regardless. :)