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This article is about the standard vehicles from Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS. For the Yoshi transformation from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, see Car (form). For the obstacle from the Mario Kart series, see Car (obstacle).
Not to be confused with Kart.

Cars are playable vehicles in Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS. The cars vary with each character and are usable in all levels except Hot Top Volcano, Whale Bay, Pirate Lagoon, and Boulder Canyon, where the player must use a Hovercraft or Plane instead. Cars could also be used in Everfrost Peak in the original N64 version—however, it cannot be selected in the DS version. Each character in Diddy Kong Racing has their own unique colors for cars. Cars can be customized in Diddy Kong Racing DS to help with handling, acceleration, and speed. Their hue colors can also be altered with a slider and because of this, all characters do not have unique car colors any more and start out with yellow cars.

Level availability[edit]

Name Availability
Dino Domain
Ancient Lake Check mark.svg
Fossil Canyon Check mark.svg
Jungle Falls Check mark.svg
Hot Top Volcano X mark.svg
Snowflake Mountain
Everfrost Peak Check mark.svg
Walrus Cove Check mark.svg
Snowball Valley Check mark.svg
Frosty Village Check mark.svg
Sherbet Island
Whale Bay X mark.svg
Crescent Island Check mark.svg
Pirate Lagoon X mark.svg
Treasure Caves Check mark.svg
Dragon Forest
Windmill Plains Check mark.svg
Greenwood Village Check mark.svg
Boulder Canyon X mark.svg
Haunted Woods Check mark.svg
Future Fun Land
Space Dust Alley Check mark.svg
Darkmoon Caverns Check mark.svg
Spaceport Alpha Check mark.svg
Star City Check mark.svg

Vehicle colors[edit]