Polly Roger

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Polly Roger
Polly Roger in the "Booty and the Beast" episode of the Donkey Kong Country TV series.
Species Parrot
First appearance Donkey Kong Country - Booty and the Beast (1998)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country - Message in a Bottle Show (cameo) (2000)
Latest portrayal Rick Jones (1998-2000)

Polly Roger is a talking parrot and a recurring villain on the Donkey Kong Country animated series. He was voiced by Rick Jones.

History in the Donkey Kong Country TV series[edit]

"Booty and the Beast"[edit]

Polly Roger's first appearance is in the episode "Booty and the Beast"; here he is initially shown to be Kaptain Skurvy's pet and a member of his crew. Polly's role in this episode is fairly minimal, being nothing more than a background character and saying little save for an occasional sarcastic remark.

"Raiders of the Lost Banana"[edit]

Polly's role in the show is expanded upon in his next appearance in the episode "Raiders of the Lost Banana". Here, he is shown working for King K. Rool and the Kremling Krew, having apparently switched alliances off-screen. In this episode, K. Rool sends Polly, along with Klump to steal the Crystal Coconut. Polly and Klump fail in their mission though due to the efforts of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong and the Kremling general's incompetence.

Due to this failure, K. Rool fires both Polly and Klump. Later in the episode, Polly, seemingly infuriated by his expulsion from the Kremling Krew, decides to reveal to DK that K. Rool had abducted Candy Kong due to her possessing the mystical Golden Banana of Inka Dinka Doo. In the end though, it is revealed that Polly's apparent epiphany was fake and that he was working against DK the entire time. Swooping in right after the big ape had rescued his love and returned the Golden Banana to the Inka Dinka Doo idol, Polly steals the mystical fruit from him and Diddy and brings it to K. Rool.

Despite this, the duo and their friends get the last laugh as Cranky Kong reveals that the Golden Banana will bring great misfortune only on anyone who has malevolent intentions with it, namely K. Rool. As such, an explosion occurs at the Kremling hideout.

"The Curse of Kongo Bongo"[edit]

In the episode "The Curse of Kongo Bongo", Polly, having seemingly wormed his way back into K. Rool's good books, is once again assigned to steal the Crystal Coconut. Polly fails to steal the coconut thanks to Cranky's defense, though the evil bird does get a consolation prize in the old ape's spell book. At first disappointed, K. Rool finds amusement in the spells by placing them on his troops. He even puts one on Polly that makes him yodel. Cranky's hologram appears demanding the book back, getting in a verbal spat with the Kremling king. As this happens, Polly finds the letter from Curse of the Double Bluebeard Baboon that has befallen the island. Hearing that the island will sink if the letter is read twice (the first time by DK), K. Rool threatens to read it unless given the Crystal Coconut. Despite Cranky pointing out he will doom himself, that the coconut isn't working properly, and being confronted by DK and Diddy's arrival, K. Rool reads the letter anyway. Fortunately, Donkey Kong gets the book after a scuffle with K. Rool and Polly and undoes the curse, saving the island.

"Speak No Evil, Dude"[edit]

In the episode "Speak No Evil, Dude", it is revealed that Polly carries a fatal and contagious disease called Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo. After Diddy Kong shielded himself from his vaccination with a pair coconuts, Polly bites him on the rear and causes the monkey to contract the disease. Diddy accidentally passes it off to Krusha, who later gives it to King K. Rool, each via sneeze. After Cranky bribes him, Polly mentions that Diddy is ill and later smugly informs DK and Funky Kong that the Kremlings are planning to blow up the island (thanks to the illness taking K. Rool's voice and Klump misinterpreting his plans). Polly then goes and mocks K. Rool of his eventual fate if he's not cured, before he's threatened to get the Tin-Banana-Tu, it's nectar the only way to cure the disease. Polly steals the last one on the plantation before Donkey and Funky can get it, getting chased back to K. Rool's base. DK and K. Rool try to bribe Polly for banana, which he drops by accident thanks to the sudden appearance of Cranky's hologram. Polly briefly puts Donkey in a difficult situation, for if K. Rool isn't cured, he can't prevent his troops from destroying the island. Donkey Kong then comes up with a solution, recalling that the coconuts Diddy earlier used, and throws the cure into K. Rool's mouth before hurrying to Cranky's cabin. DK manages to save Diddy (and inadvertently Krusha) with coconut milk containing the Tin-Banana-Tu's nectar. As these events happen, the cured and vocal K. Rool manages to stop Klump before he can detonate the explosives on the island.


Season 1
  1. Booty and the Beast
  2. Raiders of the Lost Banana
  3. The Curse of Kongo Bongo
  4. Ape-Nesia (cameo)
Season 2
  1. Speak No Evil, Dude
  2. Message in a Bottle Show (cameo)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポリーロジャー
Porī Rojā
Polly Roger


  • The name Polly Roger is a pun on the name "Polly", a common name for a parrot and "Jolly Roger", the skull-and-crossbones symbol most commonly associated with pirates.