Koopa Kid Orb

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The Koopa Kid Orb
The Koopa Kid Orb

The Koopa Kid Orb (known as Mini-Bowser Orb in PAL regions) is a special Orb found only in Mario Party 7. When a player gets it, a Koopa Kid comes and uses it to create a new Koopa Kid Space. There are two ways of getting a Koopa Kid Orb: from an Orb Space, or from Bowser's shop after he replaces an Orb Shop. Since Koopa Kid uses the Orb, it will not count toward the amount of Orbs the player has used when obtaining the Orb Star. The only ways to get rid of a Koopa Kid Space are placing a Yellow Orb or Red Orb on it or using an Egg Orb.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニクッパカプセル
Minikuppa kapuseru
Koopa Kid Capsule