Mushroom Tourney (golf course)

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Princess Peach taking a shot at the Mushroom Tourney (golf course).

The Mushroom Tourney is a golf course located at the Mushroom Kingdom in Mario Golf: Advance Tour. The course can be unlocked by competing in the Marion Tourney to Links Tourney and is the last tourney to go through for both singles and doubles. Once the player has every trophy through Marion to Links, go back in the Marion Clubhouse and there is a glowing sphere in the center of the foyer of the room. Interacting with the mysterious sphere, Toad jumps out of the sphere, asking the player if they wish to proceed in the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon entering, the player is welcomed to many of the characters found in the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach begins the tournament of the Mushroom Tourney, Mario then goes into the pipe first, and every one follows Mario to play the tourney.

The player can decline the start of the tourney and explore around the castle, or have the choice to go back to Marion, although there are no Side Games to partake in the Mushroom Kingdom.


  • The Mushroom Tourney is the only Golf Course that isn't playable on the Go-Go Gates gamemode.
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